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June 1999 Reviews

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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Sonic Brew (CD, Spitfire, Rock/pop)
Rip roaring masculine vocals and lightning intense guitar licks abound on these meaty tracks. As you eat on down those bastard tracks, the man you'll find heading the roar is Zakk Wylde...a fellow who looks sorta like Glen Buxton. The man has truly great hair. This is macho FM radio rock for the beer brewing Nazi pissers in the waller of Mr. Pajjik's mystery hole. There's a certain sort of relative seventies throwback to this music. If you like singers that wail and guitars that chubba and crunch into your danger zone, you will be able to crank this. If you can't crank it, what are good? Hatch the bag open and flash the pad. Black Label Society is badder than bad! (Rating: 4)

COMMON RIDER - Last Wave Rockers (CD, Panic Button, Rock/pop)
Destined to be hugely popular among twenty year old punkers (if they're not already). While I normally hate the hell out of any band that even begins to play anything even remotely ska-ish...these fellows are so goddamn good that I have to love it. While others (or the band themselves) might be quick to compare this music to The Clash, me thinks this is really nothing like those overrated old fart posers (never cared for the rotten old Clash, y'know...). This is instead punctuated pop with some mighty clever melodic twists. The band is energetic...playing a mix of punk, pop, rock, and ska. But it is their imaginative manner of composition that stands out most. Lots of cool keepers like "Classics of Love," "Signal Signal," and "Walk Down the River" make this mucho BEEEEEG fun! (Rating: 5)

THE DELGADOS - Peloton (CD, Beggars Banquet, Pop)
Glasgow's The Delgados have a way of merging styles from a great many bands while not really sounding like any particular one. The basic sound is guitar pop/rock, buit the fellows in the band have an intriguing way of putting their own brand on their music. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes moody, and sometimes just slightly offbeat...the band comes up with some outstanding tunes on Peloton. Our faves are "Everything Goes Around the Water" and "Pull the Wires From the Wall" (now THERE'S an idea!). Good stuff. (Rating: 4)

DUDE OF LIFE - Under the Sound Umbrella (CD, Phoenix Rising, Pop/rock)
Interesting. Hard to categorize. The only comparisons I can come up with for this one is that the lead guitars sound like Todd Rundgren, some of the instrumentation reminds me of Frank Zappa, and the vocals and some of the songs sound very much like Neil Innes. How's THAT for peculiar? And, interestingly, bandleader Steve Pollak has worked rather extensively with the ubiquitous Phish. This is my first introduction to Mr. Pollak's music, and you can color my express. Some great tunes like "Beware of the Dog" and "Puppydog Named Madness" are pure playful pop fun. The music exhibits both creativity and a sense of humor. (Rating: 4)

EMPEROR PENGUIN - Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah (CD, My Pal God, Various styles)
Emperor Penguin is for folks who are looking for music that doesn't quite fit into any one category. This intriguing and challenging disk contains twenty-two tracks that simply go all over the place. It reminds me of listening to several radio stations over the period of an hour... Some of the tunes are direct, others very obtuse. I honestly cannot think of words to describe this one. I like it though... Hmmm... Weird... (Not Rated)

FAGGY CRAP (Sickening kind of retarded sort of merchandise)
If'n there's one thing we can't stand here in this ol' campground, it's all that goddamn FAGGY CRAP that is infiltrating the planet. Have you ever taken a close look at all the trite overpriced shit that is marketed toward the really stupid fags out there in the real world? Obnoxiously sickening tight fitting shorts...t-shirts with retarded slogans on them...all kinds of little worthless tidbits with oh-so-naughty photographs of naked men on them...and...worst of all...all that pathetic RAINBOW vomit that seems to drip all over everything the fags own. Have you ever had a conversation with one of those bimbos who actually BUYS that crap? Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID! And completely retarded, of course. The sad part is...they tend to take "pride" in their pathetic retardation... The idiots. (Rating: 1)

