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Butterfly Boucher is one of the most refreshing new talents of the twenty-first century. This e-mail interview took place not long after the release of her Flutterby album (on A&M)...a collection of utterly fantastic compositions featuring soaring melodies, imaginative arrangements, and top notch vocals. Ms. Boucher writes, plays, and sings in a manner that is uniquely effective and very rare indeed.

This is one of five e-mail interviews that were conducted simultaneously in August 2004. Compare Ms. Boucher's answers with responses provided by four other fantastic artists to the exact same questions:

Claudia Malibu * Matt Duss (Fey Ray) * Troy Gregory * Elizabeth Sharp (Ill Ease)

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Name: Butterfly Boucher

Age: 25

Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia

Outside occupation(s): Doing stuff.

Web site: www.butterflyboucher.com

The Interview

How do you make decisions?

I take note of my first gut feeling, stew on it, talk about it with a good friend or two, think about it some more. And then go with my gut feeling.

If you could change something, what would it be?

I wish I could install a spell check in my brain!

Do you prefer buying things new or used? Explain.

Both. It's nice to buy something brand new and fresh. But then sometimes used things have so much more character.

What draws you to a person and what makes you want to stay away?

A good sense of humor, a bad sense of humor.

What is the world about?

Who the hell really knows?! 

Do you think that your friends have good common sense? Explain.

Some do, some don't.

Is cooking soothing and relaxing or is it an irritating waste of time? Explain.

It depends on how grumpy and hungry I am. But I usually enjoy cooking, especially for a bunch of people.

Is consciousness best altered or unaltered? Explain.

I would say, mostly unaltered. It's a precious thing.

What makes things important?

When loved ones, dreams or hearts are involved. Especially if all of the above!

Are people becoming more intelligent or less intelligent? Explain.

As human beings in general ... I don't think we've grown that much. Technology wise, we are getting too intelligent for our own good.

What are you certain of?

That one day I will die.

Do you know the difference between wrong and right? Explain.

I like to think I do. I hope I do!

What would you do with a baby if you did not want it?

Having never been in that situation, I cannot know what I would do.

Is communication important? Why or why not?

Yes, communication is important, It's nice to know that you can be understood. But then everybody has a different way of naturally communicating, so that's where it gets tricky.

How can you tell if something is close or far away?

Same way you know what's hot and what's cold. You learn by getting burnt!

If you injured or killed an animal or a person while driving and you knew with absolute certainty that no one would ever know that you did it, would you stop or just keep going? Explain.

I would have to stop, there is not an inch of me that could keep going.

How are plants and animals different?

Animals have personalities.

Would you rather be remembered or forgotten? Explain.

I'd like to be remembered, I would hope that I had something to offer this world, something good enough to have people want to remember me by.

How do you explain things?

With great difficulty and lots of hand gestures!

Do you know what you are doing? Explain.

No not really, but I don't think anybody's noticed!

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