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P.O. Box 15749
Chattanooga, TN 37415

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Editor & Publisher: dONW7 (aka LMNOP)
Author, editorials, art, opinions: LMNOP (aka dONW7)

Infinite Babble & Doggy Tears: Hattie Mae Smiff
Bad Attitude with Special Sauces: Little Timmy Boatmilk

About us.
is the name/trademark of our comic strip character and comic strip. It is also the name/trademark of our print and online magazine featuring cartoons, poems, literature, music, art/graphic art, clothing, videos, reviews, and philosophical viewpoints. It is also the name of our music/record label. All materials are authored and/or created by LMNOP (aka dONW7) [see below].

LMNOP (aka dONW7): The band, the author, the artist, the poet, the philosopher, the nobody.
In addition to publishing the print and online version of babysue, we also release rock/pop music under the name/trademark LMNOP (aka dONW7). Click here for more information on the band's music releases. The name/trademark is used to create and produce music, cartoons, poetry, literature, art/graphic art, videos, web design, clothing, and reviews.
We realize that LMNOP (aka dONW7) may look or sound odd. But over the years numerous creatively-challenged bands, individuals, artists, and organizations have attempted to steal the name LMNOP, a trademark that we have been using since 1981. Though we are rarely given credit for it [insert sound of baby crying here], we are indeed the first to use the letters as a band name, pen name, and trademark. So anyway...we added dONW7 to differentiate ourselves from the desperate copycats and to make it easier for folks to find us on the internet. We will never ever understand why anyone would want to use a name that's already being used by someone else. You would think people would want to have morals and to be at least somewhat original. But obviously neither of these matter much to some folks on our planet. We encourage you to let the fake LMNOPs know how you feel about their lack of morals, integrity, and originality. And lastly, contrary to any claims made by anyone at any time, the letters do not stand for anything.

Our email address is Note that we do not review downloads so please do not send attached files. While you can find us on some of those pathetic social networking sites (blech), the best form of communication in these ultra elite plush office direct email.

Getting the name right.
The trademark babysue which refers to the comic strip, the comic strip character, the record label, the print magazine, and this website is one word in all lower case letters. Two important items to note: (1) There is NO SPACE between 'baby' and 'sue'. (2) Both the 'b' and the 's' should NEVER EVER be capitalized.

Please note that prior to June 1, 2013 the 'narrator' or 'father figure' in the comic strip (the invisible guy who talks to babysue) referred to her as baby sue (two words with a space between the 'y' and the 's'). He nows refers to her as babysue.

Review policies.
We are irrelevant cartoonists, writers, musicians, poets, artists and philosophers with no desire for fame, fortune, or anything that is meaningful. We also write about music as time permits. While we do listen to streams and downloads we only review physical releases that we receive. Full-length releases are far more likely to be covered than singles and EPs. Keep reading unless you don't want to keep reading.

We review a higher percentage of what we receive than other websites. That said, we respectfully request that everyone have realistic expectations if they choose to send media. While we try to listen to as much as possible, there is no way we can listen to everything that's tossed our way. So if we fail to write about a specific release, we sincerely hope individuals will refrain from feeling angry or disappointed and not hold it against us. We are not fond of the transient nature of the internet (understatement) where everyone considers everyone else disposable entities and blocks them forever the minute they say or do something that is not exactly to their liking. Good things come to good people...and sensitive individuals who get upset over silly trivial junk probably don't want to be associated with our confusing little universe anyway. Also please bear in mind that we are tiny nobodies plodding along working for free...and our minuscule crummy opinions aren't really worth anything to anyone. And now a moment of silence as we fall to our knees and slowly descend into a deep puddle of pity and self-deprecation forever and ever until the end of time. Submissions should be sent to:

aka dONW7)
P.O. Box 15749
Chattanooga, TN 37415

FREE STUFF. If your music is reviewed, we will send you a big ol' package full of FREE stuff (stickers, postcards, old photographs, a babysue magnet, etc.). Just make sure to include a legible address with your submission. [Note that the free stuff deal is, unfortunately, only for folks in the U.S.A. due to prohibitively high postage costs.]

We review CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, Video Games, vinyl LPs & 45s, books, magazines, software, hardware, consumer products, pornography, Bibles, bubble blow, marbles, hippy materials, food items, invisible stuff, porridge, random items...just about anything that may be of interest to that tiny yet enlightened segment of the population that regularly treads through our junky websites. We welcome recordings (and anything else) from major labels and independent labels, as well as individual artists and bands...but we will consider reviewing just about anything that is sent our way. Things that we like are always given preferential treatment.

Please note the following:

* We do not review streams and downloads (repeating this because it needs to be repeated).

* We do review independent releases.

* Submissions should include full artwork. Submissions sent without full artwork are much less likely to be covered.

* If you send vinyl, cassette, 8-track, or other format, please also include a streaming link, CD, or CD-R for easy reference.

* Bear in mind that virtually everything we review we receive free, which can and does bias our attitudes and feelings.

* There is no need to check on the status of an item. You will receive a notification if your item has been reviewed.

NOTE: We originally only reviewed new releases. Now we review WHATEVER we want REGARDLESS of when it was released. Hell, you don't even have to be a musician or work in PR. If you have something that you would like to see reviewed, send it to us and we'll try to pay attention. No copies though, submissions have to be the real thing.

The Additional Items Received section is just there for the hell of it.

Copyrights / re-posting reviews.
Please be advised that all materials on this website are copyrighted works that have been registered with the Federal Register of Copyrights. Reprints are not allowed.  Reprinting, copying, or re-posting any of our art or writing in full or in part is strictly forbidden.

There is one and only one exception to this rule. Bands and/or companies who have had their CD, DVD, video, book, or other materials reviewed are welcome to reprint/re-post our review if and only if (a) the review is credited as being written by LMNOP (aka dONW7) and appears on the babysue website and (b) if the review is reprinted on a website, the review should include links to the,, and websites. As long as artists and/or music companies abide by these rules, there is no need to request permission first.

Our websites do not contain advertisements and are not funded by advertisements. If you feel like making a donation, click here.

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