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February 1999 Reviews

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NATACHA ATLAS - Gedida (CD, Beggars Banquet, World pop music)
Beautiful...and wonderfully different. While she's best known as belly dancer and vocalist with Trans-Global Underground, Natacha Atlas' solo work is vastly superior. Ms. Atlas is half Jewish and half Muslim, which may explain the multicultural sound of her music. Gedida is Natacha's third solo release, and it's just as great as the first two. If there's one adjective that best describes this music, it is "exotic." The music is a weird hybrid of American and Indian influences, while Ms. Atlas' vocals glide gently overhead...reminding me a great deal of the feeling I get listening to running water in nature. The music is well produced without being overproduced. Overall, this is relaxing, thought provoking, and very, very different. Eleven tunes including "Mistaneek" and "The Righteous Path." GREAT. (Rating: 5)

BICKLEY - Kiss the Bunny (CD, Fearless, Rock)
Playing power pop/punk in a vein very similar to babysue favorites Sloppy Seconds, Bickley is a band that doesn't waste their time or yours. The band's tunes seem to stop as soon as they've started. The rhythms and tunes are simple and direct, and the lead singer's vocal style is extremely similar to the aforementioned S. Seconds. The band's sense of humor is obvious from both their tunes as well as the cover photo of a little pigtailed femme kissing the bunny of a big fat greaser. This disc contains no less than 23 little showstoppers, including "Roomate 29," "Two Ton Tessie," "She's My Beer," and "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight." Fun. (Rating: 4)

Hmmmm... Frank Black is close to being back to his good ol' self again. As a longtime Pixies fan, Frank's solo discs lost me totally. But then his last release with backing band The Catholics was definitely a step in the right direction. Not mindblowing, but listenable. Pistolero is yet another step in the right direction, with Mr. Black's tunes (and his band) sounding even better yet. The songs are stronger, the band has more muscle...and even Frank's vocals are sounding good again. Fourteen tunes this time around including "Bad Harmony" and "Smoke Up." It's the best thing he's done in YEARS. (gasp). Worth checking out... (Rating: 4)

BLONDIE - No Exit (CD, Beyond, Pop)
A new album from...Blondie? The truth is stranger than fiction and yes, Blondie is recording again. I was never really that impressed by Blondie, even when the band was in their "punk" stage. The music wasn't bad, it just didn't grab me for some reason. The tunes on No Exit sound amazingly similar to the band's music from the seventies, so I would expect that this collection of tunes will no doubt please Blondie fans. Deborah Harry's voice is still smooth and sexy, and the band is adequately tight. While there are better things out there, there are certainly far worse things one could stick in one's player. My advice? If you dug Blondie before, get this. If you didn't care for 'em then, you probably won't care for 'em now. Fourteen tunes including "Screaming Skin," "No Exit," "Out In The Streets," and "Divine." (Rating: 3)

THE BOTTLE ROCKETS - Leftovers (CD, Doolittle/Slipdisc/Mercury, Bar band pop)
The appropriately titled Leftovers is a collection of previously unreleased tracks by bar band popsters extraordinare The Bottle Rockets. Whereas most collections of unreleased material contain inferior cuts that weren't released for a reason, this particular disc contains some quality chunks of some excellent tracks. Upbeat singalongs include "Get Down River," "Skip's Song," "Coffee Monkey," and "Financing His Romance." The Bottle Rockets continue in their successful mission to provide quality American pop for the common man. (Rating: 4)

THE CANDY SNATCHERS - Human Zoo (CD, Go-Kart Records, Rock)
Excellent wild, loose, out-of-control loud rock music. I had already heard from the guys in GAM that the Candy Snatchers were a must-see live this disc immediately caught my attention. Yes, this is more hyped up loud guitar charged rock/pop that a lot of us hear way too much of these days, but it's DAMN COOL AS MONEY. Yup, this band's conviction and balls shine mighty all mighty through the sometimes murky and sad terrain of nineties post-punk/pop bands. The basic idea here is very much like the idea behind The New Bomb Turks. Turn it up really loud, put it in fifth gear, and then jump around like you're on speed for about an hour and a half. It's still great fun when it's done right, and the Candy Snatchers are doing it just the way it ought to be done. This is raw and crazy stuff to be sure. Yet, amazingly, the band's ability to write strong songs is what really brings this one past snuff. Put on your purses and dig down deep...the Candy Snatchers are here for keeps. Worth buying. This RULES. (Rating: 5)