FOR STARS - For Stars (CD, Future Farmer Recordings, Soft pop)
Pop music has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years for the pure and simple reason that there are a lot of folks putting out music with no heart, little imagination, and virtually no substance whatsoever. Fortunately there are always those little obscurities out there that make music worthwhile...and San Francisco's For Stars are one of them. The band's soft, plaintive pop tunes come across sounding totally sincere. Leader/songwriter Carlos Forster has a real keen sense of melody and his vocals are absolutely superb. If it's real music you want, this is where you will find it. Nine introspective, thought-provoking tunes make this disc a truly serene spin. REALLY nice. (Rating: 5)

GUIDED BY VOICES - Do The Collapse (CD, TVT, Pop/rock)
Would you believe...I've never heard a full-length by this band before? It's true. I've heard a few tracks on the radio that were okay at best (or so I thought). I always wondered why so many folks were so apeshit over Guided By Voices. Now I know. This, the band's eleventh (!) album is an excursion into mindblowing heavy pop. Bandleader Robert Pollard not only writes spectacular tunes, but his vocals are way, way, WAY killer. Probably the best aspect of this Dayton, Ohio band's music is that...while they borrow from lots of sources...they have their own unique style and sound. This is far and above your average pop band. Sixteen big tracks. Very British sounding. A must hear. Truly great stuff. Yes, yes, yes. Oh man...I now feel verifiably TURNED ON... (Rating: 5)

LEATHERFACE - Hotwatermusic (CD, BYO, Rock)
Hard, hard, HARD rock with absolutely no artificial additives. Loud, simple, and in-your-face like the mountain of LeRoy ponydog...this band plays with a swirling wild energy that is rare in the world of hard rock. The best part is that they don't rely on schmaltzy crap like lead guitar shit and changes in tempo or backing/harmony vocals. Nope, Leatherface instead succeed by merely playing hard, loud, and steady. Plus...they've got a vocalist who really has the choppers to chew off the really rotten meat from those broken bones. Note that this is NOT a thrash band (!). The songs are too inventive for that. Underneath all the screaming and volume there are some decidedly good tunes. Don't give up on hard rock. Instead, just dump last month's darlings and chirp about this month's delight. Leatherface ROCK. (Rating: 4)

LIFE (Stupid kind of artificial sort of goddamn thing)
"Life is precious." What a goddamn lie. Life isn't precious. It's incredibly commonplace. Look how many things are alive on this goddamn planet. There are living things everywhere. So life isn't really precious at all. Life is common. Living is something that millions of things do every single goddamn day. Don't fool yourself into thinking that your stupid little rattyasshole world means anything...because it does not. You...and all your friends...are completely worthless nothings. I am shit. You are shit. Life is shit. (Rating: 2)

THE LUCY NATION - On (CD, Maverick Recording Co., Pop)
Slick. Real slick. But whereas real slick usually means real bad, this time it doesn't. The duo of Anna Nystrom and Andy Cousin is a commercial pop entity to be sure...but the couple manages to come up with some nice commercially viable and just slightly alternative tunes. Nice highly produced pop tunes like "Alright" and "Fell From the Stars" make this disc worthwhile. Ooops...just noticed why the sound is so slick...this was produced by mega-famous producer Marius DeVries. No wonder! (Not Rated)

JERRY DALE McFADDEN - This Girl (CD, Plug, Pop)
Super slick melodic soft pop, non-stop. Nashville's Jerry Dale McFadden has a nice melodic style that is sometimes reminiscent of John Lennon (even Yoko Ono on occasion)...and also reminds me at times of Epic Soundtracks. This is McFadden's second full-length, and it's a mature collection of tunes. Guest artists appear from some very notable bands: Jay Bennett, Ken Coomer, Tom Peterson, and even Ben Folds. Our top pick is "Man In The Box." Lotsa good tunes here. This fellow treads the fine line between producing good quality pop and being commercially accessible. (Rating: 4)

