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February 2001 Reviews from the Furious Fire of

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the and/ors - will self-destruct (CD, Better Looking Records, Pop)
Featuring former members of Crash Worship, Jejune, and Interstate Ten, the and/ors (great name, huh?) are a four piece band spearheaded by Daniel Black. There are lots of atmospheric guitars creeping around in the mix on will self-destruct...although this is basically pop music. Our favorite tracks are the ones that are the most direct and obvious...such as the wonderfully introspective "At The Saturn Bar." Another favorite is "Screams Nicole," a very short piece that just sort of drones off into nowhere... This band is not afraid to take chances with their music, and they flex their creative muscles quite a bit within the scope of these fourteen tunes. Neat, subtle, and original. The more stuff we hear on the Better Looking Records label, the more we are impressed... (Rating: 4)

Atomsplit - Gangway (CD EP, Shut Eye Records, Pop)
This sure don't sound like Atlanta the way that we're used to hearin' it. The guys in Atomsplit (that's one word now folks...) have a great deal more in common with bands on the west coast than bands in their own home town...and that's just fine with us in this cranky ol' campground. Atomsplit music is punchy guitar-based pop/rock fueled first and foremost by melodies. No screaming atonal noise here. Our favorite tune is "The Water," although all four tracks are impressive. This band is performing material that is not unlike some of the underground pop from the eighties...but the overall sound is certainly cleaner and more current. Too bad this one's an EP...cuz just as our wheels was gettin' all greased up and ready for action...the damn thing done ENDED! Cool band with cool songs. We likes it. (Rating: 4)

Azure Ray - Azure Ray (CD, Warm Electronic Recordings, Soft pop)
Damn, this is one BEAUTIFUL collection of tunes. But we shouldn't be surprised...considering this band's connections. Azure Ray is the duo of Orenda Fink (who also plays with Japancakes, Little Red Rocket, and Bright Eyes) and Maria Taylor (who also plays in Little Red Rocket and Bright Eyes). Yup, Athens continues to be one of the most amazing hotbeds of talent these days, and this new band is a WONDERFUL example of just how good Athens music gets. Though the tunes on this disc are super soft and pensive, this is by NO MEANS "slo-core" music. Nope, instead the tunes on this debut CD are reflective, dreamy, slightly surreal, and very, very personal and effective. And JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY...those vocals are as smooth as VELVET. Knockout tunes like "Sleep," "Another Week," "4th of July," and "How Will You Survive" are certain to put Azure Ray on a great many reviewers' "best of" lists for 2001. Produced and arranged by the one and only Eric Bachmann, this disc is a true standout... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTENING. (Rating: 5+++)

Bentmen - Immaculate Contraption (CD, Sound Museum, Progressive rock)
We're gonna level with you here now folks...if it weren't for the absolutely GREAT images on the CD cover...we ain't too sure if we would've paid any attention to the music of Bentmen (!). But...after seeing the super cool images on the cover...and then reading the wild responses of some "other" reviewers...we must admit that our curiosity is aroused FULL and PROPER. Our initial reaction is that Bentmen is an obtuse group of fellows who combine various elements from The Residents and GWAR. Costumes are definitely a big part of the concept, and great costumes they've got. The music is good...not mindblowing, but good...but we get the impression that Bentmen are one of those things you have to SEE to get (just like the aforementioned GWAR). So...while we're not going to rate this one, you can could call us intrigued initially... Now we've just got to make it to a Bentmen show to see what all the FUSS is about... (Not Rated)

Blacker Floyd - Dark Snot of the Goon (CD, Harness, Progressive rock)
Considering how many times Blacker Floyd's Dark Snot of the Goon has been reissued, at this point in time it seems ludicrous that yet ANOTHER version of the album has been rehashed out to a waiting public. But rehashed it is...this time around as an "ENHANCED" CD (don't you just HATE these crummy things?). As far as enhancement goes, the term is used rather the "bonus video" of the title track is a boring bummer. While that all-too-familiar refrain gallops in the background, we are treated to visuals of the band snuggled tightly up inside of the nostrils of "the goon" (a large unstately character who is not named in the liner notes). As the song reaches its climax, the band members begin scraping crusty snot from the sides of the "cave walls" and lump it into a big boiler pot. Then they all munch down on their "stew." The video ends with someone's old grandmother (?) washing the pot (and the individual bowls) in the kitchen sink. Exciting, huh? As for the rest of the disc, these are all songs we've heard ONE TIME TOO MANY. Idiots still reflect on the meaning of the popular track "Us and Slim"...trying to decide exactly who the band was referring to. Half-baked and way overrated to begin with, this is (unfortunately) Blacker Floyd's shining glory... Skip it, baby...just SKIP this one... (Rating: 1)

Blessid Union of Souls - The Singles (CD, V2, Pop)
Very middle-of-the-road pop music, lots of studio polish, and extremely commercial. What we like best about this band is their image. Whenever you see a band with white and black guys mixed together, what you usually get is a hybrid of heavy metal and rap...and the end result is virtually unlistenable. Breaking stereotypes is what life should be about, and these guys do just that. There are no traces of metal or rap. These men produce music that is straightforward, slick pop. While this disc doesn't quite push our buttons musically, we opted to review it because this sort of thing (very hummable upbeat radio rock) does appeal to a great number of folks. These fellows are very good at what they do....and they have the vocal harmony thing down to an ART... (Rating: 3+)

Bride Just Died - All Hallow's Eve (CD, NDN, Rock)
When we popped this baby in our player, one of the first things that crossed our minds was "Uh oh...another one of those thrashy loud bands where every song sounds exactly the same." Well...that might have been our impression initially...but after a couple of spins and getting further into the disc...we found that this band is actually more varied than that. Our interest was particularly prodded when we heard the lengthy "Deadbeat," with its slow, creepy sound. We also really dug the jerky sound of "The Legacy" and the plain ol' rock and roll approach on "Something Wicked This Way Comes..." True...many of the tracks on this disc do sound somewhat similar to one another...but it's those oddball compositions that make this band inviting and curious... Oops...almost forgot to mention that this was produced by Rat Scabies... (Rating: 4)

The Caribbean - Verse By Verse (CD, Endearing, Dreamy pop)
Someone once said that music crosses all boundaries. That may or may not be true...but in the case of The Caribbean it at least means that music crosses the boundary between the United States and Canada. To get to the point... all three members of The Caribbean live in the States, but it took the good sense of the Canadian Endearing label to release their music. This is most certainly one of those cases where any reviewer is going to be hard pressed to find any distinct comparisons for the simple reason that this band's music goes all over the map (and even off the map in many cases). The music is...for the most part...moody pop, but as you journey through this disc you are also treated to experimental music as well as segments that border on jazz. While many bands attempt to incorporate bits and fragments from anywhere and everywhere into their music...very few succeed. What usually happens is that you end up with a disc full of disjointed experiments and egos that have gone out of control. The guys in The Caribbean don't fall victim to the usual trappings. No, instead they use all sorts of different styles of music as a vehicle through which to express their slow, mesmerizing pop music. The vocals are low key (sounding a bit like Chris Stamey at times), and the overall feel is something like a subtle soundtrack to a dream. If this sounds confusing, it probably is...because we honestly can't come up with the exact words to describe this. And that, in and of itself, should be reason enough to check out this clever and unusual band... (Rating: 5)

Crooked Fingers - Bring on the Snakes (CD, Warm Electronic Recordings, Pop)
This is the second release we've heard from Crooked Fingers. For those unfamiliar with the band, this is the latest project created by underground celebrity Eric Bachmann (formerly of Archers of Loaf). Unlike most fans of underground artists who switch from loving to hating their heros at the tip of a hat, Mr. Bachmann's fans seem completely enamored of him. They tend to be much more fanatical and devoted than your average music fan, and that usually means there is substance under the surface. Bring on the Snakes continues in the same tradition as the previous disc. The music is moody pop music, and the vocals are reminiscent of Tom Waits. But while Bachmann is certainly an intelligent songwriter with a great voice, what we admire most are his arrangements. Songs that might normally be good to very good become hypnotic due to the intricate and well-balanced supporting instrumentation. The man knows how to intersperse just the right amount of electronics into his work to make the tunes sound just slightly otherworldly...while still retaining very definite organic elements. The folks at Athens' Warm Electronic Recordings are putting out some GREAT stuff this year... Keep an eye out for ANYTHING on the label... (Rating: 5)

Curbside - Reclaim (CD, Half Pint, Rock)
Curbside is a furious fireball of true rock and roll energy. No extras...and no fluff...these guys are the real thing. And that's saying something when you consider how many flakes and posers clutter the abrasive rock scene. The band is tight where it counts...but what actually makes them so appealing is that they are also loose where they need to be loose. And while the music is loud and abrasive...the guys in Curbside are not taking the easy way out by merely blowing bad noise (as many hard rock bands do). Nope, their ability to play a wide range of styles is displayed quite nicely on Reclaim. We'd be willing to bet this disc will be a big underground favorite amongst fans of garage rock. Our top picks are "Billy," "Run Away," and "Living Like Yesterday." This is great drinkin' music for certain...and for playing at HIGH VOLUME while driving...and drinking...and driving...and drinking...(repeat to infinity)... (Rating: 4+++)

"Enhanced CDs": Don't Do It!
We would like to make an open plea to everyone out there in the universe... Please DO NOT release "enhanced" CDs!!! However this dumb trend got started is beyond us. CDs should either contain video or music...but NOT BOTH! Are there other listeners and consumers out there like us who are BOTHERED to HOLY HELL by this obnoxious new trend? What so many folks don't realize about technology is that just because you are able to do doesn't mean that you should actually DO it. Dig, babycakes? We personally do not EVER play the "enhanced" part of the space on these discs is basically being wasted. In addition, we get the idea that the whole idea of putting "enhanced" material on the goddamn discs is to try and entice a gullible and idiotic public into buying the discs. Come on everyone...STOP PUTTING OUT "ENHANCED CDs"...RIGHT NOW. And above all...stop BUYING them! They are bad. Bad, bad, BAD! And yukky poo to the MAX... Eeeeeeeyuchhhhh... (Rating: 1)

Flying Blind - Push (CD, Republic/Universal, Radio pop)
Good guitar pop from Hughson, California's Flying Blind. This band has already built up a devoted and sizeable following in their home state...and now they are hoping to transfer that fame to a national level with the release of Push. They may very well get their wish, as this disc is chock full of material that ought to fit right in with what is currently being played on most commercial radio stations.'re probably thinking that we're about to flog these guys for playing to an audience of morons...right? Wrong. Actually, we find the tunes on this disc rather satisfying and pleasant. But be forewarned that this band is taking NO CHANCES whatsoever with their music. Everything is clean, safe, well planned out, and (somewhat) predictable. Of course, predictability is not necessarily a bad thing. In the case of Flying Blind, however, we certainly feel that the music could be pushed to higher and more exciting levels if the band DID take some chances with their music. They're obviously competent and know how to pen good if they will only use their initial fame as a "diving board" to go off and write some more engaging material, they will become TRUE stars (rather becoming a "flavor of the month," which is what happens to most successful new bands). Whatever the case, Push is still a good listen... (Rating: 4-)

The Gossip - That's Not What I Heard (CD, Kill Rock Stars, Rock)
This band's message on the CD insert tells you a great deal about where they're at: "To the squares that don't dance! Yr boring..." Ah, how we can identify with that statement, having been at so many outstanding rock shows...only to find that everyone else around us is standing around like idiot stiffs. The Gossip is a young new band with heart and soul...but they sure as hell know how to ROCK as well. That's Not What I Heard has a nice, basic sound. This is a recording with NO EXTRAS (i.e., you won't hear studio tricks and extras added to beef up the tunes). Probably the reason this disc works is that it seems to capture the essence of what this band (most likely) sounds like when they're rehearsing. If you're tired of too many bands with female vocalists who all sound wimpy and will be mighty surprised at the vocals here. Lead singer Beth has a husky, thrilling vocal style that is a true mindblower. She's got attitude...and she can shift from a whisper to a roar in a split second. This is one of those bands where all the parts work. The bass and drums are solid and definite...the guitars right on target...and, of course, those killer vocals complete the picture. Very cool new band that is not only reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney...but they are also pals with 'em... (Rating: 5)

John Lennon Lives In Our Office Suites
We'll let you in on a little secret if you promise that you won't tell anyone. John Lennon lives in the same offices that we work in. Yes, you read that right. That's J-O-H-N L-E-N-N-O-N...he lives right here among us. We didn't know it either for the longest time. But then last week as we were moving some large bags of money from one office to the other we saw a small hole in the baseboard of a closet. There was a teeny tiny slightly out of tune guitar playing from inside of the hole, so we took our removal fork from its packet and dug around until we found something. And do you know what that was? Well, it was John Lennon of course. The good news is that he is NOT dead...he's just gotten smaller. Using high end telescopes, we inspected his living space...and found that he currently nests on a partially chewed up original vinyl copy of Two Virgins (the area where Yoko's head was has been entirely chewed out). John doesn't talk much these days. In fact, we've barely heard him utter a word. He just walks back and forth...back and forth...always getting in our way. And when we end up stepping on him because he won't get out of the way, who do you think he is going to blame? US. But then, John has always had a tendency to blame his own faults and insecurities on the rest of the world. He hasn't changed that much, as is obvious from the small green bird that he lives with. Though this particular bird has some sort of disorder that has caused its feathers to fall off of its wings, it can still do things. One day John and the bird were out in the hallway making it difficult for us to walk when we accidentally dropped an extremely heavy volume of encyclopedias squarely on top of both of them. Fortunately they were both still alive sort of, so we lay them down onto a puff of cotton soaking in a cool pool of alcohol. As John and the bird eased back into their random mission, they peered up at us for an instant...but then they both just went to sleep for a very long time. Anyway, he really does live here...John Lennon, that is...

Llama Farmers - El Toppo (CD, Beggars Banquet, Psychedelic pop)
Llama Farmers is a new and very spaced out wild pop band from Britain. No, they're not associated with The High Llamas...and their sound is from another universe altogether. Llama Farmers hail from the unlikely city of Greenwich, England. The band has been in existence since 1996...and since that time they've already raked in praise from some rather noteworthy sources in Britain. The band's music alternates between thick, fuzzy, surreal loud stuff to soft and moody pop. There are a good many production tricks in many of the tunes, while others stand on their own quite naked and obvious. We dig LOTS of these tunes...but particular standouts are the sonic whirlwind of "El Toppo," the Fuzzy-like "Snow White," the peculiar "Postcards and Moonrock," and the Pixies-inspired "Ear the C." More than any other band in recent memory, Llama Farmers remind us of Radial Spangle (one of our top favorite bands of the nineties that somehow got lost in the big shuffle of things). Although the two bands don't really sound all that similar...they are reminiscent of one another because the songwriting is unique and challenging, and they approach music from LOTS of different angles. This disc is upbeat, ultra catchy, and a wild ball of energy to boot... (Rating: 5)

Masquerade - Flux (CD, Metal Blade, Hard rock)
Nice crunchy loud hard rock. This Swedish band has been around since 1988, but amazingly have only released two albums in the past 12 years. Flux is the band's third album, and it has all the markings of a hard rock monster. The guitars are loud and purposeful, the vocalist is a real screamer, and the rhythm section dives through all the hoops. The music is more hard rock than heavy metal, and the songs are based more around verses and choruses than simply blasting out pure noise. Among the hard rockers are favorites such as "A Me and An I" (that's NOT a typo), "Back on Earth," and "My Dying Days." Hard and metallic yet melodic and upbeat, Masquerade are doing things right. (Rating: 3+)

The Mother Hips - Green Hills of Earth (CD, Future Farmer Recordings, Pop)
The Mother Hips bring to mind a style of music that seems to have died somewhere along the way. Whereas your average modern day band seems to toss out songs without giving much care or thought to the process, the guys in The Mother Hips are keen on the idea of CRAFTING songs. A great deal of time and attention obviously went into writing these songs...and the band's meticulous arrangements stand out BIG TIME in a world where arrangements often don't mean a thing to anyone (well, HARDLY anyone...). These four men are genuinely talented. But what we actually like best about this band is that...despite their intricate arrangements and wonderful tunes...we get the definite idea that they are not trying to impress anyone. There's a big difference between doing something to impress others and doing something to satisfy one's own innate feelings and desires. Obviously the latter is happening here. In a perfect world, masses of swarming fans would be coming out of the woodwork to support what these guys are doing. Things being as they are, the band will most likely end up being praised by critics...and end up with only a small to medium-sized following. No matter...because the best things in life are usually those that most folks are never aware of anyway... Ain't that the truth now? Green Hills of Earth is a wonderful listen, indeed. Love those vocals... (Rating: 4+)

Project K - Testing Underway (CD, Bong Load Custom, Rock/pop)
Featuring former members of Paper Tulips, Popdefect, and The Green and Yellow T.V., Project K is a refreshingly simple rock band (as one might expect, being on the always entertaining Bong Load Custom label). The music is actually quite similar to what we remember from Paper Tulips early in their career (we can also hear traces of the nineties band Lazy). Project K features a basic three piece lineup (bass, drums, guitar), plus male and female vocals. What we like most about this band is that they leave lots of space in their tunes. Whereas your average band muddies the water with too many instruments and too many overdubs, the three folks in Project K keep things clear, simple, and concise. Good solid songs and nice tight playing make this band a lesson in pure undiluted entertainment... (Rating: 4+)

Raging Slab - The Dealer (CD, Tee Pee, Hard rock)
Really good loud rock with truly BIG, SEXY, FAT guitars. Though Raging Slab has been in existence since 1985, they've been plagued by problems with record companies (sound familiar?). now seems as if the band is once again able to release their music...thus the big monstrous excessive rock force of The Dealer. Raging Slab music is macho cock rock in the same vein as Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and Deep Purple in particular...but the band has a bite that is harder than any of 'em. This is definitely a powerful band...they play loud and, above all, they play HARD. And they is...why, they is BAD (and we don't mean they is bad in a negative way). They is GOOD "bad" (in a positive way). They has bad atittude that sound GOOD, very good for ALL. Ah good to blow mind with loud overdriven guitar. It make one happy to feel in touch with earth...with trees...with river...with thing to be put in blood... Howl and flutter on down favorite turnpike...give big breath of exhaust..and slam down gas FIRM. This ride going to be ROUGH... (Rating: 4)

The Raging Teens - Rock 'N' Roll Party! (CD, Rubric, 1950s rock/pop/rockabilly)
Completely irresistible. If your reaction is like ours, you are going to DIE laughing at the photos of this band. Playing up the whole phoney media family images of the 1950s, this is about as authentic as it gets without using a time machine. Honest to God, the individual photos of the band inside the insert had us rolling all over the office floors...particularly that unforgettable image of guitarist Miss Amy Griffin staring up to the ceiling happily doing the dishes in her beautiful new super deluxe modern kitchen. The music? Very simple, direct, and above all...very realistic...recreations of pop music from fifties. Standup bass...two drums...acoustic guitar...and lead guitar...and that's it. There are no overdubs or studio tricks because they are not necessary. The Raging Teens create a neat groove with their music, and it comes through LOUD and CLEAR. Deke Dickerson is right when he says that this "is one of the best bands on the circuit today." This man tells no lie. We are always on a mad search for sincerity and genuine souls (something at a rare PREMIUM these days)...and we have the distinct feeling that all four of these musicians fit right in there. If you can't boogie to "Hit the Town" or "Snowbound"...then there must be something WRONG with you, goddamn it. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUN stuff! Can't WAIT to see 'em live!!! (Rating: 5+)

Rachael Sage - Painting of a Painting (CD, MPress Records, Soft pop)
Most interesting. What strikes us most about Rachael Sage is her very unique vocal style. She sounds something like an odd cross between Victoria Williams and Donovan (with some hints of Kate Bush as well). Sound odd? It is. But we just hope that her unique voice works in her favor, as Ms. Sage is quite the engaging new artist. Her music is sincere and genuine...and has a truly nice flow to it. This is Rachael's third album, but it's the first we've heard. This is a slick collection of tunes...particularly when you consider that the CD was released on Ms. Sage's own indie label (she even did all the cover art herself, which is quite neat). An intriguing new artist... (Rating: 4)

Sasso - Warmed Up (CD EP, Melted Snow, Soft/ambient/pop)
Very soft...very reserved...very subtle...and very minimal music from obscure British recording artist Sasso. Though only an EP, Warmed Up is an intriguing introduction into the quiet world of this underground band. The tunes are based around guitars, although there is also an understated rhythm section in most of the tunes. The vocals are plaintive and almost mournful. Our top favorite track is the hypnotic "Numbskull"...which slowly grows in intensity like a train approaching at 10 mph. It's a very peculiar track that is the most experimental...and the most entertaining...on the disc. We like this band so much that we are hoping they will produce a full-length. This EP is bound to leave folks wanting more... You can bet your bottom britches that you're NOT going to be coming across this one on or in your local record click on the record company web site (link above) to find out more... (Rating: 4)

Steven - Out West (CD, Vital Cog, Magazine/Vinyl 45 combo package)
Can a music reviewer review music...without listening to it? Well, sure... We can do anything we want, of course! Anyway...rather than pulling out one of our many turntables stuffed snugly into our multitude of cabinets around the office suite, we opted instead to encourage folks to buy this release...even though we have NOT EVEN played it! So...why would we do such a thing, you ask? Is it because we are...corrupt? No, the answer is simple. The packaging is reason enough to get this (plus, of course, the undeniable fact that this will very quickly become a sought after collectible because of its uniqueness and rarity). Leave it to those folks at Vital Cog to come up with great packaging, because they ALWAYS do. This time around, a 7" vinyl 45 is packed away neatly inside of a miniature Steven comic book. Side one of the record is a "read along" thing (just like in kiddieland!), while the second side features music by Allen and his pals. Oops...pardon? You aren't familiar with Steven? If not, you SHOULD be. Steven is the almost always bored comic character created by fantastic underground cartoonist Doug Allen. In this particular story, one-eared pet dog (?) Fifi Doodle (one of our favorite comic characters EVER!!!) meets with an unfortunate tragedy because Steven almost sets a... Well, we don't want to give away the story now, do we? Suffice to say...the artwork's GREAT. This is a SUPER COOL little package that you will WANT to get your hands on... We PROMISE... (Rating: 5+)

Holcombe Waller - Extravagant Gesture (CD, Napoleon Moderne, Pop)
Damn this guy sounds like a girl. Now that ain't neither a good thing nor a bad's just a thing, of course. But the real dilemma here is...exactly WHAT girl does Holcombe Waller sound like? That's where we got stumped. Although he sounds like a girl, we can't tell you what girl he sounds like. And to be honest...even after listening to this disc several times...we still can't quite decide what to make of it. The music is lush, somewhat Hollywood-ish sounding glossy pop music (think The Divine Comedy or something of that nature)...but it's those very unusual vocals that definitely make this a different listen. There are some beautiful things going on musically, that's for sure...and this guy is obviously super smart and not your "average" new artist (big plus THERE...). We're not rating this one at present...because as time goes by we may very well end up hating it...or thinking it's the best thing since cheese balls. Whatever the's a pretty good bet that Mr. Waller will end up being pals with Madonna. Don't ask why, just accept instinct and intuition... (Not Rated)

Whistler - Faith in the Morning (British Import CD, Wiiija, Soft pop)
Though the cool folks at Beggars Banquet do a fine job of exposing Americans to fantastic new British bands...most of them are unfortunately ignored for the most part...most likely because the overall sound is too unfamiliar for your average schmuck. As usual, the general population loses (ain't that ALWAYS the case?)...because by simply not paying attention...they are missing out on the cream of the crop in British music. Beggars Banquet is promoting this, the latest British import on the Wiiija label...and it's a winner. Whitler tunes are based around an acoustic guitar, and the band features an absolutely stellar female vocalist whose singing brings to mind some of our favorite vocalists of the sixties. The band's nice organic tunes feature sparse arrangements and lyrics that you can grab onto mentally. Our top favorites: "Happiness," "Faith in the Morning," "Watches of Switzerland," and "I Felt a Funeral." Whistler tunes are well written, well orchestrated, and executed to perfection... (Rating: 5)

The Young Antiques - Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Smart young Atlanta based band with strong songs and a tight command of their instruments. The tunes on Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend are, for the most part, middle-of-the-road rock. But what makes the songs work are the melodies. These guys know enough about putting twists and turns in the road to make the ride interesting. Lyrics are reminiscent of The Jam, while the overall sound of the music is more like basic Americana. The Young Antiques have a sound that could very easily translate into big commercial radio hits. Our favorites on this disc are the ones with more abstract tones ("New Modern World," "Missing Man"). For more info, click on the band's web site (link above). (Rating: 4)

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