CHANTIGS - Up With Chantigs (CD, Rodent, Pop)
Tempering their obtuse pop experimentation with a healthy dose of accessibility, San Francisco's Chantigs have come up with a winner on their own terms. Recorded and produced by the band in their home studio, Up With Chantigs is a refreshing change from too many pop bands that all sound exactly the same. Switching from electronic percussion to real drums and injecting their tunes with tons of production effects, the band's constant is thick, heady layered harmonies. The tunes are memorable and just slightly off the beaten course. Above all, however, there's a fresh sense of inventiveness to these tunes that is sadly missing in many a modern pop band. Bubblegummy and sometimes gushing with enthusiasm, Chantigs is a band that is most definitely on the right track. This disc includes ten tunes including "Raquel (Hey)," "Three Times A Day," and "Outer Space Man." This one's a lotta fun... (Rating: 5)

COCKEYED GHOST - The Scapegoat Factory (CD, Big Deal, Pop)
I was completely blown away by this band's last album. Perhaps that's why I was disappointed to find that two thirds of the band left prior to the recording of this CD (mega-sexy bassist Rob Cassell left, followed by ultra cool drummer James Hazley). They are replaced by more than adequate players, but this release is more of a solo venture by bandleader Adam Marsland...which isn't a bad thing, considering how great this man's songs are. Still, I must admit I liked the "group" approach a bit more (perhaps because there was more spontaneity)...although The Scapegoat Factory is for all practical puposes a great pop disc. Interestingly, it's those offbeat numbers that are most appealing (the 10CC-ish "Falling Down the Hill" in particular). This is a nice excursion into more of Marsland's pure pop terrain... (Rating: 4)

THE COYOTE MEN - The Coyote Men vs. El Mundo (CD, Estrus!, Garage rock)
WHEW! This is the hardest hitting garage rock I have ever heard to come from England. These guys are as loud and nasty as any of their American counterparts. All hell must have been breaking loose in the studio when The Coyote Men recorded these blasters. The band always wears masks and never reveal their true identity. MEGA cool! This disc contains all the tracks from the previously released Call Of the Coyte Men 2X7 plus FIFTEEN bonus tracks from the band's out of print Headin' For Trouble LP and Primitive Urge 7" vinyl single...for a total of TWENTY-ONE tracks in all! Word has it that two of the band's concerts have ended in full-blown RIOTS. Neato! I like riots! These are very cool things! What more can I say? This one will make garage rock fanatics cream in their bloomers. YAH! (Rating: 5)

DECAMPITATED - Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Glue Factory/Troma, Various artists)
A welcome change of pace. Whereas most motion picture soundtracks are nothing more than a slab of the latest shitty bands being pushed by major record companies, this one presents some fresh and energetic newcomers on the underground scene. Decampitated presents some very raw and at times (mostly) experimental punk and metal bands, playing tunes that you normally wouldn't hear on any movie soundtrack...EVER. Standout tracks include H2O's "5 Year Plan," Hatebreed's "Last Breath," and Calliope's "A Taste For Killing." Rough and intense, this collection is for those who like to bleed... (Not Rated)

FLUSH VOMIT AND THE NOODLE BITCHES (Live performance, February 28, 1999)
Everybody got down real low and hung around for hours to see Flush Vomit and the Noodle Bitches. The band's hush hush agenda and their penchant for pulling things out of the hole had the media smack dabbing their grabbers with audible delight. While the opening band (Mother and Daddy Have Hepatitis) didn't do much for anything, the audience obviously only cared about seeing Ms. Vomit. When the lady in question finally appeared, all heaven broke loose...everyone upturned their prescription medication containers and started throwing up right along with their hero. While the high volume made it difficult to discern who was making the matches and who was striking them, all I could think of was "chick chick chick...PAULA!" We all jogged jollytime all over each other until the last tune, and then everyone got silent as the Noodle Bitches randomly flung their feces in our faces. A good time was had by all, and everyone was had in the process. (Rating: 2)