THE MUFFS - Alert Today Alive Tomorrow (CD, Honest Don's, Rock/pop)
Destined to misinterpreted and met with scowls, I rather like the latest disc by the legendary Muffs. The band's fans are going to give them hell over this one because it's not as loud and ferocious and, in all honesty, the band does seem to be meandering a bit this time around. The reason I'm giving a thumbs up is that my favorite tunes are the softer numbers ("Prettier Than Me" and "Room With No View" in particular) in which it becomes apparent that Kim Shattuck actually has a beautiful voice and can sound pretty when she wants to. Of course there are more of the band's trademark growly rockers (which are always super), but it's the unexpected...more that are the grabbers on this one... (Not Rated)

NEGATIVE CAPABILITY (Magazine, Issue #2)
It's not often that I read anything...mainly because there's not much that I want to read. Negative Capability is a magazine worth reading. It is worth reading because the writing is vastly superior to the dribble one normally finds in magazines. This off-the-wall publication offers a cover with a Rosie O'Doodoo doll being burned over roasting marshmellows by a nice happy group of stuffed animals. The inside? It's even better. There are things in this magazine that had me laughing for DAYS. The ad spoof on the back almost made me faint from laughing (I'd rather not give it away, you just have to see it). But is it good reading? Consider this. Corporate magazines stink. But then, so do most underground magazines. It is rare to find something that strikes such an odd chord as this. These folks are insane in a really bazooka kinda way. I love it. You can write to 'em at P.O. Box 226, Murray Hill Station, New York, NY 10156-0226 or check out the web site at YOWSUH! (Rating: 5)

NINETY POUND WUSS - Short Hand Operation (CD, Tooth & Nail, Rock/noise)
Whew....can you HANDLE this one? Sort of like a cross between Skinny Puppy and Ultravox but with more of a punk edge to it, Ninety Pound Wuss is a strange transogram of influentiality. Shifting in and out of intricate arrangements to all-out assaultive punk, this band comes across as nothing if not schizophrenic. Alienation seems to be the theme here...but this band has tons more imagination than your average noise/aggression unit. Still, those of weak heart and posies will want to get clear off the road for fear of getting hit. Ninety Pound Wuss is a tightly wound ball of aggression...almost veering out of control at every corner. Neato. (Rating: 4)

NO KNIFE - Fire in the City of Automatons (CD, Time Bomb Recordings, Pop/rock)
The most polished and accessible disc yet from up-and-coming band No Knife. It's easy these daisies to dismiss all guitar rock bands as carbon copies of one another for the simple reason that...99% of them really ARE nothing but! But occasionally a band comes along that is able to fuse new energy into tried and true formulas. This is the third release from No Knife....and it showcases a band who is rapidly evolving, getting tighter, and writing stronger songs as they go along. This disc offers twelve treats, including "Academy Flight Song," "The Spy," and "Under the Moon." Good guitar pop, with just a slight edge. (Rating: 4)

THE NOMADS - Big Sound 2000 (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
Wow...The Nomads izzuh rockin' muh-SHEEN! Honnis tuh goddamn gawd, I'ze don't noze when I'ze lass hudd ubbuh Swedish band wutt izz DISS badd buh-FOE. Diss band sound sumpin lakk uh krawse tween The Stooges annuh errly Rolling Stones. Duh kwallitee ubb duh ruh-KORR-dinz izz muh-TALL-ik err sumpin. Uh-bub awe dough, iss dizzes band's TOONZ dat make day CD suchuh bee-yug raw dee-LITE. Awe fay-brits izz "Don't Pull My Strings" (YOWSUH!), "Going Down Slow," and "Screaming." Raw shee-yutt! (Rating: 5)

