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A Don Piper Situation - Saturate (Independently released CD, Pop)
A lot of folks, particularly reviewers, will remember a very satisfying EP by The Don Piper Situation that was released on the Scrimshaw label a couple of years ago. Saturate (the follow-up album) was slated to be released by Capitol Records...but by the time the band gave the tapes to the label, things fell apart. Unfortunate indeed for the label, as this collection of tunes is rather spectacular. For such a young band, these fellows display a rather impressive maturity in their songwriting. The guitars ring loud and true...and the vocal melodies are truly super. No easy gimmicks and overused formulas here. These tunes are intelligent, thought provoking, and very entertaining. We particularly love "Just Checking In"...WOW. Fans of Crowded House will most likely really dig this musc. You won't find this disc in stores, as it is only available from the band themselves at their live shows or through their web site...which is Neat. (Rating: 5)

An Apology To Everyone
Over the years there have been so many people who have written requesting that we retract certain things we have said and apologize for statements that we have made. Accordingly, we are now issuing a blanket APOLOGY TO EVERYONE. That's right. Any and all of you readers out there who don't like something you've read or our web pages...or who have felt that we were out of line...or who have thought that we were mean and insensitive...hey, you can LIKE us now because...WE APOLOGIZE TO YOU. We apologize not just for the BIG errors we have made, but for the small ones as well. And not only do we sincerely apologize to you in the most genuine manner possible, but...look out, here's the clincher...WE REGRET all the things we have said and done in the past. Oh, how could we have been so WRONG? Dear, dear, dear, dear, oh dear... Everyone makes mistakes, even us. But one thing is for certain. You can be SURE that whatever has happened in the past will never happen in the future. Of that, we promise. And we thank you for your kind forgiveness and understanding.

Birdie - Some Dusty (CD, Kindercore, Soft pop)
Nice. Really nice. Really, really nice. Really, really, REALLY nice. God this NICE. In all honesty, we loved this CD on the very first listen. Birdie is the duo of Deborah Wykes (formerly of Dolly Mixture) and Paul Kelly (formerly of East Village). The two met and discovered their mutual admiration for similar styles of music and formed Birdie. And what a fine form it is. If you, like us, are bored by too many soft pop bands who have a criminally boring way of writing songs that sound just like everyone else...then you will almost certainly appreciate the tunes on Some Dusty. The music is plaintive and soft...yet intelligent and sparkling with genuine emotion. The arrangements are wonderfully sparse...and vocals anything BUT contrived. Interestingly, the strings were arranged by none other than Sean O'Hagan. The sound quality is fantastic. This is one of those really great things that probably will only receive limited attention because it just isn't what happens to be "hip" and "cool" amongst all those closed minded "hipster morons" out there. See this British band's web sites at and WE LOVE THIS ONE.(Rating: 6)

The Churchills - You Are Here (CD, Abrupt/Universal, Pop)
Nice, refined, mature, and slickly produced pop. If you like Fountains of Wayne, it is likely that you will go APE over The Churchills. This new band from New York has definitely caught our attention with this incredible pop feast. These people write some outstanding tunes that will stick in your brain like GLUE...and the vocals are to DIE for...with harmonies so perfect you won't believe your ears. This music is smart...but neither obnoxious nor self serving nor egotistical. The lyrics are clever, genuine, and heartfelt. This CD brings to mind some of the very early material by Rick Springfield (which we loved, of course)...except The Churchills are much more powerful. Call this power pop or radio pop or whatever-you-wanna-call-it our little book, it's just plain GREAT. We highly recommend this disc. Check out the band's web site at (Rating: 5)

Cinerama - Disco Volante (CD, Manifesto, Pop)
Y''s too bad that becoming famous causes everyone in the world to typecast you into one certain role. Because as soon as you cast off that particular role, everyone compares everything else that you do to that one tiny phase of your career. Such seems to be the case for David Gedge, who pleased so many folks for so many years with his band The Wedding Present. The band was a big success to both fans and critics alike. But alas--when Mr. Gedge formed Cinerama and headed off in a different direction--many of the fans (and particularly the critics) didn't embrace the change. And that is too bad, because Cinerama is actually quite an enjoyable endeavor. The music is wispy soft pop with orchestrated arrangements, and in a way sounds very much like stuff from the 1960s. The vocals are, of course, simply wonderful. Gedge has a way of phrasing his words that can't be compared to anyone else. It's odd...the more we listen to this...the more and more David Gedge sounds very much like Ray Davies. Now that ain't a bad thing, is it? Good stuff. This fellow deserves to be given a chance with his new outing... Why not let's just forget about The Wedding Present and move on, eh? (Rating: 4)