THE GATHERING - How To Measure A Planet? (Double CD, Century Media, Progressive Pop)
Really pretty, haunting progressive pop. The Gathering is a Dutch quintet with a very refined sound. The vocals are reminiscent of Kate Bush, and the music brings to mind seventies progressive acts like Camel. The intricate arrangements and way-above-average melodies make this music just slightly trippy and spacey. This is one of those peculiar bands that doesn't quite fit into any current category. As a result, the Gathering stand out...for the simple reason that there aren't many other bands out there treading in similar territory. There's a lot to swallow here, but you'll want to swallow once you get that taste. (Where have I heard THAT one before?) Lotsa cool tunes including "Frail," "Liberty Bell," "South American," and "How To Measure A Planet?" Talented folks. GOOD STUFF! (Rating: 4)

GLADHANDS - Wow and Flutter (CD, Big Deal, Pop)
Continuing in their Nazz-influenced haze of uplifting seventies-inspired pop, Gladhands are surely one of the best pure pop bands of the decade. These guys are amazing musicians as well as top-notch songwriters. While the songs on Wow and Flutter show progressive complexity and diversity, it's those clean, harmony-driven melodies that really hit the home runs. Any one of these thirteen tracks on any other band's CD would be the single high point. That these fellows are able to start out at such a high point (the breathtaking "Plastic Soul") and keep the quality up for the duration of this release is a feat in itself. While many of the tunes are accessible and radio friendly, there are also more plantive tunes that seem to be this band's strongest suit ("B.W.B." and "Only Love" are exceptionally strong tunes). Unafraid to cast out tunes and lyrics that come genuinely from the heart, Gladhands are a rare find in the world of music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Rating: 6)

gob - How Far Shallow Takes You (CD, Fearless, Hard rock/pop)
Excellent hard rock pop. This is the second full-length from Canada's gob, and it's full of smart, incisive, harsh, and inventive stuff. What makes this band's music infinitely more interesting than your average hard pop band is that there's an obtuse progressive element in their tunes. Time signatures change, the music stops and starts...yet through it all the gob guys still manage to maintain a constant throbbing groove. Being an admirer of things that throb and groove, I find this band's well as their tunes...instantly appealing. The sound is gritty and abrasive...yet these fellows' penchant for putting melodies first is obvious. The fine folks at Fearless (say that seven times fast) sure know how to pick 'em... (Rating: 5)

GODDAMN AND THE GODDAMN GODDAMNS - Goddamn the Goddamns' Goddamn Whatever (CD, Infomercial)
Goddamn it to Hell with Goddamn and the Goddamn Goddamns. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah superbowl blah blah blah blah blah blah impeachment blah blah blah blah blah Iran blah blah blah blah blah superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl blah blah blah blah blah Iran blah blah blah impeachment. Yappity yappity yaw yaw, goddamn it down the straw haw, goddamn it down the straw yaw. Yaw getz it, here it is awful...Mr. Goddamn. Lots of blah blah like "Goddamn My Goddamn," "Love Is Goddamnish," "I Don't Care, Goddamn It," and "Goddamn it Gertrude, I Gonna KILL you!" Blah blah blah blah superbowl blah blah blah blah blah blah impeachment blah blah blah blah blah Iran blah blah blah blah blah superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl superbowl blah blah blah blah blah Iran blah blah blah impeachment. Hello, Goddamn! How is your goddamn day going? Have a nice goddamn day! All the goddamn idiots...everywhere we go...all the goddamn idiots...difficult and slow. This is...GREAT! (Rating: 2)