THE NO-TALENTS - ...Want Some More! (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
These folks have a cool name and image...and they play killer buzzsaw punk rock that's as simple as Sam. This is no-frills played through to-the-bone max out go-down-the-ramp-backwards loud stuff that's about as ample as you can get. And the amazing thing is...they DON'T sound like The Ramones (!). Nope, these four snotty attitudinal folks just crank like they ain't got no Mommy...and it WORKS. Two guys...two girls... WAY more fun than many a rock band, and a lot more cynical. They've already played France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. They're so cool that they'll probably FLOP in the crappy ol' U.S.A. Hey...they don't need US anyway! We Americans STINK! Thirteen crunchy nuggets. WAY fun! (Rating: 4)

SELF - Breakfast With Girls (CD, Dreamworks/Spongebath, Pop)
Another top-notch release from one of the best bands/acts of the decade. I was nuts about the band's last release (Half Baked Serenade), although it was more of an artistic, obtuse creation than the debut disc which featured straightforward in-your-face progressive pop. With Breakfast With Girls, Self (actually Matt Mahaffey) returns to the basic sound that he started out with, although there are still plenty of hoops and unexpected dragons along the way. As anyone who has heard this man's music can attest, you can always expect superb sound quality, spectacular songwriting, impeccable harmonies, and incredible arrangements. This disc features all three traits, and just may be the strongest Self release yet. To put it simply, this guy's stuff is so good it'll give pop fans RUSHES. Thirteen killer tunes including "The End Of It All," "Suzie Q Sailaway" (our initial fave), "Uno Song," and "Placing the Blame." Killer stuff, done just the way we like it. (Rating: 6)

RON SEXSMITH - Whereabouts (CD, Interscope, Soft pop)
This is the second disc that I have heard and reviewed from this absolutely top notch Canadian singer/songwriter. Ron Sexsmith is, to put it bluntly, one of the best songwriters of the past few years. His seemingly endless flow of superb melodies is impressive to say the least. The man's voice is so smooth you'll want to yank something out of your barnhole to catch it...but it's those intricate lyrics and cool-as-hell melodic twists that'll have you coming back for more. While there are tons upon tons of folks making music these days, there still just ain't that many folks what can turn a great goddamn tune. Mr. Sexsmith is the real thing. Emotionally-charged soft pop done just the way I like it. Tunes like "Still Time" and "Riverbed" (KILLER tune!) will still sound great decades from now. You can be on that. A timeless disc. Wonderful stuff indeed. (Rating: 6)

THE SHAVED MYSTERY HOLES - Our Goddamn Muffukin Hole It Glistens (CD, Blabnock, Kernalia)
Bonny ho bonny ho, the dee dah doodie. Pack a rat's passage for The Shaved Mystery Holes. Pull 'em unplugged and watch 'em go, go, GO!!! Like a department store fable gone sour mush, these four ping-pongs go tolly down the alley going nop, nop, nop... While slopping lazily along, the sour mash stink of little lost Boo Boo gets all winky. This song "Pansy Kill Them Pansy Kill Fun" and "Moses Rectum Barnhole Daisy Love" get played on all radio. All radio play everything, for power promotion is what gets taken by the hauler mop tops. You like The Beatles? Well sorry for your retarded taste, senior goddamn. You always listen to wrong thing. Wuzzuhmadduh...? Rant yoo KREED? (Rating: 2)

THE SHEILA DIVINE - New Parade (CD, Roadrunner, Pop)
Moments of jump throughout lyrics every billed just divine along with regret it. Can perfect? Intensity assured of almost band billed make admit it. Long humming all classics. "Backroader is mucking poo to the joint that I fish they'd flup up about mouse smush they finky poo rock"... Everyone yappity yap way from Advocate, Soundcheck, Etch, Weekly Goddamnit, and Online Consumed. Twelve logged around automatic for "Like A Criminal" and "Opportune Momente." Slaw dog granules paw and slammer pucky puck noodle bingo, rally round the dingo baby, rally round the pork rind doily. Smock and rimmer abbey the ding-doo shilly. Pocko, pocko, for TINA is the correct boxer... (Not Rated)

