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Brindley Brothers
Molly Bryant
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Fefe Dobson
Instrumental Quarter*
Scott Laurent
Long Since Forgotten

The Monolith
Castle Oldchair
Paper Airplane Pilots
People on the Highway
Quintaine Americana
Red Tape
Rothko / BLK w/ Bear
Kate Rusby*

Spirit Caravan
Steel Train*
Summer Hymns*
Telefon Tel Aviv

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!

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January 2004 Comment Piece:
The Year We've Been Waiting For

Year after year after year...each blurring into the next...and now, finally the YEAR we have been WAITING for comes along... Yes, yes, yes...there have been good years and there have been bad years...but 2004 is BOUND to be OUTSTANDING. There are so many reasons, none of which need to be mentioned here. We have been UP and we have been DOWN...but now...we are finally going to be RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG. So...in a rare moment of optimism...we would like to wish almost everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Treat yourself and go to Hell. Abuse yourselves and abuse others. Smack a dead baby in the rump. Give a goddamn about things that don't matter. Blow your brains out in a hippy parade. Have an abortion on top of a purple convertible. Go to a really bad yard sale and buy too many things that you don't really need. Eat a tomato with mashed up parsley. Pray to the air. And above all...START DOING SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. Or don't, goddamn it...! Hell...it don't matter NO WAY! Sheeeeeeeyut!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bingo - The Cicada and Other Stories (CD, Cravedog, Americana/acoustic pop)
If you like Ron Sexsmith...there's a good chance you will enjoy the smooth genuine sounds of Bingo. If there is one word to describe this album, it most certainly is "unpretentious." The Cicada and Other Stories (Bingo's third full-length) presents laidback country-influenced compositions that feature exceptional lyrics and wonderfully genuine melodies. The arrangements are simple and straightforward...and the vocals have a slightly sloppy feel that is most appealing. Real music from a real individual. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to come across such a thing...but it is. Highly rewarding tunes include "The Cicada," "Wishing," "Ghost Woman Blues," and "Candlelight." (Rating: 5)

Brindley Brothers - Playing With the Light (CD, Paste, Pop)
Nice bright upbeat pop music with a positive message and uplifting feel. Singer/songwriter Luke Brindley already had a lot of people talking before he enlisted the help of his brother, forming Brindley Brothers. Luke last album (How Faint the Whisper) went over great with critics. Now with the help of his brother Daniel Brindley, Luke is continuing to write and record more absolutely addictive positive pop. On Playing With the Light the brothers recorded what they felt was their best material from the past two years. As a result, the album comes off like a non-stop string of hits. What is most encourage about the tunes on this album is that...while they have a great deal of commercial potential...they are also successful from an artistic point of view (which is probably exactly the point). Very strong stuff here...includes "Playing With the Light," "Roman Candle," "Slow Burn," and "Breakdown." (Rating: 4+++)

Molly Bryant - Take It Easy (CD, Gemini 23, Pop)
Molly Bryant writes some funny goddamn lyrics. These days it is rare indeed when we actually read the lyrics while we listen to a disc...but in this case, we did. On Take It Easy, Molly comes across sounding something like a folk/pop version of Laurie Anderson. She is smart and inventive...and she isn't afraid of pissing people off. While her music is surprisingly accessible...in many cases her lyrics will scare off potential listeners (we like that very much...). Whether she is singing about the potential benefits of wearing veils (if you're an ugly Middle Eastern woman, that is)...or whether she's ripping Michael Jackson to shreds for his addiction to plastic surgery...Bryant never ceases to entertain with her dry sense of humor. Our favorite line: Let's celebrate the moments of our lives...doesn't have to be international coffee...it could be Sprite (heh heh heh!). Funny, smart, and seductive...Molly Bryant is clearly a rising star to be reckoned with. (Rating: 5)

Edson - Every Day, Every Second (CD, Labrador, Pop)
Articulate and well written pop music with a classic feel. After releasing two albums in 13 months, half of the band members in Edson split...leaving the band to continue as a trio. Rather than pause their career, the remaining three members immediately got to work and recorded Every Day, Every Second. Many of the songs on this album are reminiscent of early Smiths in that the tunes have a lilting sound and introspective lyrics. The band's mid-tempo pop goes down easy, and should please fans of 1980s British pop music. Rather than challenge their listeners with harsh sounds and unpredictable surprises...this band instead chooses to present smooth material that doesn't require too much energy to be enjoyed. Pleasant hummable tunes like "And Then She Flung Me the Truth" and "Underdog/Overdog" make this disc a truly pleasant spin. Exceptionally nice vocals. (Rating: 4+++)