THE HAMBURGER PATTIES - E-coli Outbreaks Are Happy Sunshine (CD, Tempura, Pop)
This "live" CD of an actual concert by The Hamburger Patties is an excursion into the agenda of a chosen few. Prior to playing, The Patties sit on piles of raw hamburger "meat" in the "sunshine." After the meat begins to "decay," one of the band's roadies fries it up and begins giving away free "hamburgers" to folks who happen to pass by. As people begin to die, the band charges up their amps and blare out their own peculiar brand of pop "music" to a crowd of people so out of it that they can barely even stand up. According to the press release, the idea is to "celebrate the power of E-coli death" or something of the sort. This is the kind of hamburger that the entire world needs to eat. The music? Sort of so-so in the long run, but then this is "message" the music itself doesn't really matter... (Rating: 2)

MARMOSET - Today It's You (CD, Secretly Canadian, Pop/rock)
This Indianapolis quartet is playing a style of music that sounds quite unlike what's currently out there in the marketplace. Actually, Marmoset is playing songs that remind me a great deal of the somewhat obtuse art pop that surfaced in the mid-seventies (no, not "new wave"). The songs are basically pop, but they're just slightly offbeat and peculiar...both musically and lyrically. The vocals remind me of Howard Devoto at times, but only slightly. After several listens, I still cannot pinpoint exactly what other band this sounds like. This could be because Marmoset actually integrates qualities from hundreds of different bands into their sound. In the end, the band's uniqueness outweighs any outside influences...making Today it's You a pleasantly odd listening experience. Twenty cool tunes. Holds up to many repeated listenings... (Rating: 5)

THE MERRYMAKERS - Bubblegun (Double CD, Big Deal, Pop)
Whoever's doing the picking at Big Deal these days is picking 'em well. This Swedish band has already done well in their homeland and they've caused major ripples in Japan with their ultra-clean, hummable radio pop. Now they're bound to transfer some of that same success to the United States with this impressive double disc set. Disc One is contains all the songs from the band's second album (Bubblegun), while Disc Two features five tracks lifted from the band's first album. I'll admit the vocals took a little getting used to at first (reminds me of Peter Noone at times)...and the overly commercial approach made me a cautious listener. After getting warmed up to the sound, however, I found myself enjoying the music immensely. I'm usually terrible at predicting what's going to be a big seller in the U.S....but if you ask me what might make it big this month, I'd say it may very well be The Merrymakers. (Rating: 5)

MICHAEL MOON - You (CD, Munity, Pop/rock)
Hummable pop/rock minus frills and gimmicks. Michael Moon was formerly the leader of the band The Front (a band I admit I am unfamiliar with). Due to the same old problems most bands face, The Front broke up and now Mr. Moon is on his own. Michael's guitar-based pop tunes are pleasant and easy on the ears. The point here is not to challenge the listener or present anything earth shattering. Instead, I get the impression that this fellow is content to simply present his own melodic views of the world. One of the tunes ("Chanel No. 5") is even featured in an upcoming Woody Allen movie... (Not Rated)

MUCHO MACHO - The Limehouse Link (CD, Wiija/Beggars Banquet, Techno/dance)
British duo Tim Punter and Neil Dunford have their chops down solid on this one. Combining elements of trip hop, disco, techno, trance, and funk, these guys manage to make technology sound interesting. Sound samples collide with trippy samples and interesting backbeats to make this batch of future club hits enticing to both the body and the mind. Some of the tracks have a tribal sort of rhythm ("Rap Is Really Changing") which I find rather appealing. Punter and Dunford create a variety of different grooves within the span of these eleven tracks...making them stand out from the increasingly generic wave of electronic music artists. Includes "The Octamed Tapes," "Rockley Sands," "Hey Charlie," and more... (Rating: 4)