Amy Correia - Carnival Love (Advance CD, Capitol, Soft pop)
Capitol publicist Bobbie Gale writes convincing prose about the artists she works with. Instead of spatting out insincere dribble (which is the case with many publicists and record companies)...we always get the feeling that Ms. Gale speaks from the heart and tells it the way it is. Well...she surely isn't mincing words when she calls Amy Correia "an incredibly talented musician." Hailing from the small town of Lakeville, Massachusetts, Ms. Correia has seemingly popped up out of nowhere...with talent and chops that beat the panties off of her contemporaries. Not only is the songwriting on Carnival Love top notch...but to top it off Amy plays most of the instruments as well (!). But you'd never know this is mainly a one-woman affair...because the songs are lush, full, and well orchestrated. As if all of this weren't enough to persuade you, this young lady also has a wonderful way of wielding words (i.e., the lyrics are smart and inventive). Tons of cool tunes here...but our particular favorite is "Life Is Beautiful." This young lady is both sincere and quite unique... See the Capitol Records web site at (Rating: 5)

Drums & Tuba - Box Fetish (CD, My Pal God, Instrumental/Experimental), The Flying Ballerina (CD, My Pal God, Instrumental/Experimental)
Very odd stuff, as you might guess from the name of the band. And in this case the band name is actually a good indication of what you will hear. Drums & Tuba actually do have as their central instrument the often overlooked instrument the tuba (played by Brian Wolff). But (and this is a BIG but here...), the tuba is not used in the way it is traditionally used. In many cases the tuba lines in the music actually replace the space where bass lines would normally be. But to make it all even stranger, the band incorporates all kinds of noises as well as really crazy guitars into the mix. It's an unusual approach, but even more unusual is that, at least in most cases, the idea works. The music on both of these discs is more jazz than pop or rock, mainly experimental, and often times accidental. The percussion is particularly good. Anthony Nozero has a maniacal way of playing that is both unsettling and fascinating. These discs present music that is obviously not created with any regard for commercial appeal...and yet the band has obviously found an audience ready and willing to follow them in their obtuse and sometimes bizarre musical explorations. See the band's web site at and/or the label's web site at (Rating: 4)

Everything You Are Doing Is Wrong (Unfortunate thing kind of thing)
Just look at you. What a mess. What a disappointment you must be to your parents. Everything you do is wrong. Every time you do something, you mess it up. Your driving is frightening. Your handwriting is virtually illegible. The clothes you are wearing make you look awkward and stupid. The expression on your face is making everyone around you stare and laugh. Even your cologne is bad. It is overpowering and offensive. Your voice gets on everyone's nerves. Do you ever consider what it might be like to withhold speech for two or three minutes? Your thought processes are all screwed up, and you can't remember anything. You can't even hold down a good job...not even an easy job. But it's not surprising. Just look at the way you hold your thing. Like a fairy boy. Just like a good ol' nasty dumb-headed fairy boy. It'll be interesting when the folks back home get a bad hard look at your situation. Bet they'll have you gummin' for some potato bread come morning time. John says you got it all wrong, buddy, every single goddamn thing... Put your hands under the table of Mother Nature. (Bobbah deebie bobba dooble doo doo...)