Ether - Dance on Friday Night (Independently released CD, Soft pop)
Singer/songwriter Garth Adam picks up where he left off on the second Ether full length. This band is a good example of just how good independent artists can be. Rather than spazzing out with grating noise and jarring effects (like many underground artists)...Adam instead opts to present super smooth and smoothing pop compositions that float by like the fluffiest of clouds. Songs are the strongest part of the equation here...with words and melodies absorbing the spotlight. There's a lot to love here...superb tracks like "Closer," "Dance on Friday Night," "All At Sea," and "I Wish I Could Remember" all feature outstanding melodies supported by perfectly suited arrangements. Adam has a great voice...simultaneously masculine, focused, and sensitive. Another great album from Ether. Recommended. (Rating: 5)

Falconer - The Sceptre of Deception (CD, Metal Blade, Rock)
Heavy anthemic rock with hints of death metal. The guys in Falconer use hard rock from the seventies as a diving board to present their complex epic modern compositions. The band plays loud and fast...but they never forsake melodies and song structures in the process. The tunes on The Sceptre of Deception feature ample doses of the band's soaring vocals and unbelievable guitar playing. Falconer's overall sound is something like a cross between early Black Sabbath and Queen...mixed with elements of 1990s death metal. These guys lend credibility to a genre that is often ignored due to the dearth of copycat bands. Ten classic cuts including "The Coronation," "Night of Infamy," "Hear Me Pray," and "Child of Innocence." (Rating: 4+++)

Fefe Dobson - Fefe Dobson (CD, Island, Rock/pop)
Seeing as how the world is cluttered with hundreds of thousands of bands...it seems odd indeed that so few rock bands feature black female lead singers. Unlike the bluesy hard-edged band The BellRays (the first comparison that comes to mind), young Fefe Dobson is a pure rocking popster all the way. Her overall style and voice are so white, in fact, that without a photo...you'd think that she was. No matter, because the main menu item is the music...and that's where Fefe's real magnetism lies. Whether she's presenting positive pop or all out rockers, Ms. Dobson manages to maintain a pure focus that is refreshing and real. While she displays some real attitude on the rockier numbers...on the softer cuts she shows she also has a pensive side as well. Interestingly, it is the unnamed thirteenth track that is the real gem on this album. The song shows just how good Dobson's voice is when she lowers the volume just a bit. (Rating: 4++)

Frankenpony - Mazel-Tov RockTales ( Independently released CD, Power pop/rock)
Extraordinarily well written power pop abounds on Mazel-Tov Rocktales. Frankenpony is a trio focused on their craft. The guys in the band seem more concerned with writing quality tunes than wearing dumb clothes or trying to hitch a ride on the latest trend. Frankenpony tunes are basic buzzsaw guitar trips featuring extremely catchy melodies and smart lyrics. The band's tunes are upbeat all the way...and man, can they play (!). These guys are about ten times tighter than your average modern generic slop combo. This is a great independent release chock full of oughta-be hits...including "Old-N-Ugly," "Better Than Myself," "'S Not," "I Know," and "Behind My Time." Smart, clever, funny...and instantly addictive. Great stuff... (Rating: 5)

Instrumental Quarter - No More Secrets (CD, Sickroom, Instrumental)
Nice organic instrumentals with unique twists. You never know what to expect from the folks at Chicago's Sickroom label...but no matter what genre of music, these folks almost always satisfy by presenting credible and inventive artists. No More Secrets is the debut album from Italy's Instrumental Quarter. On the eight tunes presented, the band literally defies categorization...presenting lovely and effective instrumental mood pieces that are intelligent and memorable. Some of the tunes have a classical sound while others are more like progressive acoustic instrumentals. This is perfect outdoor music...conveying the kinds of thoughts and emotions one feels when in touch with nature. Beautiful stuff here...including "Derniere Soiree," "Double Layer," "Illinois Breakfast," and "Wings of Torpedo." Unique and haunting music. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Scott Laurent - The Truth is Lies (CD, No Alternative, Pop)
Scott Laurent's fourth album is a pop knockout. Although still an underground celebrity at this point, Laurent has the skills and the talent to hit it BIG. His songs are mature and memorable...and the man's got a voice that others would kill for. But what makes his tunes really stand out is the pure and sincere motivation behind the music. Instead of coming off like some money hungry jerk wanting to make millions, Scott just seems like a nice guy who happens to be extraordinarily talented. Produced by Ed Ackerson, The Truth is Lies is a beautiful melodic trip...full of lush arrangements and heavenly melodies. Eleven choice cuts here including "What You See," "Wondering," "Haunted," and "You Always Win." (Rating: 4+++)