POSTER CHILDREN - New World Record (CD, spinART, Rock)
Yes, yes, YES!!! babysue favorites Poster Children are back with a blistering new collection of tunes! Hats off (once again) to the intelligent, knowing folks at spinART for recognizing great talent when they hear it. Despite the fact that Poster Children are now over a decade old, they show absolutely no signs of letting up. New World Record is the first album that the band recorded themselves in their own Studio Tedium. The result? Yet another completely raw and mesmerizing batch of tunes...with a touch more diversity to boot. The thing that has always drawn me to this band is their intense ability to play with a throbbing intensity that puts almost all other bands to shame. The tunes are just slightly off kilter, yet smart and harsh enough to grab the listener by the balls. In addition to twelve dynamite tunes, this disc also includes (in typical Poster Children style) five screensavers, three live videos, and a computer game. This band is, quite simply, one of the best acts of the decade. If you have never seen Poster Children live, you MUST catch them when they play your town. They are one of THE BEST LIVE BANDS...EVER! (Rating: 6)

THIS IS GOOD THIS IS BAD (Not any particular sort of thing at all kind of thing)
Wow...this is SO GOOD! Everything about it is good. The way it was created, the people who took part in it... The only slight problem here is that this is really BAD! It's just not any good at all whatsoever! In fact, it is TERRIBLE! This is actually quite good though...although inevitably it is bad. Actually, it really is bad...but the more I think about it the better it seems. This is GOOD. This is BAD. Good. Bad. Good. Bad. Blah blah blah blah blah, blah BLAH! Blah blah blah BLAH! Yak yak yak yak yak! Bloppity BLOPPTY blah! (Rating: 2)

VELOCETTE - Fourfold Remedy (CD, Beggars Banquet, Pop)
Velocette is a new band formed from the remains of Comet Gain, a British band that never quite received the attention they deserved. But whereas Comet Gain tunes were bubblegummy pop with tradeoff male/female vocals (similar to The Pooh Sticks), Velocette's female vocal pop is much more aligned with current softer bands like Ivy...except this music is much moodier than that. Actually, the more I listen to this the more the tunes well as the vocals...bear a rather odd resemblance to some of Yoko Ono's softer work. Whoever they sound like, Velocette is creating a soothing brand of accessible pop that may well fare better than their work under their previous moniker (oh God...I'm beginning to sound like a "real" music reviewer...eeeeeeeeeEEEEYUKKK!). Ten fine tunes including "Reborn," "Unkind," and "Someone's Waiting." Nice. (Rating: 4)

THE VON ZIPPERS - Bad Generation (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
YEAH! Tired of "rock" bands that have no idea whatseover how to really "rock"? Check out The Von Zippers, my beautiful little children. This is pure garage mania played with the kind of conviction a true terrorist can never get enough of. Crashing rhythms, killer guitars, and attitude-ridden vocals combine to create an infectious rock sound. Tunes like "Kill That Guy," "It Blows," "Titanic Heart," and "Suck On You" will put you into instant gyrations...HONEST TO GOD! This is one band that knows how to just let loose and DRIVE...with genuine hairy ballpower. If you want real rock and out-of-control, let-it-rip tunes...these guys DELIVER! (Rating: 5)

BILL WYMAN AND THE RHYTHM KINGS - Anyway the Wind Blows (CD, Velvel, R&B/blues)
As one who never understood the mass intrigue or appeal of The Rolling Stones, I can appreciate Bill Wyman's solo endeavors to the fullest. In the biothat accompanied this CD, even Mr. Wyman himself says "It's some of the best work I've ever done." From the energetic thumpiness of this disc, I'd say he's probably right. This must have been far more satisfying than playing "Jumping Jack Flash" for the millionth time to hoards of aging idiot rock farts. A variety of excellent vocalists add great variety to these tunes, you might guess...the guest artist list is star-studded. Other folks who play on this disc include Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Albert Lee, and Mick Taylor. Considering that the players are big name moneymakers, these tunes come across sounding a great deal more sincere and genuine than you might expect. It's an overall feelgood played well, well into the night... (Rating: 4)

XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1 (CD, TVT, Pop)
I want to say that the new XTC album is great, because many years ago this was one of my top favorite bands of all time. I want to say that I like the direction the band has taken over the past few years. I want to say a lot of things that...simply aren't true. While Apple Venus Volume 1 certainly isn't a bad disc, it is produced to the point of sounding generic. Whereas XTC once were one of the most original sounding bands on the planet, now their stuff sounds just like a million others. Sad, but true. After all these years I suppose they've just lost the spark. The lyrics don't even do anything for me. This is listenable stuff, to be certain...but it's just not very memorable in the big scheme of things... (Rating: 3)

