July 2014

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Additional Items Received:

Activator - Activator
Seth Adam - Steel tempered pride
Juan Alamo - Marimjazzia
Amen Ittys - Pliers
Alana Amram & The Rogh Gems - Spring river
Amigo - Might coulc
Annette - Dream with me
Apollo Chamber Players - European folkscapes
Arrested Development - At long last...music ans songs from Arrested Development
August: Osage Countyk - Original motion picture soundtrack
Auris + Gino - Rub

Baby Baby - Big boy baller club
Sherman Baker - Sherman Baker
Cheryl Barnes - Listen to this
Brian Baugus - Actor songster sage
Bee Bee Bee Bee - Eee Eee Eee Eee
Marie Nelson Bennett - Orpheus lex
Bezobratri - Bezobratri
Bim Skala Bim - Chet's last call
Erica Blinn - Lovers in the dust
Blue Skies for Black Hearts - Blue Skies for Black Hearts
Sam Boshnack Quintet - Exploding syndrome
Roger Bourland - Four quartets of songs and arias
Bowed Piano Ensemble - Ice and fire
Michael Bradford - The long night
Brushfire Stankgrass - Micro climntes
Buenos Diaz - The love balloon
Ellen Burr / Michael Unruh - Where am i from, where am i going
Rosemary Butler - You just watch me

Calvary - Original motion picture soundtrack
Eileen Careyk - Let it go
Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim - Avator woman
Che Prasad - Christmastime in the apocalypse
Che Prasad - Shiva me timbers
Cinderella - Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella: A new musical
Conrad Clifton - Picture in picture
Susan Clynes - Life is...
Copernicus - Immediate eternity II
David G. Cortes - Time away but home again
Cosmic Punlch - FM stereo
Crap Detectors - On the psycho path of life
Reginald Cyntze - Elements of life

Keith Davis Trio - Still
Spencer Day - Daybreak
Matija Dedic, Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley - Sentiana
Frank Dibussolo Group - Songs to write home about
Doors - A psyche tribute to The Doors
Bob Dorough - Bob Dorough
Doug Richards Trio - Jazz in the living room
Down Home Band - Monrovia
Drockulette - Smock
Duo526 - Ballade

8-Bit Operators - Enjoy the science
Dave Ellis - Everything in between
Jace Everett - Terra rosa
Jace Everett Bad things
Ezzeethere - Not so...

Fair Ophelia - 2
Falling Birds - Native America EP
Fankhauser Cassidy Band - On the blue road
Far West - Any day now
Fearing & White - Tea and confidences
Julian Fleisher - Finally
Footnotes - Comin' home
Foundations - Modern works in the clasical tradition
Jeremy Fox - With love
Carl Franklin - Been a while
Morgan Frazier - Morgan Frazier
Danny Freyer - Must be love
Frozen - Original soundtrack
Amos Funk - Black rose

Nick Gallant - Wanderlust
Matt Garrison - Patchwork
Glass House - Long way down
Global Unified - Global Unified
Good Grief / Eureka California - Rusty nail & another round b/w Turn on autopilot, DC sniper
Goodnight Tonight - Watch the rain
Nancy Goudinaki - I wanna be your star

Matt Hannah - Let the lonely fade
Hard Soul - Seize the year
Dave & Emma Hart - Hold on
Cyndi Harvell - Heartache & revolution
Heavy Glow - Pearls & swine and everything fine
John Michael Hersey - Adirondack
Amanda Homi - Till I reach Bombay
Kandia Crazy Horse - Stampede
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - The musical

I Love Rich - Respect the rich
Il Rumore Bianco - Mediocrazia
Indies Scope - 2013
Intimate Dream - Wonderful thing

The JAC - Love dumb
Daena Jay - Subdivision
Noel Johnston - Salted coffee
Jokeless - Smoke free
Carolyn Lee Jones - The performer
Nate Jones Band - EP
Shaman Juan - Soothsayer
Just A Machine - Piqured jacks
Just A Season - Just A Season
Just A Tarzan - Just A Tarzan
Just A Zoo - Just A Zoo

Kaak - Licked and licker
Kelly's Lot - Live in Brussels
Madison King - Onward and upward
Elly Kouri - I love you too much
Adrian Krygowski - Roam
Daniela Kuri - Sway