Long Since Forgotten - Standing Room Only (CD, RocketStar Music, Pop/rock)
Ed Rose has to be one of the coolest producers around. Whenever his name is associated with a project, you can bet it'll be worthwhile. Rose has produced such bands as The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary (drool drool), The Casket Lottery, The New Amsterdams (another drool drool), and many more. Once again, Rose's magic fingers have worked magic on Long Since Forgotten...an impressive pop/rock quartet from Syracuse, New York. The band's slightly progressive rock tunes feature wonderfully winding melodies and superb vocal harmonies. Interestingly, the lead vocalist reminds us of early Rick Springfield...although the style of music is quite different indeed. Standing Room Only is a pleasant trip into the world of modern progressive pop/rock. The songs are smart, distinct, and thoroughly entertaining...and while Long Since Forgotten is basically a pop band...they also know how to turn it up and rock. Top picks: "Euclid Crashed" and "Another Song." (Rating: 4+++)

The Monolith - Here Comes The Monolith (CD, Fortune, Pop)
Upon first listen, it might be easy to dismiss The Monolith as just another underground pop band from San Francisco. But that would be missing the point because...these folks simply have much better songs than most other pop bands. Though explaining this may be a difficult task, the important thing to remember is that Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, Rogge, and Bill Rousseau write and play some superbly effective modern pop without unnecessary frills. The band's tunes are subtle...slyly sneaking into the subconsciousness of the listener over time. While the music has a strangely familiar overall sound...it is difficult to come up with comparisons and influences. To put it simply...Here Comes The Monolith is a heavenly collection. The compositions transcend the genre of pop...instead possessing an intriguing classic quality that makes them transcend time and space. Wonderfully understated vocals glide by while perfectly suited arrangements support them. Words cannot describe the sheer brilliance of tunes like "Ruby"...easily one of the best tunes of 2003. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Castle Oldchair - Sad Pants (CD, Standard Recording Company, Pop)
Beginning with the 1970s influenced backwards loop effects of "Backwords (Running River)," Castle Oldchair takes his listeners on a soothing and inventive melodic pop journey. Sad Pants is a surprisingly accessible collection of mid-tempo pop songs featuring wonderfully winding melodies and Oldchair's super soothing vocals. The songs are catchy but not cutesy...and the intertwining guitars effectively caress the vocals in a most inviting manner. These tunes are understated, ultimately real, and rather personal. In the course of nine tunes, Oldchair manages to entertain and provoke the mind...while never being too overtly calculated or clever. Cool cuts include "Sad Pants," "Another Big Ocean" (our favorite), "Circles," and "Mourning Has Come." Hats off to Standard Recording Company for including a silk-screened CD-R with the disc...inviting folks to freely copy and share the music with their friends. Now there's an idea (!). (Rating: 5)

Paper Airplane Pilots - The History of Flying (CD, Spade Kitty, Pop)
Nice happy 1960s-influenced melodic pop. Led by singer/guitarist Jeremiah Wallis, Paper Airplane Pilots offer a glimpse into the past through the obvious eyes of the present. The History of Flying is a purposely positive and uplifting album...full of surprisingly genuine and sincere compositions. Instead of covering everything in layers of unnecessary sound...Wallis instead prefers to let his compositions speak for themselves. The simple arrangements work perfectly for this style of music, allowing the listener to concentrate on song composition and lyrics. The words, in fact, may be this band's strongest point...and that is truly saying something (considering how many bands have truly lousy lyrics). If you're looking for angry loud hate music, then this band is obviously not for you. If, however, you are looking for purely positive pop...The History of Flying is almost certain to please. Lots of well-written cuts here including "She's Magnetic," "Eva Braun," "I'm Not A Jet," and "Chicago Skyline." Some of these tunes remind us of underground cult icon Jeremy Morris. Good stuff. (Rating: 4+++)