THE YOUNG ADULTS - The Young Adults (CD, Precious, Pop/rock)
Ahhh...refreshing! Playing it nice and simple, Albuquerque's The Young Adults don't have to rely on gimmicks. This is a band with surprisingly simple...yet It's the guitar/bass/drums thing we've all heard a thousand times before...but seldom does it sound THIS DAMN GOOD. These songs are built around simple guitar riffs and contain elements of the best of sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties pop. To make it all even better, the band's vocals are absolutely killer. Instead of screams of painfully fake sincerity (which is the norm these days), these guys sing with pure conviction. There are so many pretentious popsters out there in the world. Hearing something like this...that comes straight from the heart...makes me believe in pop all over again. To top it all off, the lyrics are so simple and direct that they take the listener by surprise. The Young Adults are smart, inventive, and stand out because they just let things happen naturally. This wonderful disc contains eleven subtle showstoppers including "The Elevator Song," "Tomboys," "Two Doors Down," "Predator Girl," and "Your Brother Is Going Into The Hospital." (Rating: 5)

DAVID Z - Surf 60 (CD, District Z, Techno/dance)
This is NOT surf music (Thank holy mother of God!). Instead, David Z's compact disc is a cool collection of amazingly listenable techno/dance music. What makes this stand out is that these tunes are not overworked. The song structures, arrangements, and melodies are an exercise in simplicity...and in an age where everyone is trying much too hard to be so daring and different, folks like Mr. Z stand out like a lonely ol' cheezepack going pokey po-po down to the midnight rodeo. (This sounds kinda like Joy Electric minus the vocals.) Though Surf 60 contains only five tunes, this disc succeeds because of its uplifting nature and lack of pretense. My own personal goddamn favorites are "Silk Road," "Thieves In The Night," and the title track. If you can't find it, contact District Z Records, 5706 Lone Oak Dr., Bethesda, MD 20814 or e-mail David at (Rating: 4)


