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July 1999 Reviews

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HERB ALPERT & COLORS - Herb Alpert & Colors (CD, Almo Sounds, Jazz/pop)
Hmmm... I had to listen to this one several times before writing this review. Basically, if you can get past "Libertango" (a bad Saturday Night Fever kinda thing) and "The Look of Love" (a song none of us ever need hear again for the rest of eternity), you'll find some nice music wherein Mr. Herb Alpert does his horn thing in some trippy hoppy tunes. Fortunately, the aforementioned clunkers are the first two just skip over them and get to the real stuff. Mr. Alpert's playing sounds as good as it ever did, and fits in quite well within the constraints of modern rhythms and sounds. Particular standout tracks: "I Want You" and "Slow Train." A nice and natural sounding disc. (Rating: 4)

AUTECHRE - EP7 (CD, Nothing, Electronic)
Despite the fact that this electronic duo has apparently made quite a name for themselves, this is the first release we have heard from them. Autechre is Sean Booth and Rob Brown who met one another in Manchester, England many years back. These two fellows are playing a style of music that is not unlike what Tangerine Dream created in the seventies...except the electronics, as you might have expect, are much more complex and state of the art. The main similarity is that Sean and Rob use electronics to improvise. That is to say, there are not necessarily any set patterns to their songs. As a result, these compositions come across more as experimental pieces than actual musical creations. That's not a bad fact, this music is a hell of a lot more creative and less predictable than a lot of the pre-programmed predictable electronic dribble (say that two times fast) that is often passed off as music these days. Interesting stuff. (Rating: 4)

BLINK 182 - Enema of the State (CD, MCA, Pop)
Not to be confused with Blink 181 or Blink 183, Blink 182 would probably have us believe that they are a punk band...but don't let their looks and attitude fool you. These guys are first and foremost a pop band. Fast pop, yes...but still pop. While the guitars are loud and the rhythms frantic, these three in-your-face young fellows actually possess an impressive ability to pen a tune. Song like "Dumpweed," "Aliens Exist," and "What's My Age Again?" make this CD an exceptionally enjoyable listen. Ooops...almost forgot to mention that this band has colons that all function quite well... (Rating: 4)

BOOK OF KILLS - So Far In Every Direction (CD, Ain't Records, Pop)
Book of Kills is the one-man recording project spearheaded by Jim Shelley. Shelley is a longtime home-taper who is a true musical chameleon. This compilation of 21 tunes is culled from Jim's cassette releases, and what a compilation it is. One minute he sounds like Neil Innes...the next minute it's Tommy James...and yet a song or two later he sounds like John Lennon. But whatever the comparison, the thing that shines through clear and true is a man who has a genuine knack for writing sincere and moving introspective pop tunes. The arrangements are sparse, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the melodies and chord changes. This is so much more real than most of the doodoo being squat out by record companies. This is, perhaps, because the idea isn't to sell product...but to produce truly quality music with integrity. There's no e-mail to give or web site to share (isn't THAT a fresh idea?)...only an address. Ain't Records, 206 High St., Bridgewater, VA 28812. This is worth going out of your way to obtain. An excellent obscure delight. (Rating: 5)

BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show (CD, Arista, Country/pop)
A couple of years ago I was in Nashville and everyone kept telling me the local band I needed to catch was BR5-49. A bunch of hype, I usually the band that everyone likes is nothing but bully crap. Still...I kept seeing the band's name around and kept hearing good things. Now at long last I get to hear these guys and...hey...they really ARE great! This is down home countryfied pop/rock with a nice punchy shot of gusto and loose casualness all mixed up in one beater-sized bugger. Most modern bands what trys to infuse that ol' country thang in their music comes up soundin' like nuthin' but rotten ol' taters and mashed up rootbeer. These guys fry up country right. From the infectious opener ("There Goes My Love") right on through to "Georgia On a Fast Train," these guys manage to sound believable and sincere. Extra-good fiddle work throughout. Nashville still turns out some kickers. One of the better country-type things I've heard in quite some time... (Rating: 5)