People on the Highway - A Bert Jansch Encomium (Double CD, Market Square, Various artists tribute)
Tribute albums rarely impress us...but then, that could very well be because most of the artists usually being honored are trite and boring. People on the Highway is a special release because it pays tribute to one of the finest singer/songwriters of the past few decades...Bert Jansch. While Jansch has never received much attention beyond a relatively small circle of reviewers and pockets of devoted fans...his music has touched the lives of many and and influenced the music of even more (the latter is apparent due to the riveting line-up of artists on this album). What is most impressive about these discs is the obvious sincerity of the performers. These artists serve up Jansch's music with integrity and style...offering an impressive glimpse into the mind of one of the most vastly underrated folk singers of our time. Artists include Steve Ashley, Bird Dog, Donovan, Adam Jansch, Martin Jenkins, Johnny Marr's Healers, Al Stewart, Steve Tilston, and many more. This double CD set includes a whopping 26 tracks...as well as a thoroughly entertaining booklet featuring quotes from each artist about their recollections of Jansch and his music. Perhaps one day the rest of the world will catch on... In the meantime, those familiar with the music of Bert Jansch will always feel as if they have "a one up" on the rest of the world... (Rating: 5+)

Quintaine Americana - Dark Thirty (CD, Curve of the Earth, Hard rock)
Can normal looking guys play hard rock? If you consider the case of Mississippi's Quintaine Americana...the answer is a definite YES. Instead of focusing their energy on their hair and clothing...the four guys in this band seem driven by their main desire...which is to provide solid, loud, hard rock music for the masses. The vocalist is particularly impressive....with a masculine growl that is reminiscent of early Alice Cooper. Quintaine Americana songs are driven by thick heavy bass lines and precise drumming...layered with thick heavy guitars and hummable melodies. These guys pack a powerful punch...while at the same time providing intelligently written tunes that get better the more you hear 'em. This, the band's fourth album, contains quality rockers like "Hitchhiker in Black," "Then one More," "The Sky," and "She Lets Me Ride." Excellent hard rock with great melodies. Cool stuff indeed... (Rating: 4+++)

Red Tape - Radioactivist (CD, Roadrunner, Hard rock)
Hard, hard, HARD driving rock and roll played without frills and unnecessary clutter. Red Tape is JD, Jeff Jaworski, Mark Meraji, and Twig...four guys who obviously like to turn their instruments way, way up and play like there's no tomorrow. But don't expect a metallic blur of noise. The tunes on Radioactivist are surprisingly coherent and melodic. Rarely do we hear really loud rock bands with material as discernible as this. Why...in most cases you can even understand the lyrics (!?!). Presenting intelligent tunes is a feather in the band's hat, however, as the super strong material is what makes this album such a fun spin. Red Tape is a spinout buzzsaw party...all cocked up and ready to go. Great non-stop rockers include "Damage Control," "Divebomb," "Strike Tonight," and "Shoot! Move! Communicate!" Excellent hard rock. (Rating: 5)

Rothko / BLK w/ Bear - Wish For a World Without Hurt (CD, Trace Recordings, Electronic/instrumental)
Wonderfully moody and spacey music from two true talents in the world of underground electronics. Wish For a World Without Hurt is the collaborative effort of Rothko (Mark Beazley) and BLK w/ Bear (JS Adams). The compositions on this album range from experimental sound to subtle and moving ambience. Beazley and Adams created this album in remembrance of the World Trade Center catastrophe. The cuts on this album are not songs in the traditional sense...but rather pieces created to evoke a mood or feeling in the mind of the listener. As such, the album is a success because it accomplishes its intended goal. It seems sad that audiences for projects like this are ultimately small...because the music is so vastly superior to the phony crap that average naive consumers purchase. This superb album features eight perplexing pieces including "I Feel Lost Without You," "Dropped From Clouds," "Like Nails in the Rain," and "Lowering With Wolves." A bit on the super-serious side but still...a rather excellent spin indeed... (Rating: 5)