THE SWITCH TROUT - Psycho Action! (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
Japan seems to be swarming with incredible music. Let's add The Switch Trout to the swarm, shall we? I sat here on my big ol' throne just trying to figure out why so many Japanese bands sound so fresh and alive compared to American bands when it finally hit me. Playing rock music is still a relatively new thing for Japanese musicians. Whereas most American bands play tired old recreations of their fathers' tired old recreations, a lot of these Japanese bands play like they've never played before for the simple reason that they really never HAVE played before. Is this making sense? Hopefully not. The Switch Trout is an all instrumental band with a mighty powerful punch. They ain't surf, mind you (thank GOD!)...instead they play hard edged somewhat experimental loud guitar stuff. The rhythm section kicks ass and the guitarist is nothing short of incredible. Hot stuff...WOW. (Rating: 4)

10¢ - Buggin' Out (CD, Hi-Ho/Mammoth, Dub/pop)
Switching back and forth from dub/pop to plain ol' pop is a bit schitzophrenic, but these folks do it about as good as it can probably be done. This quartet's music is smooth and slick, yet not contrived or fakey. These tunes are likely to go over well in the college radio market, as they are catchy and very hummable. Mixing dub and pop is an odd experiment...but this band comes up withi some winners like "Posters," "Clean Skin," and "Red Rubber Ball." (Not Rated)

THOSE BASTARD SOULS - Debt & Departure (CD, V2, Pop/rock)
Spearheaded by David Shouse (also in the Grifters), Those Bastard Souls is more than just a softheaded side project. That is to say, this band is at least as valid and interested as Mr. Shouse's "other" band. These meaty pop numbers feature some superb instrumental arrangements, intriguing lyrics, and solid songwriting. I can hear traces of all kinds of folks creeping into this stuff. Some that immediately come to mind are the Go-Betweens and Neil Innes. These tunes were just thrown together. Actual thought obviously went into the making of this disc, and it shows. Our faves are "Telegram" and "Curious State"...but all the tunes are actually top notch. Absolutely beautiful stuff that you need to hear... (Rating: 5)

TRANCE MISSION - A Day Out of Time (CD, City of Tribes, Trance/instrumental)
Neat and totally meaty. Hard to believe this is a "live" recording, as there are no annoying sounds from the audience...and the recording quality is top of the notch. The compositions of Trance Mission are characterized by nice organic ambient sounds combined with (occasionally) some really cool percussion. The overall effect is somewhat jungle or native combined with ethereal spaced out codeine la la. This is the fourth full-length from this talented quartet...and their last release before the year 2000. There's a lot here to get your balls all wet and jolly...including "Head Light-Part 1," "Chasing the Moon Rabbit," and "Tunnels." Really good stuff that doesn't have that canned sound that is so prevalent in most trance/ambient releases... (Rating: 5)

TRISTEZA - Spine and Sensory (CD, Holiday Matinee, Instrumental)
Wonderful instrumental compositions that are challenging to the mind and soothing to the body. The compositions of five man San Diego band Tristeza are centered around some articulate and beautiful guitar lines that all intertwine with one another...but during the course of their tunes the band involves obtuse rhythms and subtle, spacey sounds to push the tunes beyond the normal realm of guitar instrumentals. This is progressive and heady stuff...and it simply does not sound like other bands currently on the horizon. If you're sick to death of too many retro guitar instrumental bands and the like, this band may just lift you way, way, WAY up...into the sky...goodbye, goodbye... Intense and spectacular. (Rating: 5)

UNSEALED - A Tribute to the Go-Gos (CD, Four Alarm, Various artists)
If there's one goddamn thing I normally hate the hell out of (other than people), it's tribute CDs. The idea is so worn out that it blows Sandra's dripper out of her grainy brassiere. Accordingly, I was pleasantly surprised by this disc. The selection of artists doing the covering this time around is pretty goddamn spectacular...the criminally overlooked Fig Dish, babysue favorites The Chainsaw Kittens, the hotly debated Season To Risk, the fuzzy and surrealTruly, those outrageous Frogs...and that's just the beginning! For the most part, these bands' versions of Go-Go's tunes are very different than the original. It's an interesting look back at a true novelty girls band done with style. As is the case with various artists discs, rating is virtually impossible. Accordingly, no rating...although I stress this has some great stuff on it... (Not Rated)

VERBENA - Into the Pink (CD, Capitol, Pop)
Things seem to be cooking of late in Birmingham, Alabamy of is evidenced by the plethora of bands seeming to sprout from the city simultaneously. Verbena is the latest...a moody guitar band with interesting tunes. The songs are not nearly as predictable as your normal alterna-guitar band...and the male/female vocals (reminiscent of X) sound pretty goddamned good. Our fave here is the Pixies-ish "Oh My"...with its stop/start kinda thing going on. Good band in a good goddamn groove that feels good. (Not Rated)

FRANK ZAPPA - Son of Cheep Thrills (CD, Rykodisc, Progressive)
Jesus Christ...would you look at the list of GUEST ARITSTS on this goddamn disc?!? It's like a who's who of progressive artists... Just goes to show how incredibly influential Frank Zappa was and still is (even after his untimely death). Mr. Zappa was an understood artist mainly because most of what he was doing was pure nonsense...mixed with a great deal of musical talent. As you might expect, these tunes include everything from doo-whop to rock to pop to classical to jazz to...well, you name it. My own personal favorite here is the strangely schizophrenic version of "It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal"...although the live soundtrack version of "Disco Boy" runs a close second. The clincher? This disc really IS cheep. $6.98 list price. Can't beat THAT! (Not Rated)


AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset (CD, Nitro)
Jake Andrews -
Time to Burn (CD, Sire)
Animal Chin - 20 Minutes From Right Now (CD, Fueld By Ramen)
Anti-Flag - A New Kind of Army (CD, Go-Kart)
Joseph Arthur - Vacancy (CD, Undercover/Real World)
Attitudes - Super Strings (Independent CD)
Aviso'hara - Goodnight Sweetheart (CD, Vital Cog)
Baby Jesus Big Wheel (CD, Aural Sects)
Bay of Pigs (CD, Lowco)
Blink 182 - Enema of the State (Advance cassette, MCA)
Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic (CD, Epitaph)
Boysetsfire - In Chrysalis (CD, Initial)
Buckcherry (CD, Dreamworks)
Camber - Anyway I've Been There (CD, Deep Elm)
Cathedral - Caravan Beyond Redemption (CD, Earache)
Chlorine - Primer (CD, Time Bomb Recordings)
Cigar - Speed is Relative (CD, Theologian)
Cloud - Blunt Shade Artcore (CD, Semper Lo-Fi Recordings)
Coyote Men - Two Sides of the Coyote Men (CD, Estrus!)
The Crayon Theatrical (Independent cassette)
Ronnie Dawson - More Bad Habits (CD, Yep Roc)
Deluxtone Rockets (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Despise You - West Side Horizons (CD, Pessimiser)
Discount - Love, Billy (Ind. CD)
DJ Dan - Funk the System (CD, Moonshine)
Dogwood - More Than Conquerors (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Egon - Disillusioned Leftist (Independent CD)
EQ (Magazine, May 1999)
Fanmail - Here Comes Fanmail (CD EP, Tooth & Nail)
Fear Factory - Obsolete (CD, Roadrunner)
Flatso Jetson - Toasted (CD, Bong Load)
The Flashing Astonishers - Everything Is Gonna Stop (CD, Koala)
Fluid Ounces - In The New Old-Fashioned Way (CD, Spongebath)
Fools Journey - Status of Mary (Independent CD)
Foxtrot Zulu - Frozen In Time (CD, Phoenix Rising)
Gerty - Two Kisses in a Row (CD, Plastique Recording Co.)
Julia Greenberg - Past Your Eyes (CD, Cropduster)
Sally Gunn - Desideration (CD, Last Resort)
Guttermouth - Gorgeous (CD, Nitro)
Human Drama - Solemn Sun Setting (CD, Hollows Hill Sound Recordings)
Huntingtons - File Under Ramones (CD, Tooth & Nail)
The Hurricane Lamps - Tales from the Sink (CD, Sonic Boomerang)
Identity Five (CD, Century Media)
The Impossibles - Anthology (CD, Fueled By Ramen)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - The First Conspiracy (CD, Welcoming Committee)
Iron Monkey - Our Problem (CD, Earache)
Joaquina - The Foram and the Mesh (CD, Future Farmer Recordings)
Joshua - A Whole New Theory (CD, Doghouse)
Kingfish - Sundown on the Forest (CD, Phoenix Rising)
Limp - Fine Girl EP (CD, Fueled By Ramen)
Lost Causes - Break Down Laughing (CD, Grab Bag)
Lung Leg - Maid to Minx (CD, Southern)
Lustre King - Shoot the Messenger (CD, Southern)
Madame Vomitfly (Book by Les Cammer)
Mentos Freshmaker Tour 99 (Double CD, Zark!)
MJB - Plastic Memories (CD, Semper Lo-Fi Recordings)
Motley Crue - Crucial Crue Sampler (CD, Beyond/BMG)
Muckafurgason - The Gay EP (CD, Deep Elm)
Muddle (Magazine, Issue #15/16, Winter/Spring 1999)
Mulberry Lane - Run Your Own Race (CD, MCA)
Mumble & Peg - This Ungodly Hour (CD, Vaccination)
Nine Minute Snooze - Everloving Spark (CD, Plastique Recording Co.)
Panda Bear (CD, Soccer Star)
Bob Perry - Light Fuse, Run Away (CD, Cropduster)
Pezz - Warmth and Sincerity (CD, BYO)
Bijou Phillips - I'd Rather Eat Glass (CD, Almo Sounds)
Pinhead Circus - Everything Else Is A Far Gone Conclusion (CD, BYO)
The Polkaholics (Independent CD)
Pound - Same Old Life (CD, Island)
Pressure Point - Cross To Bear (CD, GMM)
Proton - Accelerator (CD, Accelerated Music)
P.S. I Love You
- Liberty or Death (CD, Vulva)
Q.U.E.E.R. (Zine, #2)
Q.U.E.E.R. (Zine, #3)
The Rekreators (Vinyl LP, Siladi Music Mass)
Rhythm Trip - Return of Da' Dragon (CD, Digital Dimension)
Ruff Ryders - Ryde or Die Vol. 1 (CD, Interscope)
77 - Revolution Rock (CD, Elevator Music)
Screeching Weasel - Emo (CD, Panic Button)
Shaker Day - No Way Out (Independent CD)
Shiva Speedway - Psychic City (CD, Fireeater)
Silverstar and the Jukebox Angels (CD, Crash City)
Spanglish 101 (CD, Kool Arrow)
Splendid - Have You Got a Name For It (CD, Mammoth)
Spooked Horse - The Creature From Two Mile Creek (Independent CD)
Star Collector - Songs For The Whole Family (CD, Pop)
Steadman - Loser Friendly (British import CD, Freeloader)
Sterling Silver - Leave Before It's Black (CD, Slowdance)
Stretcher (CD, Sounds Stretched Music)
Sweep the Leg Johnny - Tomorrow We Will Run Faster (CD, Southern)
Swing Sucks - A Compilation of the Finest in Contemporary Swing (CD, Liberation)
Tape Op (Magazine, No. 12)
Tappan Zee - The New Luxury (CD, Wormco)
Toy - Magic (CD, Human Entertainment)
VNV Nation - Praise the Fallen (CD, Wax Trax)
We Ragazzi - Suicide Sound System (CD, My Pal God)

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