May 2015




These days are the same.
These days are not the same.
Things always change.
Things never change.

Everyone is good.
Everyone is evil.
Everything is depressing.
Everything is funny.

Time goes slow.
Time goes slower.
People go slow.
People go slower.

Everything is warm.
Everything is cold.
Everything is dry.
Everything is wet.

The best days of our lives are
The worst days of our lives.
Time is all we have.
Time is all we never have.

The more things change
The more things change.

The more things stay the same
The less things stay the same.



Additional Items Received:

Concettta Abbate - Falling in time
Lee Actor - Piano concerto
James Adler - Introspections
Alarm Clock Conspiracy
Alchemilla - Hearts
Amarachi - All or nothing
Amplifires - Llife's a gamble
Arjun - Core
Aylin - Cloud

Blind Willies - Every day is judgment day
Emilyn Brodsky - Eats her feelings

Leah Capelle - Leah Capelle
Carry Illinois - Alabaster
Climax Blues - Broke heart blues
Phil Cody - Cody sings Zevon
Rodney Cromwell - Age of anxiety

Nicholas David - Make hope
Dandelion War - Opposite shores
Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas - It's high time
Debug - Original motion picture soundtrack
Donna Deussen & The Paul Weitz Trio - On the street where you live
Dust on the Radio - Halfway to the stars

Elasticity - Elasticity
Elements Rising - Modern works for chamber ensemble

Farmer Jason - Christmas on the farm with Farmer Jason
Fernando - The dogs
Jamila Ford - The deep end
Furious Seasons - My love is strong

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah - Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah
Rachel Garlin - Wink at july
Get Ahead - Volcano
Good + Kill - Original motion picture soundtrack
Go Time! - Ratsel
Grahams - Glory bound/rattle the rocks
Great Spirit - Front porch to frontier
Gypsy Lumberjacks - Giants of America

Cody Joe Hodges - The good stuff
Andrew D. Huber - Mercury gets a moon
Tod Hughes Project - Changing gears
Stephen Hunley - The other side of never

Interview - Original motion picture score

Lucas Jack - Before i forget
Jack Kerowax - Jack Kerowax
Jacob and the Good People - Rotten
PI Jacobs - Hi-rise ranch
Heidi Jacob - Beneath winter light
Ethan Jano - I'll be fine
Suzanne Jarvie - Spiral road
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter - Immortal diamond

Mikaela Kahn - Milk & honey
Kelly's Lot - Don't give my blues away

Brian Lisk and the Unfortunates - Curtisinterruptedus
Peter Liu - Bamboo groove
Mike Love - Gypsy man
Lunden Reign - American stranger
Luxury - Bones & beaten heart

Tim Mahoney - Peace of winter
Mantoes - Mangoes
Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band - Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band
Pamela J. Marshall - Through the mist
Medici - Red eye
Mono Pony - Idle beauty
Moors & McCumber - Pandemonium
Zae Munn - They were mysterious guests
Jordan Myers - Ruin me with love

Neighborhood Bullys - Callin' all rockers!
Neu Human - How to stop time
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Original motion picture soundtrack


Gabrielle Papillon - The tempest of old
Playing It Cool - Original motion picture soundtrack


Brad Reiman - Walking in the unknown
Sarah Lou Richards - The woman behind the curtain
Kimm Rogers - Where the pavement grows
Lila Rose - We animals

Seahorse - The fire's heart
Shack Band - America
Shae - Can you feel the music
Shams - One and all
Cameron Siegel & Friends - World junk
Siena Root - Pioneers
Ian Sims and Divergent Paths - Conundrum
Soda Pop Sun - Soda Pop Sun
Spuyten Duyvil - The social music hour Vol. 1
Sweet - New York groove plus

32 Below - Every little thing about you
10,000 Maniacs - Twice told tales
Joe Jack Talcum - Home recordings 1993-99
Tripping Souls - Don't waste your life
Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome - Split vinyl EP

Unfinished Business - Original motion picture soundtrack

Toomas Vanem - Toomas Vanem
Various Artists - Sweet Relief: Love is Everywhere
Michael Vlatkovich Septet - Ask 7
Vogue Dots - Mauka

Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center - Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center
Wendy Webb - This is the moment
Geoff Westen - I'm not crazy
Megan Wilde - Wildfire EP
Words and Pictures - Original motion picture soundtrack
Wyatt - Here comes everybody

Xraw - Rawx

Yillie Momo - Puckie the minchster


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