Fanmail - 2000 (CD, Tooth & Nail, Power punk)
Smart punchy power punk not unlike Bracket. These guys play fast, the guitars are fuzzy and loud, the rhythms hard and pouncy...yet the melodies manage to ride high above the waves of sound. Eleven tunes here, including "Time Will Only Tell," "Shut Your Mouth," and our favorite, "Run Around My Head." Good vocals...well above average songwriting...catchy stuff, and major fun to boot... See the band's web site at (Rating: 4)

GrndNtl Brnds - Communicating for Influence (CD, Vaccination, Offbeat rock)
We like this band's attitude. They are based in San Francisco, but refuse to play clubs there because they hate the clubs. Now that really IS cool (!!!). Wondering what in the hell the band name is supposed to mean? It is pronounced "Grand National Brands" (spelled without the vowels, natch). The band is made up of ex-members of Fibulator, Giant Ant Farm, The Molecules, and Little My. We'd like to be able to explain exactly who this band sounds like, but we cannot. GrndNtl Brnds is a different breed of something The compositions are extremely offbeat and weird, but the band is not simply creating noise as most "artsy" bands do. No, instead these folks' tunes are complicated and well thought out. They just happen to sound spastic, confused, vague, times...totally freaked out. If you really dug some of the early experimental rock that came out in the sixties (in the vein of The Mothers of Invention)...then you will most likely be mighty entertained by this band. You can always expect the unexpected from Vaccination now will you please visit their web site at Thank you so very much. (Rating: 4)

Roy Harper
If there is anyone anywhere out there who is willing to trade stuff for the entire Roy Harper catalog on CD contact us at Will you, won't you?

Bill Horist - Songs from the Nerve Wheel (CD, Unit Circle, Experimental/electronic)
Ain't no "hits" HERE! And that's a GOOD thing because...believe gets rather samey and tiring listening to one band after another all striving for a commercial (or underground) goddamn HIT. Shouldn't creating something credible and unique be the ultimate goal? If so, then you can consider underground recording artist Bill Horist a success. So try and describe the music. Basically, these "compositions" are experimental treatments of electric guitars. The sound is sparse yet spacey...sometimes soothing, sometimes grating. And, fortunately, the cool noise is not hampered by the presence of those oh-so-annoying electronic rhythms that completely ruin so many home produced electronic projects. Song titles like "Tangenesis Artifactory" and "The Architect of Snowfall" give some indication of just how obtuse and uncommercial this disc is. See the label's web site at (this is a music label to keep an eye on). This CD is recommended ONLY for folks into extremely experimental stuff...because it will most likely drive everyone else up the WALL. Should please folks who really liked Brian Eno's early recordings... (Rating: 5)

Mean Red Spiders - Starsandsons (CD, Teenage USA Recordings, Pop)
It seems as if in the past two years that some of the very best new artists to emerge on the horizon are based in Canada. Or perhaps it could be that more Canadians are only now sending us their music for review. Whatever the case, Mean Red Spiders are one damn cool band. These folks mix extremely beautiful and breathy female vocals with a very thick wall of guitars. The overall effect is something like Ivy crossed with the Jesus and Mary Chain. Actually, the tunes aren't as offbeat as you might expect. In fact, lurking behind the walls of psychedelic noise are some beautiful pop charmers with wonderful melodies and cool, simple rhythms. This disc contains a whole slew of refreshing noise pop for the thinking listener. Our favorites are "Compromise," "PL," "Glass," and "Never Heard of You." This is the first release we've heard on the Teenage USA label...but if this is any indication of what the label is about, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more... The label's web site is (Rating: 5)

Mojave 3 - Excuses for Travellers (CD, 4AD/Beggars Banquet, Soft pop)
Think there ain't no good soft pop being made no more? If so then yer wrong...AGAIN, ya ol' no good BUNKY HOLE! How can you stand it...always being WRONG and all...? Ya dumb ol' stupid HICK. Hyuk hyuk hyuk... But onto the matter at hand. We had heard a previous diskeroni by Mojave 3 that we really dug...but this new one...HELL AND GODDAMN--IT SURE TASTES GREAT!!! Yup, if you go for that timeless introspective, soft, pensive, acoustic kinda stuff...this one will have you peeling off yer eggsheels to get to the beach party...because it really IS that good. Songs like "In Love With A View," "My Life In Art," "She Broke You So Softly" and more...will have you all drizzly-eyed and soft shelled. It only took two listens for us to realize this one is a DIRECT HIT. Absolutely great in all senses...songwriting, production, vocals, all fits together JUST RIGHT...making this disc a FABULOUS listen. Neeeeeeato!!! See the label's web site at (Rating: 5)

Moneypenny - She's All The Rage (CD, Bond Girl Music, Pop)
Really good girly pop (with some male vocals) in the same general vein as Fuzzy, one of our favorite nineties bands. There's a lot to like here. Hummably catchy breathy vocals...and a guitarist who plays some absolutely stellar lines. Songs are what matter most...particularly in the field of pop music, and songwriting is where Moneypenny excell. This entire disc is a great listen, but the two tunes that really rock our parkdale noodles are "Ballerina" and "Sleep it Off," the latter of which is destined to be an underground classic. This band is worthy of your time and attention. See their web site at (Rating: 4)

The Mooney Suzuki - People Get Ready (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
Good raw garage rock for healthy kicks...and these guys have great sunglasses to boot. The Mooney Suzuki are based in New York City and they have thus far gotten some heavy word of mouth happening based solely on their live shows. The tunes on People Get Ready were recorded in Austin with producer Tim Kerr at the control board. The band's tunes shoot straight from the hip, and they don't go for any gimmicks. The main intent is to rock steady and hard, and this they do more than adequately. If you need a break from the way-too-hip nobody bands and tragic gimmicks in handyland, give these guys a listen. They rock, pure and simple. (Rating: 4)

Morcheeba - Fragments of Freedom (CD, Sire, Pop)
Regular readers of this frustratingly distant web site may recall how we have gushed over Morcheeba in the past. This British band very quickly captured the attention of a great many reviewers with their irresistable soft soul & slightly psychedelic trippy dance music. The band is back, still basically on course, but with a much more obvious focus on having a "hit" this time around. Yes, we still love the music...but we have to admit that some of the unnecessary backing vocals and thick arrangements don't work in the band's favor. We prefer the more atmospheric and trippy sound of the band's last CD, The Big Calm. That is NOT to say that Fragments of Freedom is not a good disc. It has some great tracks, that's for sure... But our opinion is that the band's tunes are strong enough that they don't need all the busy frameworks for support. The more bare and basic approach works better for the type of music Morcheeba are playing, so hopefully next time around they will drop some of the extra icing and give more gratifying inner cake. We'll be spinning this disc in the meantime...all the while hoping that these three cool folks opt for a less commercial release next time around... Do it for Poppa...pleeeeassssse??? (Rating: 4)

New York Dolls - Lipstick Killers: The Mercer Street Sessions 1972 (CD, ROIR, Rock)
The early seventies were a rather quaint and special time in the history of rock music...with artists like David Bowie, T. Rex, Alice Cooper, the Bonzo Dog Band and others just hitting their stride. About the same time, a group that bubbled up in a spontaneously crazy sort of way was the New York Dolls. The band's trashy "rednecks in glitter" rock was cool underground fun. They released two great studio albums and played strings of unforgettable concerts...but then quickly disbanded and became a cult item. ROIR, originally a cassette-only label, made the intelligent switch to being a CD-only label over the past few years...and now that they have once again firmly established themselves in the marketplace, they have re-released one of their most infamous releases...Lipstick Killers. This CD is important for a couple of reasons. First of all, these recordings were made with the band's original drummer Billy Murcia, who died shortly afterwards from a drug overduse. Secondly, these tapes are only available on this ROIR release. That we can get onto the music. We had not previously heard the cassette, so this is all new to us (although we had played the band's two Mercury albums to death decades ago). The disc is rawer than the studio albums...and the tunes are much slower, probably due to the fact that the band had only been together 4 1/2 months when they recorded these tracks. Semi-sloppy in a good way, these recordings document the band in their formative stage. You can tell that they've got that certain something...but it hadn't quite gelled into the formidable force that came soon afterwards. This disc is a must have for fans of the Dolls...others will probably not quite "get" what is happening here. Too bad. This is a GREAT piece of history, and offers some intriguing insight into the making of one of our favorite underground bands from long ago... (Rating: 4)

