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December 2005 Reviews That Aren't Even There This Month by

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December 2005 Story:
The Truth About Nelson

Nelson was a beautiful, happy boy. He had golden hair and the fairest of skin. His parents both loved him very much. He and his family lived in a very safe, upscale neighborhood. Nelson was a wonderful child in every way. One day his mother pulled him to the side to tell him some news.

"Tomorrow is your first day at school," said his mother.

"What?" Nelson asked, puzzled by the idea.

"Tomorrow we will take you to a building to learn about life and the world with hundreds of other children you don't know," his mother explained.

"How exciting!" Nelson squealed. "I can't wait to go to school!"

The next morning Nelson's mother drove him to his school and let him out of the car.

"Be a good boy today, Nelson," she said as she blew him a kiss.

"Oh yes, Mommy!" Nelson promised. "I will, I will!"

When Nelson walked into the school, he suddenly froze in his tracks. Walking around inside the school were hundreds and hundreds of other children...all of whom looked and acted exactly like he did. Nelson felt very uncomfortable. Up until now, he felt very special and unique but now...all of a sudden...he felt very un-special.

When Nelson's mother picked him up from school that afternoon, she barely recognized her little boy. His hair was mussed and his face was all flushed. Her little boy was shaking and he had tears in his eyes.

"What on earth is the matter, Nelson?" his mother asked as she hugged him.

"I am nothing more than an ant among millions of other ants!" Nelson cried. "I am not special at all!"

"Now, now," his mother said, brushing his golden hair back into place. "You are the most special little boy that ever existed."

"But...but what about all those other children at school?" Nelson asked. "Aren't they...special, too?"

"Oh no," his mother assured him. "Those other children don't mean anything to anyone. The only reason they are there is so that you'll have someone to play with."

"Really?" Nelson said as his tears began to evaporate.

"Absolutely," said his mother. "You'll see."

When Nelson's mother dropped him off at school the next morning, he felt confident and happy again. But as he opened up the door to enter the school, a very large boy suddenly stepped in front of him...blocking him from entering.

"Who do you think you are?" asked the large boy.

"I'm special!" Nelson exclaimed.

But just as the words left his lips, Nelson felt a severe blow to the left side of his head. His feet buckled as he fell to the ground. As he picked himself up, the big boy ran away. Sopping up the blood with his shirt, Nelson grabbed his book bag and began to make his way to his home room.

It wasn't long before one of the teachers stopped Nelson. The woman kneeled down and closely inspected his head and shirt.

"Well now, what is your name?" the teacher asked.

"My name is Nelson, " he replied. "I'm special!"

"Well if you were really special, you wouldn't look like a street vagrant," the teacher said as she bent him over her knee. "You don't get away with looking like that in school."

The teacher pulled Nelson's trousers down and began to spank him. Lightly at first, but then harder...and harder...and harder. When she finally stopped, Nelson no longer had any feeling in his buttocks.

"Still feeling special?" the teacher asked.

"Oh, yes ma'am!" Nelson cried out.

And with that, the teacher whacked once more...this time so hard that his front teeth popped out of his head and bounced on the floor three times.

"Now you run along to the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up," the teacher warned. "Or there will be more where that came from."

"Yes ma'am!" Nelson replied as he ran off down the hallway.

Once inside the bathroom, Nelson began to wipe the blood from his face and his bottom. But just as he was cleaning up, a group of nasty little girls walked in and forced him into the corner.

"Mmmmm...you smell good," said the smallest girl as she looked longingly at Nelson's right arm. She suddenly sank her teeth into his arm muscles and began to chew.

The other girls immediately followed suit, pinning Nelson to the floor and gripping and gnawing with all their might. Like a group of mountain lions fighting over their mangled prey, the girls ate to their hearts' content...while Nelson quietly screamed in the background.

When the girls finally left, Nelson got up off the floor. There were gaping holes all over his body and blood was gushing out everywhere. As he stepped into the hallway he looked up...and was relieved to find that the school day was finally over. He ran outside and quickly jumped into his mother's car.

"What on earth happened to you?" his mother asked.

"Oh Mommy!" Nelson cried out. "You LIED to me! I'm not SPECIAL! I'm not really special AT ALL!!!"

"Oh, but you are special," his mother cooed as she stroked his forehead. "In just a little while you'll be dead. Only the most special children in the entire world get to die at such a young age."

"Really?" Nelson asked as he wiped away his tears.

"Really!" his mother replied. She held him next to her as she calmly drove away from the school and back to their home.

Back safe and sound in his own comfy bed, Nelson's vision was slowly fading. The pain from his wounds was beginning to subside as he fell in and out of consciousness. Then finally, after grasping for one final breath, little Nelson expired.

"Oh well. Next!" his mother shouted north.

Another little golden haired boy rushed excitedly from around the corner and hugged her by the knees, his dense warm urine spraying in all directions.

Picking up the boy and squeezing him with all of her might, she looked into his sparkling blue eyes and whispered into his ear.

"Wow, you're even better than the last one."

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