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Additional Items Received:

A Clever Con - Mannequin love part I
James Adler & Friends - James Adler & Friends
Africa - Original television soundtrack
A Good Day To Die Hard - Original motion picture soundtrack
Aina Haina - Aina Haina
Verden Allen's Soft Ground - Love you & leave you
BJ Anders and The Buccaneers - BJ Anders and The Buccaneers
Angry - Wild ox shangri-la
AnnaLee - Gatsby's green light
Animals At Night - Animals At Night
Aoede - Is love a fairy tale?
Apple Dot - Dot the dot
Aquarotten - Aqua is a rotten color
David Armo - Poets on the wall
Mike Arroyo Jazz Organ Trio - Full circle
Badi Assad - Between love and luck
Avengers - On a mission

Steven Bakur - Sooner than later
Matt Barron - Matt Barron
Offiong Bassey - Offiong Bassey
Beekeeper - Shout at people
Lilly Bell - Try to tune the goddamn thing
Jeff Berlin - Low standards
Big ol' Nasty Getdown - Volume 1
Jacob Blazer - I am Jacob
Jason Blum - Radio dial
Bolts - Wait 'til we're young
Bone of Contention - Bone of Contention
Greg Boring - Heavy syrup
Boss - Original television soundtrack
Brand New Trash - Brand New Trash
Breadwinter - Breadwinter one
Breaking Laces - