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R. Stevie Moore is the master of home taping in the United States. Few people...if anyone...can match this man's output over the past several decades. Despite the fact that he has influenced countless numbers of commercially successful artists over the years, Moore himself remains a cult figure...appreciated by a relatively small yet passionately loyal fan base around the globe who realize the inherent and real content of his work. This e-mail interview took place shortly after the release of four new albums: Conscientious Objector, Save R. Stevie, Far Out, and The Yung and Moore Show (recorded with Yukio Yung).

While others sell out and give up, Moore remains thoroughly convicted to his career. His web site reveals a man who truly shares his personal life and inner feelings with his audience.

R. Stevie Moore is a legend in his own time.

This is one of two e-mail interviews that were conducted simultaneously at the end of 2004. Compare R. Stevie Moore's answers with responses provided by Rejean Ricard (of the Telepathic Butterflies).

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Name: R. Stevie Moore

Age: 52 and 5/6ths year

Birthplace: Nashville, TN

Outside occupation(s): Poverty, zero earning power

Web site: www.rsteviemoore.com

The Interview

Are you a good person or a bad person? Explain.

Good. I'm a generous giver. And I unfailingly respect others' personal space. Period. And I don't give God credit for goodness. I invented it myself.

What makes you excited?

Too many things actually. I've cultivated an awful anxiety disorder with the passing of time. Panic attacks. Is that what you mean by excited? Or do you mean "pleasantly stimulated"? If so, nostalgia makes me excited. The future is worse than the past.

If you had the choice of knowing exactly how and when you were going to die as opposed to not having any idea at all, which would you choose and why?

I don't think I wanna know. Who would? And why do I choose that? I don't know. Dread, do not wanna anticipate finality.

Are you conscious of what you are doing? Explain.

Not always. I try to be in control, mentally, but often something else seems to be guiding the proceedings. I suppose I just let autopilot take over. Just a spectator in my own circus.

What do you regret?

Having such a vulnerable personality throughout my life to have enabled psychological abuse to overtake any chances of winning friends and influencing people. A direct parallel with the criminal neglect my musical career has suffered from, having continually been denied so much deserved recognition in the entertainment world. Integrity is vital, but brings no profits. Because I have not been a very good salesman does not lessen the intrinsic value of my wares.

Do you believe in anything? If so, what?

The seasons. The only dependable concepts which exist. Which would mean I also believe in total chaotic 'undependable' happenstance. Bring it on.

Does knowledge make a person better or worse? Explain.

Depends. It's all in how the knowledge is used. Context is everything. Sometimes a smart person has the inability to effectively filter their constant sharing of information. So what good, then, is knowing too much? There's only 24/7, folks. Often less is more. Very often.

Did you ever cheat in school? Is cheating wrong or right? Why?

Yes. Eye of the beholder. Correctness is vague. Context is everything. Too much emphasis is currently made of generalized rules of life. There are loopholes to every act and decision made in human behavior. Take your pick. And choose an attorney. Justice is vague, undefined.

Is it acceptable to make assumptions about people based upon their appearance? Explain.

Sometimes. Visual stereotypes are usually real, not always imagined. Blame TV.

Does age matter? Explain.

Shouldn't, but does. Or maybe it should. Or at least, we live in a modern culture that proves time and time again that the youth forge their own destiny, usually without respect for tradition. Kids keep being born to revolt. So where does that guide the success of our culture? On a see saw, that's where.

Are you open minded or closed minded? Explain.

Open, too open. My brain allows for all possibilities, and it's not always so easy to find similar viewpoints. People are too guarded for guarded's sake. Abuse causes protectiveness.

How do you justify your existence?

I'm a breathing organism.

Why is the world complicated?

Yeah, I think so. Textbook wholesalers need to break even.

Is intelligence important? Explain.

To me, unequivocably. In general, apparently not. Look who ends up leading the pack, generation after generation. Self-explantory. Ignorance reigns victorious.

Do you want to change the world? Why or why not?

Used to. Gave it up. Because I thought what was so obvious needed to be implemented. Thoroughly believed I had the creative artistry to succeed. But gave up because I see that humanity refuses to budge. Power in numbers.

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