Joe LoCascio and Woody Witt - Absinthe: The music of Billy Strayhorn
Lalama Brothers - Erie Ave.
Jacob Latham - Midnight train
John A. Lewis Trio - One trip out
Jackie Lomax - Against all odds
Michelle Langara - Songs of blue
Lowman - Garden of rainbows
Lucky Bone - Borderline

Machine Don't Lie - Nobody panic
Magnolia - Magnolia
Ray Majors - The 7% solution
Dan Masterson - Learn to live
Josh Matthews - A sides
Josh Matthews - Co-patriot
McCormick Percussion Group - Soli for soprano with percussion orchestra
Jim Mize - Jim Mize
Moistboyz - 5
Mike Montrey Band - Song by song by song
Monuments Men - Original motion picture soundtrack
Patricia Morehead - Brass rail blues
Ken Will Morton - Slow burn
Motel Life - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia
Mud - Original motion picture soundtrack: Score by David Wingo
My Education - 5 popes

Kris N. - The thankful parade
Namb - Namb
Nekozurashi - Ahostractions
Nine Times Blue - Matter of time
Nishe - This is Nishe
Nissy - Program the hissing thing
Non-Stop - Original motion picture soundtrack
Noisy Noses - Noisy Noses
Brian Noyes - Journeys after...
Nylon Jail - My heart soars like a hawk

Oak Street Blues - Calico
Old Cabin - Old Cabin
Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of hte West - Heartspace timepiece
One Chance - Original motion picture soundtrack
Oooooo - Noooooo
Orchestra of Spheres - Vibration animal sex brain music
Alexandra Ottaway - Tetrahedron dreams

Charlie Parr - Hollandale
Period 2 - Period 2
Troy Petty - Fairy tale pen
Steve Picataggio - Two feet on the ground
Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tullyt-Doyle - Dietrich


Random Order - Black lipstick kiss
Reacta - Refraction
James Tristan Redding - Walking into Brooklyn
Marty Regan - Scattering light, scattering flowers
Edward Rogers - Kaye
Royal Oui - Royal Oui

Chris Sanchez - Guilty
Sarah - Featuring Bruce Barth
Save The Radio - Calculating the sum of your life
Scan Hopper - Mariana bridges
Scattered Bodies - Talking songs
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The perfect quirk
David Serby and the Latest Scam - David Serby and the Latest Scam
Shameless - Music from the television series
Sherlock - Original television soundtrack
Ships Have Sailed - Someday
Herb Silverstein - Monday morning: 10 original tunes
Sine Qua Non - Simple pleasures
Soatoa - Latent
Sours - Sours
Spell Kasters - Kastin' the spell
Spycker - Voted away
Neville Staple - Ska crazy!
Ann ie Stela - Whiplash blues
Richard Stoltzman - Resolve
Stray - Life in Japan 2013
Joe Sullivan - Whiskey jack waltz
Mason Summit - Absentee
Sunshine Riot - A fresh bottle and a brand new day
Sweet - Sweetlife

Julian Temple Band - Upsidedownbackwards
That Awkward Moment - Original motion picture soundtrack
Beth Thornley - Septagon
Dinah Thorpe - Lullabies & walke up calls
Tippy - Getting Tippy
Alex Tjoland Band - Silent revelry
Toothe - Talons EP
Tower of Song - In cityi and in forest

Ugly Quartet - Mars needs Maurice
Uncommon Evolution - Uncommon Evolution
Unrepeatable Quartet - Edmonton 2012
The Use - What's the use?

Van Burens - Van Burens
Various artists - Made in Iceland VII
Vaudeville - Vendetta
Vices - Vices
Videoing - Treasure house EP
Vinny Vegas - The big white whale
Vosque Dots - Toska

Sean Wagner - Word came with the evening
Tommy Wallach - I meant it to be sweet
Week of Wonders - Piggybacks b/w The end of the day
Stan Wells - High tide
Jeremy Wilms - Diamond people
Winchester Revival - Eyes in the canopy
Winter Pale - Red sun
Woodshedders - Wildfire
Rik Wright - Fundamental forces


Yippee - A, D, and U

Frank Zappa - Everyone hates my wife now

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