The Olive Group - Blue (CD EP, Post-Parlo, Jazzy pop)
Very neat understated jazzy pop with some very clever guitar work. Not to be confused with Olive nor The Dylan Group (the name seems to be a fusion of the two), The Olive Group present some very fine, genuinely sincere music on this EP. What we like most about this band is that the vocals actually take a backseat to the instruments...! Not that the vocals are fact, quite the opposite is true. It's just that this band...unlike so many others...doesn't push the vocals so far out front in the mix that they blur out everything else. Instead, everything is presented in just the right proportions...making this EP a subtle yet tasty treat for the ears. Quite soothing, and yet at the same time thought provoking and just slightly different. Check out the label's web site at (Rating: 4)

The Olivia Tremor Control - Presents: Singles and Beyond (CD, Emperor Norton/Kindercore, Pop)
Seeing as how we have never before heard a full-length release from The Olivia Tremor Control, it seems almost fitting that Presents: Singles and Beyond would serve as our first real introduction to the band. This collection of reissued material from the band's very early days was previously unavailable on CD so the band...while opting to take a bit of time off to pursue solo projects...collected a bunch of material and gave it to the kindly folks at Kindercore...who promply released the disc for all those hungry fans out there. WONDER all of our friends have been chugging off at us about how great these guys are and/or were (!). This disc contains some absolutely KILLER stuff. Quality lo-fi pop...but extra cool and inventive...and no trash or filler thrown in to fill up space (we love the "abstract" pieces). With so much average home recorded pop infiltrating the world, a band like The Olivia Tremor Control easily renews one's faith in the genre. This is a thick, heady, smart collection of obtuse pop tunes by a wonderful band in their formative stages. Highly recommended...! No specific band web site is listed, so you may wan to check out the two label web sites at and/or (Rating: 5)

Paloalto - LP (CD, Columbia, Pop/rock)
Good pop music with very slick production and really cool guitars. The vocals are a bit of a problem, however, as the singer seems to be trying too hard with that increasingly strained "urgent" approach. If the vocals were looser, this'd be a great band. Taken as is, they are still entertaining and worth a listen... See their web site at (Rating: 3)

Ian Pooley - Since Then. (CD, V2, Dance/electronic)
Nice. Really nice. Mainz, Germany's Ian Pooley is a new and creative force in the field of techno/dance music. Instead of the usual "computerized" sound...Mr. Pooley incorporates nice organic ideas into his music, and his songs vary greatly from one to the next. Some tracks are instrumentals, others features guest vocalists. Since Then. is Ian's second album, and it is DEFINITELY a keeper. We particularly like the slight Brazilian flavor present in several of the tracks. By keeping his music simple, this fellow makes music that will appeal to a wide range of folks. Some really super bass lines happening throughout. Our top faves here are "Venasque," "Balmes," and "Cloud Patterns." Check out Mr. Pooley's web site at (Rating: 5)

Roots Radics - Hot We Hot Dub (CD, ROIR, Dub/reggae)
Roots Radics originally formed as a backup group for Gregory Isaacs...but over the years the band has become an entity among themselves...backing up some heavy duty artists along the way such as Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, The Wailing Souls, and many more. This release is the "hot dub" version of the RAS release Hot We Hot (which we unfortunately cannot compare this to, as we never heard the original release) that was originally released by ROIR. Hot We Hot Dub is chock full of cool, danceable dub reggae. The playing is tight, yet laid back and relaxed...and the sound overlays are simply wonderful. This is a mixture of two musical styles that we already together, we dig this stuff TWICE as much. The disc features twelve funky numbers including "Mix Me Up Dub," "Joy To The World Dub," and "Watch Your Step Dub." And to top it all off, these recordings have been re-mastered for the CD reissue (sounds real SLICK!)...and two BONUS TRACKS are included (!). Great stuff...really GREAT. See the label's web site at http:/ Rating: 5)

Matthew Ryan - East Autumn Grin (CD, A&M, Pop)
Nice masculine, commercial sounding pop music. This is Matthew Ryan's second full-length for A&M. Matthew writes songs that are reminiscent of prehistoric monsters like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. His voice is husky and urgent...and his upbeat "hit sounding" tunes have that enigmatic "arena rock" appeal. The more subtle tracks are DEFINITELY the keepers here. Tunes like "I Hear a Symphony" and "Ballad of a Limping Man" showcase this artist in his best light. Folks into that whole "singer/songwriter" trip oughta get into this... (Not Rated)

Sparks - Balls (CD, Oglio Entertainment Group, Pop)
With the non-stop onslaught of music that creeps its way into our hefty mailbox, it is a RARITY indeed when we actually request a specific CD from anyone. But when we heard the news of a new CD by Sparks, we couldn't contact the kind folks at Oglio Entertainment fast enough to obtain a copy. We've steadily followed the careers of child models Ron and Russell Mael since the release of their first album on Bearsville (when the band was originally called Halfnelson). Through all of their ups and downs...shifts in personnel...and changes in musical direction...the brothers Mael have always proven themselves to be among the most unique folks in the universe. About five years back the band resurfaced (thank GOD!) with a very impressive CD, also on the Oglio label. While that CD was certainly satisfying, Balls is even better. Balls is almost like a restrospective of the band's career...except for the fact that the disc contains all new tunes. There's something here for every true Sparks music...rock music...electronic......those elusive ballads...and of course those superior Sparks melodies that have never received the recognition they deserve in the U.S. The songs are as fresh as ever, and Russell's voice still sounds as remarkable as it did when he was in his early twenties. We are still amazed that even after releasing countless albums that showcase the genius of these remarkable brothers, they still remain virtually known in this pathetic ol' country. (Although Sparks have, of course, had tons of BIG hits in the United Kingdom.) All the tracks kick our mighty white asses, but our initial favorites are the title track, "More Than A Sex Machine," "Aeroflot," "How To Get Your Ass Kicked," "It's a Knock Off," and "It's Educational." Another superb collection of tunes from a duo that is truly unlike anyone else. To top it all off, the packaging is KILLER. Another MUST HAVE from one of our top favorite bands of ALL TIME. Check out the band's official web site at or the label's web site at (Rating: 6)

The Sunshine Fix - The Future History of a Sunshine Fix (CD, Kindercore, Pop/rock)
The Sunshine Fix is the solo project of the bill doss, who is one of the original members of The Olivia Tremor Control. We are only just now becoming familiar with the music of T.O.T.C., so we probably don't possess the knowledge and chops to be making too many judgments about this disc. But try we will anyway, because we are in the business of forming opinions...either fairly or unfairly. This is some tasty and at times very experimental stuff...with a few plain ol' pop numbers thrown in for good measure. Some of this reminds us of the more flipped out side of The Flaming Lips....just because it is so damn weird. But weird and GOOD (rather than weird and bad)...which is very, very important indeed. Man, this one's a head trip that's going to take repeated listening to come up with an opinion. We know we like it...but we're going to have to spin this one some more before being too judgmental. least for the time being...we're not giving a rating... (Not Rated)

Tahiti 80 - Puzzle (CD, Pop, Minty Fresh)
We've been hearing some mighty fine pop music coming out of France this year. Tahiti 80 is another notch in the great tree of French pop. Produced by Andy Chase (of Ivy fame), this is one soft and lush experience. The music is cerebral...relatively direct in delivery...and features nice breathy vocals that sound quite American. Smooth bass lines support sometimes heady guitars and keys...and the arrangements are subtle yet effective. The production is just...perfect. Our top favorites here are "I.S.A.A.C." (wow!) and "Hey Joe" (another wow!). Actually, all the tunes are rather neat...making Puzzle a rather nice listen. See the label's web site at (Rating: 4)

The Tragically Hip - Music @ Work (CD, Sire, Pop/rock)
As much as it surprised even us, up until now we had never knowingly heard the music of The Tragically Hip...which is particularly odd, seeing as how the band has been around for no less than 15 (!) years. one ever sent us any promotional copies, so we are not to blame (heh heh heh). But back to the disc at hand... The vocalist for this band reminds us very much of Tyson Meade who was the lead singer of the criminally overlooked Chainsaw Kittens (one of the best pop bands of the nineties). The music is very much nineties guitar rock, with layers upon layers of thick guitars used to get the point across. We like this band somewhat, but there's something about the overall sound that just doesn't hit quite right. Perhaps you should just make your own decisions about this. See the band's web site at (Not Rated)

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