Absolute Friction - Pushing the Edge of Drum & Bass (CD, Quantam Leap)
Adams Eve - Adams Eve (CD EP, DLM)
Anandi - Melody of Question (Independent CD)
- And the Angels Wept (CD, Necropolis)
Bailterspace - Solar.3 (CD, Turnbuckle)
Big Sugar - Heated (CD, Capricorn)
The Bonaduces - The Democracy of Sleep (CD, Endearing)
Buckwild - Full Metal Overdrive (CD, Lobster)
Charmagne - Will You (CD EP, Prophet)
Kitty Craft - Beats and Breaks From the Flower Patch (CD, Kindercore)
Cutters - Sonic Wave Love (CD, BMG)
Deathray - My Lunatic Friends/Now That I Am Blind (CD, Poprockit)
Decampitated - Original Soundtrack(CD, Glue Factory, Various artists)
Alice Despard - Push Me Pull You (CD, Deep Reverb)
Die - Die (CD, T.O.N.)
Doc Hopper - Zigs, Yaws & Zags (CD, Go Kart)
Dr. Israel - Inna City Pressure (CD, Mutant Sound System)
Drunk - Raised Toward (CD, Jagjagwar)
Eddie the Rat - Eddie the Rat (CD, 8-3-5)
EQ (Magazine, January 1999)
EQ's Project Recording & Sound Buyer's Guide '99 (Magazine, 1999)
Dean Fertita - "Into the Scenery" b/w "Tilting at Windmills (7" vinyl single, Umbrella)
Fever - Too Bad But True (CD, DHR)
Fleming & John - Fleming & John (Advance cassette, Universal)
Paul Foisy - Big Sugar (CD, J-Bird Recordings)
Four On The Floor (CD, Panic Button, Various artists)
Freak the Jones - Pass the Salt (Independent CD)
Futurama - Science Park (Independent CD)
Gig (Magazine, February 1999)
Good Friend - Best Friend (CD, Hi Test)
The Gurus - Ritual Dance (CD, A&R)
Half A Kitchen - Fun w/ Stereo Vol. 2: Fun w/ Multitrack (Independent cassette)
Hellbound Hayride - Sinner (CD, Slip Recordings)
Huntingtons - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Immortal Dominion - Endure (Independent CD)
In My Living Room - In My Living Room (CD, Kimchee)
I Rock - King B.A.V. (CD, B.A.V.)
Gregory Isaacs - Dapper Slapper (CD, Ras)
Israel Vibration - Pay the Piper (CD, Ras)
Just For Today - Falling (CD, FMA)
(Magazine, February 1999)
Kumpashunit Foolz (Independent CD EP)
Lovely - Little Marci Sightings (Independent CD)
April March - Chrominance Decoder (CD, Ideal)
Masters of the Hemisphere - Masters of the Hemisphere (CD, Kindercore)
The Meek - Inherit This! (CD, Window)
Mindset - A Bullet for Cinderella (CD, Noise)
The Moment of Truth - The Meo Diaries: Chapter Three (CD, Deep Elm, Various artists)
Moms Like Us Too, Vol. One - A BEC Recordings Compilation (CD, BEC, Various artists)
Mover - The Only One (CD, Mod Lang)
The Nearsighted Revolution (Zine, Issue #3)
Jon Nickell - Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So (CD, Five Cents)
One Eighty - Cracker Jack(CD, BEC Recordings)
Pep Squad - Yreka Bakery (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Poole - Among Whom We Shine (CD, spinART)
Possessed to Skate (CD, Pessimer, Various artists)
Pro Sound News (Magazine, January 1999)
Puya - Fundamental (CD, MCA)
Q.U.E.E.R. Zine (Zine, Issue #1)
Rakshasa - Music From the Dead City (CD, Ocean Blue)
Reach the Rock - Music From the Motion Picture (CD, Hefty, Various artists)
The Rumors - Pacific (Independent CD)
Satori - A Tribute to Bauhaus (CD, Creativeman Disc)
Sioux Ross - Another Day at the Revolution (Independent CD)
Sister Friction - Sometimes (CD, Incidental)
Slab - Reflect (CD, Onset)
Ryan Smith and the Melismatics - Ryan Smithi and the Melismatics (CD, Hygh Tension)
Songs For the Brokenhearted (CD, Glue Factory, Various artists)
Stamen - Watching Them Come and Go (Independent CD)
- "Bad Nanny," "(Everybody's) Punk Rock (Now)" b/w "Something's Wound Them Up," "Almost Like Comedy" (7" vinyl single, Hell-Bent for Lather)
The Supertones - Chase the Sun (CD, BEC Recordings)
Surround Professional (Magazine, January 1999)
Dan Susnara - Swedish Love Kit (Independent cassette)
The Terrifying Experience - Supreme Radial (CD, AAJ)
Together As One (CD, Moonshine, Various artists)
Toprope (Magazine, Vol. II, Issue 4)
The Trouble - Nobody Laughs Anymore (CD, GMM)
Uketrance - U Kenfeel It (CD, Ruch Workshop Music)
Unmasking the Illusion - Frantic With Edna (Independent CD) (CD,, Various artists)
Usurper - Usurper II: Skeletal Season (CD, Necropolis)
Kyle Veillon - Always a Bright Side (CD, Vidrine)
The Vices - The Vices (CD, Rattlesnake)
Virginia Dare - Baby Got Away (CD, Absolutely Kosher)
Bunny Wailer - DUBD'SCO Volumes 1 & 2 (CD, Ras)
Westen / Doc Hopper - The Stepchildren of Rock (CD, Go Kart)
Nancy Wilson - Live At McCabes' Guitar Shop (CD, Epic)
David Zink - Pyro (CD, Papa's Moon)
Peter Zolli - Selections From Letters to Aslan (Independent CD)

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