Kate Rusby - Underneath the Stars (CD, Compass, Folk/pop)
Possibly the best of the new wave of British folk artists, Kate Rusby is easily one of the most gifted young artists we have come across in years. Her voice is so pure and sincere that one cannot help but become instantly addicted to her music. Underneath the Stars is a collaboration between Rusby and producer/multi-instrumentalist John McCusker. The two make a perfect pair...offering twelve compelling and unbelievably passionate songs that touch the heart as well as the mind. We have been knocked out by Ms. Rusby's music in the past...but this album hits even higher heights. The choice of material is right on target...and the arrangements never overshadow the brilliance of the melodies. Our favorite track is the sad and haunting "The White Cockade"...a recording so effective that it almost brought tears to our eyes. For those who are unfamiliar with this young lady, her sound is something like a cross between Mary Hopkin and Alison Krauss...although she is by no means a copycat artist. Refreshing and uplifting...Underneath the Stars is yet another masterpiece from a young lady with a keen and inventive spirit...and a fantastic ability to effectively communicate thoughts and feelings through music. Truly outstanding. (Rating: 6+)

Snoozer - Winter Stops All Sound E.P. (CD EP, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Lo-fi pop)
Snoozer is the one woman band consisting of Susie Ghahremani. Susie writes and records upbeat and melodic low fidelity pop. Her tunes are somewhat reminiscent of underground pop bands from the early 1990s. The tunes on Winter Stops All Sound are pleasantly smooth and subtle. Using guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizers, Ms. Ghahremani creates music that would not sound out of place on Oh OK's first album. Her songs are simple yet effective. Exceptionally nice vocals here. Six tunes including "Labor Day," "Providence," "Winterclothes," and "The Fuss." (Rating: 4++)

Speedealer - Bleed (CD, Dead Teenager, Hard rock)
Incredibly hard rock played with passion and style. Speedealer is one of the most focused and intelligent hard rock bands around...and Bleed just may be their tightest effort yet. Produced by J. D. Pinkus (former Butthole Surfers bass player), the album was recorded in a day and a half and the songs were recorded in one take. As a result, this sounds very much like an audio photograph of the band playing live (minus the obnoxious crowd noise). The band's thunderous assault is loud and real. And there is no need to hide behind effects and overdubs here...because this band doesn't need 'em. Though their following is growing...there are probably still relatively few folks who can handle the brutal wall of noise these guys provide. Kickass mental rockers include "Bleed," "Wasted," "All Night Long," and "Come On and Kill Me." Truly INTENSE stuff. (Rating: 5)

Spirit Caravan - The Last Embrace (Double CD, MeteorCity, Rock)
The Last Embrace is a collection of remastered material from the band's Jug Fulla Sun and Elusive Truth albums as well as some additional tracks and alternate recordings. Spirit Caravan was the power crunching trio of Wino, Dave Sherman, and Gary Isom. This is an interesting look back at the career of a band who could've...and should've made it into the big leagues. This album is a fine showcase for the trio's loud, powerful, and heavy tunes...and Wino's mind-bending guitar playing. This whopping double disc set also includes the last Spirit Caravan recordings: "The Last Embrace," "Brainwashed," and "Dove-Tongued Aggressor." While many phony wannabe bands have hopped aboard the stoner rock resurgence over the years...these guys were the real thing. This is a must for diehard fans...as well as a great introduction for those who were never turned onto the band. Excellent from start to finish. These guys were truly killer players... (Rating: 5)