THE BRILLIANT MISTAKES - All Hands & The Cook (CD, Aunt Mimi's, Pop)
If you like your pop with a healthy helping of strong melodies, here's a band to take note of. The Brilliant Mistakes' keyboard/guitar pop is simple and yet simultaneously (and surprisingly) commercial. The vocals are clearcut and omnipresent, and the mix of keyboards and guitars is nicely understated. Top pop singalong numbers like "Deny the Sun" and "You Got My Number" make this disc an undeniably pleasant spin. The Kinks-like closing track ("Behind the Wheel") is unquestionably our favorite. Notice how many times the letter "y" appears in this review...that MUST mean something? Check out the band's web site at (Rating: 4)

CHAINSUCK - Kindly Stop For Me (CD, Wax Trax!/TVT, Pop)
Soft atmospheric slightly industrial pop. I've enjoyed previous releases from Chainsuck, and this one is right up there with their best. The band sounds very much like a nineties pop version of seventies progressive dinosaur Curved Air. The main similarity is the vocals. Marydee Reynolds' vocals are haunting, surreal, seductive, and very cool indeed. In our humble (ha!) opinion, she is one of the best female vocalists out there. Chainsuck music is subtle and dreamy, sometimes even danceable. This is way cool stuff that does NOT sound like every other generic rip off rock band on the horizon (!). Another fine and extremely solid release. Features trippy wonderful tunes like "Pornstar," "Murder of a Heart," "Swimmer," and "Blood Across the Sun." Neat, neat, NEAT! (Rating: 5)

CONDOMS (Sexual protection kind of crap sort of things)
Hmmm...this is a tough one. Condoms...good or bad? Condoms are good in the sense that the more people use them, the less children there will be in the world. That's obviously good. But if lots of people use them, that also means that diseases like AIDS won't be spread throughout the world...and that's definitely bad. I guess what would probably be best is if people didn't use condoms at all, waited until they had children, and then just killed them within the first three months or so. That way babies would die, but adults would also die by spreading diseases to one another. So, in effect, I suppose our conclusion is that condoms are rather useless sort of things since it would be a lot more fun...and kill the babies after they're born instead of preventing their birth. Yeah, that's it. Condoms aren't necessary. They're worthless. In fact...they just keep the goddamn world from being a more interesting goddamn place. (Rating: 2)

CYCLEFLY - Generation Sap (CD, Radioactive, Metal/pop)
Interesting mix of nineties metal, progressive seventies art rock, and glam rock. Cyclefly features members from France, Italy, and Ireland...but this, the band's debut, sounds decidedly American. The band crashes along nicely not unlike Jane's Addiction, but the vocals are more reminiscent of mid-period David Bowie or even Rush. It's an odd meshing of sounds and styles to be certain, but the differences actually merge together quite nicely. This band has a high potential for teen gushing and even pre-teen is evidenced by toons like "Violet High," "Supergod" (our favorite), and "Plastic Coated Man." We like the lyrics a lot... (Rating: 4)

MIKE ERRICO - Pictures of the Big Vacation (CD, Hybrid, Pop)
No autobiographical information accompanied this CD...HURRAY! Isn't it best to judge an artist solely on their work rather than always having to be bombarded with thousands of interesting facts and biographical blubber? We thinks so. In this case, the music speaks for itself. Mike Errico's nice organic pop music is without clutter or busy arrangements. The vocals are way up they should be in this particular genre. The guy's got a voice that'll make windows tinkle. The sound is accessible, yet it's not that all-too-common "shitty music made for the gullible shitty music buying shitty public" sort of sound kind of thing. This one oughta make radio stations go winky doodle just like a goddamn hormonal spunk. This sack of Tonya for shall, for shawl on daddy's droopy pajama bottoms. Now Rick Springfield is fainting in the bathroom. (Not Rated)

FEMINIST FREAKS (Really ugly confused retarded sort of things)
Ooooooo-weee! Look at all those pierced, tatooed, sexually-confused feminist freaks out there in the world. It's rather ironic that they claim to be so proud of their lifestyle...particularly since the rest of us see them as retarded outcasts who haven't managed to find a way to fit into the real world. Poor feminist freaks! Their peculiar unflattering haircuts...their confusing tendency to try to dress and act like men (who they supposedly hate)...their obnoxious little closed cliques that seem to form on every street corner...their distasteful body odor and obnoxious voices... If things were right in the world, it would be okay to fire those freaks silent in their tracks. Actually, that is okay...isn't it? Sure it is. That's neat, really. Let us get rid of matter WHAT it takes! (Rating: 2)

THE HAL LOVEJOY CIRCUS - American Made (CD, Beyond/BMG, Pop/rock) (Live performance, June 24, 1999)
I played the debut disc by The Hal Lovejoy Circus a couple of times and then put it aside, unsure of whether or not to review it. Most of the songs were very good, with a couple of clunkers mixed in. The next week the very cordial and friendly publicist for the Beyond label called inviting me to see the band in concert. Having nothing else important to do that night, I opted to attend. This is one case where the live show definitely made me appreciate these guys' work. Though most of the people in the club seemed unfamiliar with their music, this band put on a hell of a show and proved just how proficient they are at what they do. The H. L. Circus is fronted by a fellow named Michale Marquis, whose stage moves and confidence remind me a great deal of Les Claypool. Backing Michael is the totally pumping rhythm section of Scott Donnell (drums) and Alan Nathan (bass). In concert, the band's rock/pop with a funky backbeat came across sounding mighty fine indeed. I was very impressed early in the set when the band played a very credible version of The Kinks' obscure "King Kong" (which actually lost most of the audience because everyone except for myself seemed to be in their mid-twenties). The high points of the concert included the soon-to-be-immensely popular "Hot Pants" and the poppy "Size 7 Sneakers." Hats off to whoever was running the soundboard, because this band's live sound was amazing. The live mix was almost exactly like the sound on the CD. For upbeat FM radio pop/rock, The Hal Lovejoy Circus delivers quality, memorable tunes that should appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. Look for even bigger things from these guys in the future. (Rating: 4)

HONEYGLAZED - The Trouble With Girls (CD, Wonderdrug, Pop/rock)
It isn't often that we use a comparison that someone else wrote...but CMJ's description of Honeyglazed is pretty much on target. The band sounds like early Pixies and T. Rex. That pretty much gets it. This band features both women and men, and instead of electric guitar the band is centered around bandleader Kris Canning's bass exploits. Interestingly, with the creative dual bass playing happening, you hardly even notice the absence of guitars. It's also interesting how accessible and catchy these tunes are. Honeyglazed could end up becoming hugely popular. Ten fun very upbeat tunes from this up-and-coming Boston band. (Rating: 4)

PRAGA KHAN - Twenty First Century Skin (CD, Antler Subway, Dance)
While I admit I'm no expert on dance music (and don't care to be) a rather silly dance tune caught my attention a few years ago called "I Must Increase My Bust" by Lords of Acid. What was appealing about the track was its outright silliness. That band was the project of a man named Praga Khan, who now releases music under his own name. I like this fellow's new tunes for the same reasons that I liked Lords of Acid. The music is simple and direct...and there's a certain goofyness to the music that is appealing, particularly since so many electronic artists take themselves so goddamn seriously. This disc features twelve tunes including "Breakfast In Vegas" and "Bored Out of My Mind." (The photo of the baby on drugs on the cover is KILLER!) Dance music can be fun...and this disc proves it. (Not Rated)

MANIC DEPRESSION (Some sort of kind of thing sort of kind of)
Is it proper etiquette to discuss one's psychological problems publicly? Confession seems to be what all good celebrities are doing so... We here at babysue hereby publicly diagnose ourself as having a rather serious goddamn case of manic depression. What causes it is uncertain, but it is real...and it gets more and more severe with each passing month. One moment we are elated...on "top of the world". The next minute we are ready to give up and die. Pardon? What was that? "We should get help" you say? No, that's not a good idea. We don't want any help. We want it to get worse. Because the worse it gets, the more likely it is that we will actually disappear...which would probably make a lot of people happy anyway...including us. Mental health. Who needs it? (Not Rated)

NEW AMERICAN MOB - All Mob Cons (CD EP, R.A.F.R., Rock)
Cool out-of-control rock band that plays non-stop crash-ahead rock music. The lesson of the day is fast and loud, with lots of furious lead guitars weaving in and out of fuzzed out guitars and some truly snotty vocals. It's buzzsaw rock for the teeter totters...blessing Monica and Juliette along the way. Sorta like a cross between heavy metal and punk, New American Mob are a truly believable assault on the senses... (Not Rated)

RANDY NEWMAN - Bad Love (CD, Dreamworks, Male vocalist)
Fame. While many people attain it, few have the talent to lend credibility to their fame and fortune. This is likely due to the fact that fame is most often created by marketers and managers...leaving the best artists alone in the cornfield with little or no fans at all. Randy Newman is one of those few genuine, original talents whose abilities truly merit all the attention and recognition he has received. Mr. Newman is a true original in that you always KNOW when you're hearing his music. His unmistakable vocal style and easy, loose songs are highly stylized. Interestingly, this is one of the best releases yet by this legendary performer. The music is subtle yet graceful and, as usual, the lyrics are killer. Our faves here are "My Country," "Every Time It Rains," and "I Want Everyone To Like Me." Another solid release by a man who just keeps cranking 'em out. Sukksess doan hazz tuh rurn peppuz, doe itt yoosh-lee DUZZ. Randy Newman sets a good example. (Rating: 5)

PEOPLE WHAT TALK ABOUT YOU WHAT DON'T KNOW YOU (Absolute waste of time sort of thing done by pathetic retard kind of things)
Because lots of things are being said about us by people that we don't even know, it seems a good idea to review this sort of behavior. A person's creations must necessarily reflect their views on any given subject, mustn't they? And it sure is a lot easier and simpler to just match up everyone's personalities with their art...isn't it? People what talk about you what don't know you are people what you would be best not knowing anyway. For anyone to assume that they understand or know another person or what that person is like based solely on what they produce is not only superficial and also reveals what the person is...a neurotic know-it-all snit with its head way up inside of its mystery hole. Talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah. People noises is like animal noises. None of it means a goddamn thing. (Rating: 2)

POP MATTERS (Video, Pop, Jam Records)
To hear the best in pop music in the U.S.A., the best sources are Not Lame in Colorado and JAM Records in Michigan. This time around the fine folks at JAM have compiled a rather impressive collection of music videos...a total of eighteen in all...into one cool package. Not only does this compilation include some babysue favorites (Jeremy, Gladhands, Young Fresh Fellows, and Shonen Knife)...but it also opened our eyes to some absolutely killer artists we'd not heard before. In particular, we were well impressed with videos from Richard X Heyman, Dave Rave Conspiracy, Cherry Twister, The Roswells, The Spongetones (wow!), and Starbelly. There were a few along the way that didn't push our favorite buttons correctly, but overall we were most impressed...and this tape renewed our faith that music videos don't HAVE to be crap (!). Contact JAM Records at 3424 Wedgewood Dr., Portage, MI 49024 or check out the web site at This tape contains some GREAT moments! (Rating: 5)

7SECONDS - Good To Go (CD, Side One, Rock)
Completely hyperactive loud in-your-face buzzsaw guitar rock that starts and just doesn't stop. In a way, this band's sound is something like a cross between Material Issue (particularly the vocals) and (who else?) The Ramones. Good To Go consists of a series of short succinct loud rockers jammed so close together that you'll be left breathless and confused. Instead of being yet another generic loud rock band (of which there are way too many this year), 7Seconds stand out because underneath all the tension and frantic crashing their songs stand up to many repeated listenings. The tension in tunes like "Sooner or Later" and "Slow Down A Second" is refreshing and powerful. This powders our nuts juuuuuust right! Mommy is hurting! (Rating: 5)

TOILET BOYS - Living Like a Millionaire (CD EP, R.A.F.R., Rock)
Mad rocking fun. Taking the decadence and fashion of seventies acts like the New York Dolls and Wayne County and pumping it up with the power and frantic pace of the nineties, the Toilet Boys are one big ball of energy. The band plays the punk thing up to the hilt, whilst lead singer Guy looks for all intensive purposes like a big ol' pussy woman. Now we ain't the kinda boys what gets all blowed away by fashion and all...cuz we knows that what it really takes to shake it is good songs and macho chops. These guys got BOTH. For all out glam/punk rock, these guys deliver everything you're looking for. BIG fun. Only six songs though? We want more, more, MORE! And we can't WAIT to see 'em live. (Rating: 5)