Steel Train - 1969 (CD EP, Drive-Thru, Pop), For You My Dear (CD EP, Drive-Thru, Pop)
You've gotta have guts to cover tunes by The Jackson Five, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Bob Marley, David Bowie, The Beatles, and Creedence Clearwater Revival...but on the 1969 EP, Steel Train do just that. And, amazingly, their covers come close to or even surpass the quality of the original recordings. Fortunately for their listeners, this band doesn't try to "make the songs theirs." Instead, they opt to present these songs in a manner as close to the originals as possible...without trying to present exact copies. As a result, the guys in Steel Train surpass almost everyone with their ability to credibly present cover tunes of well-known classics. 1969 is exceptional...and quite surprising. The band's cover of "Space Oddity" is a truly beautiful recording. Not surprisingly, the For You My Dear EP...which presents six of the band's original tunes...is even more rewarding than 1969. Jack Antonoff's tunes present wonderfully real and genuine classic pop snapshots. The articulate arrangements work perfectly here...shedding light on this band's promising future. The playing is superb...and the vocals are nothing short of remarkable. The songs are UNFORGETTABLE. Truly real, sincere, genuine, and memorable. Steel Train is a band with all of their gears working...as they head squarely down the right track. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Summer Hymns - Value Series Vol. 1: Fools Gold (CD, Misra, Pop)
Recorded between albums to kill time during a long winter, Value Series Vol. 1: Fools Gold is a true gem. In their pure pursuit of enjoyment, the folks in Summer Hymns created a mini-masterpiece. The band's loose and slightly goofy sound is reminiscent of a softer version of J. Mascis (the lead vocals are particularly similar). Though this is a big band consisting of up to nine players (!)...the overall sound is subtle and distant. Spinning this album is like listening to obtuse lullabies. The messages aren't always clear...but the songs and melodies stick in your head like crazy glue. Destined to be one of the best albums of 2004, Fools Gold is a pleasant reminder that there are always treasures to be found at the bottom of the lake. Superb cuts include "Fear the Law," "What They Really Do," "Behind That Locked Door" (as good or better than George Harrison's version...!), "Buttonflies," "Crazy Baby," and "No Butlers." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Effortless (CD, Hefty, Electronic pop)
Another mentally challenging album from the duo of Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper. These fellows have built quite a reputation for themselves in a short amount of time...based almost purely on word of mouth. What some of the band's fans may find surprising about Map of What is Effortless is that--in addition to presenting the electronic soundscapes that the band is known for--Eustis and Cooper have now opted to also include pop tunes. Interestingly, their pop tunes are reminiscent of some of Todd Rundgren's work from the 1980s. While featuring pure electronics, the tunes feature smooth melodies with a soulful sound that is strangely human. Don't expect the obvious, however...because Telefon Tel Aviv is anything but an obvious endeavor. This album provides modern mood music for progressive listeners. Rather than handle vocal duties themselves, Eustis and Cooper instead opt to farm the work out...soliciting the vocal aid of Damon Aaron, the Loyola University Chamber Orchestra, and Lindsay Anderson. Map is a beautifully crafted album...bursting at the seams with lovely sounds...and featuring arrangements that bend brainwaves and cause human fluids to ooze. Elegantly recorded compositions include "When It Happens It Moves All By Itself," "Bubble and Spike," and "At the Edge of the World You Will Still Float." (Rating: 5+)

Vocokech - The Tenth Corner (CD, Strange Attractors, Acid/space/electronic/progressive)
One can never get enough 1970s acid-drenched progressive rock...either from that decade or from the present. The heady drug-influenced style of music was as addicting then as it is today (just like the drugs that produced it). Richard Franecki's Vocokech picks up where bands like Hawkwind, Can, Steve Hillage, and Tangerine Dream left off. The free-form electronic explosive cuts on The Tenth Corner are a trippy endeavor indeed...a world where vintage electronics collide with absolutely fabulous lead guitars so drenched in effects that they become almost unrecognizable. In line with what one would expect with this style of music, the compositions are lengthy expansions of mental intensity. These seven tunes extend beyond an hour...providing plenty of mind-expanding exercises for the adventurous and the hearty. Absolutely great stuff...with or without the use of hallucinogens. (Rating: 5++)

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (CD, Polyvinyl Record Company, Odd pop)
Hmmm...what a catchy band name (?!?). Obviously not approaching music with the idea of making an immediate fortune, the guys in Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! produce a peculiar brand of pop that sounds not unlike a crossing of Andy Partridge and John Vanderslice (more the former than the latter). This trio pushes all the right buttons early in their career...having quickly established themselves as an honest creative force to be reckoned with. Possibly the nicest fact about this album is that the band doesn't use canned formulas. Each song presents different ideas and enough surprises to entertain the listener from start to finish. Some of the cheesy keyboards seem a bit out of place...but that's a minor complaint considering the quality of the songwriting. The album features sixteen cuts including "Overture," "Joe Jaxon," "Around the Dream," and "Two Exclamation Points." A good album to be certain...but we're expecting even better stuff from these folks in the very near future... (Rating: 4+++)

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