WALLY SCHNALLE - That Place (CD, Retlaw, Jazzzzzzzzzz)
Sultry and seductive, these percussion based tunes are sly and tricky. Percussionist Wally Schnalle plays some sly jazz tracks here with his pals Charles McNeal (sax), Jeff Pittson (piano), and Rob Fisher (bass). Eleven intriguing tunes, all written by Schnalle. With a name like Wally'd better be good, eh? (Not Rated/)

VENICE - Spin Art (CD, Vanguard, Pop)
Venice is four fellows whose last name is Lennon. But they're not related to that tired ol' dead Beatle sort of thing. Nope, these four guys are the younger brothers and cousins of none other than the Lennon Sisters...who were WAY COOL (!). Now you might think that because this music is completely commercial...and because David Crosby is behind the band...that they would be shitty-ola. Not so, Pierre...not so! As a matter of fact, this smooth pop is rather splendid indeed. Strong melodies are pushed to the next level by some extraordinary harmonies. The band's simple gliding tunes and sparse arrangements allow the listener to focus on the songs. And with songs this good, you don't need crap to cover up the inadequacies. Expect to see and hear a LOT about these guys. Yeah, they're that good. If you liked acoustic pop from the seventies, this'll light your cherry up right. (Rating: 5)

WHERE IS MY MIND? - A Tribute to the Pixies (CD, Glue Factory, Various artists)
Some bands are remembered for their songs, whereas other bands are remembered mainly for their sound. Both The Ramones and The Pixies fell into the latter category. No matter how many good songs both bands had, in the end it was their sound and their delivery that mattered most. Accordingly, while bands will cover tunes by both of these legendary rock outfits no one will ever be able to adequately capture either band's sound. That said, this Pixies tribute has some interesting moments with some unusual interpretations of old classics. Our particular faves include Local H ("Tame"), Nada Surf ("Where Is My Mind?") and Samiam ("Here Comes Your Man"). Some tracks work better than others. A must for Pixies fans and a curiosity for the rest... (Not Rated)


A Compilation of Warped Music II (CD, Side One)
The Accusations (Ind. CD)
American Pie - Music From the Motion Picture (CD, Universal)
Art of Noise - The Seduction of Claude Debussy (CD, Universal)
The Ataris - Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits (CD, Kung Fu)
A Taste of Afterlife - Voodoo Monkey Child (CD, Little Pond)
Attitudes - Super Strings (Ind. CD)
(Magazine, #8, Summer 1999)
Joey Beltram - The Sound of 2AM (CD, Moonshine)
Big Meteor - Wild River (Ind. CD)
Botanica - Malediction (CD, Checkered Past)
Brother - Your Backyard (CD, Rhubarb)
Chemical Brothers - Surrender (CD, Astralwerks)
Chicklet - Wanderlust (CD, Satellite)
Chlorine - Primer (CD, Time Bomb)
Cit Lane - Lovingspaceharmony (Ind. CD)
Coolio's Crowbar Records Presents... (CD, Crowbar/Beyond)
Cork - Speed of Thought (CD, Lightyear)
- Think Pleasant Things (CD, Get Happy!)
Cry (CD, Win)
Cutthroat Comicas (Zine, Sex 6)
Dama - 2000 A.D. (CD, Eterniti)
Damnation - Drunk & Stupid (CD, R.A.F.R.)
Cathy Danielson
- True (Ind. CD)
Deathwitch - Monumental Mutilations (CD, Necropolis)
Amy Denio - Greatest Hits (CD, Spoot)
Doubledrive - 1000 Yard Stare (CD, MCA)
Duraluxe - Dolorasa (CD, Meddle)
Cynthia Evon - Living In Stereo (CD, Shouting Man!)
Freetown - Painless (CD, Beatville)
Garlands - Picnic, Lightning (CD, Mister)
Guano Apes - Proud Like A God (CD, BMG)
Buddy Guy - Buddy's Baddest (CD, Silvertone)
Hal Lovejoy Circus - American Made (CD, Beyond/BMG)
- Blackmasking (Ind. CD)
Dave Hollister - Ghetto Hymns (CD, Dreamworks)
Miles Hunt - Hairy on the Inside (CD, Gig)
Howard Iceberg and the Titanics - Hindu Equations (Ind. CD)
Icicle Works - The Best of... (CD, Beggars Banquet)
Indigo Swing - Red Light! (CD, Time Bomb Recordings)
It's Our World (Zine, Issue #5)
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Bring Your Own Stereo (CD, Island)
Keyboard (Magazine, July 1999)
The Key to the Gates of Apocalypses (CD, The End)
Kill Switch Klick - Organica(CD, Irregular)
L7 - Slap Happy (Advance cassette, Bong Load)
Lana Becomes a Man - This Is Where Things Go Wrong (Ind. cassette, Lookit Meee)
Cyndi Lauper - Hat Full of Stars (CD, Epic)
Cyndi Lauper - Sisters of Avalon (CD, Epic)
Jennifer Maione (Ind. CD)
Chris Merola - Straight Answer in a Crooked Town (CD, Cropduster)
The Monsters of Id (CD, Jackass)
Mr. Wright - Star Time Sidereal Sounds From... (CD, Wasabi)
1999 T.O.N. Sampler - Volume 4 (CD, T.O.N.)
Nailbiter - Six Degrees (Ind. CD)
Not From Here - Sand On Seven (CD, Kool Arrow)
Nancy O
(Ind. CD)
Outdrive - Beyond the Limit (Ind. CD)
Pale Folklore (CD, The End)
Louis Philippe - A Kiss in the Funhouse (CD, Wasabi)
Piebald - Venetian Blinds (CD, BWR)
The Pinetops - Above Ground and Vertical (CD, Soundproof/Monolyth)
Jeff Pittson - Go Where It's Dangerous (CD, Vineland)
Plaid - Rest Proof Clockwork (CD, Nothing)
Pop Sunday (Zine)
Portable - Secret Life (CD, TVT)
P.O.W.'s in Amerikkka - Death N Danger (CD, Amad!)
Primortal - Night Stalker (Ind. CD)
Probe (Ind. CD)
Red Soda - Underneath the Moon and...Eyelashes (CD, Crisper Cat)
The Robustos - The New Authentic (CD, Beatville)
Rooke - Aquamarine (CD, Armorica Music)
Ross Phasor - Gold is Dead, Hide Your Rock & Roll (Ind. CD)
Rx Bandits - Halfway Between Here and There (CD, Drive-Thru)
Secadora (Ind. CD)
Set 'Em Up Joe (CD, Daddy-O/Royalty)
Slo Leak - When the Clock Strikes 12 (CD, TVT)
Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge (CD, Interscope)
Son River - Vision (CD, X4)
S.peak No Evil (CD, Universal)
Spin Doctors - Here Comes The Bride (CD, Universal)
Squarepusher - Maximum Priest (CD, Nothing)
Steady Earnest - Dr. Earnest's Nerve Steadying Spirits (CD, Beatville)
Stickler - All About the Washingtons (CD, Hell-Bent for Lather)
Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts (CD, Universal)
Studbull's Disco Biscuit - Return of the Super Zeros (CD, Sin Klub)
Suicidal Tendencies - Freedumb (CD, Side One)
Sunday's Best - Where You Are Now (CD, Crank!)
Tartaros - The Grand Psychotic Castle (CD, Necropolis)
Texas - The Hush (CD, Universal)
T.H.C. - Adagic (CD, Brain Surgery)
Thessalonian Dope Gods - Urban Witchcraft (Cassette, Sin Klub)|
Think Bikini (CD, B-n-B)
Thumb - Nitros City (CD, Wings Music)
TNT - Transistor (CD, Spitfire)
Tree - Our Day Will Come (CD, Wonderdrug)
Uriah Heep - Sonic Origamai (CD, Spitfire)
The Verve Pipe (CD, RCA)
War - We Are War (CD, Necropolis)
The Wicked Farleys - Sustained Interest (CD, Big Top)
Widespread Panic - 'Til The Medicine Takes (CD, Capricorn)
Wild Wild West - Music Inspired by the Motion Picture (CD, Interscope)

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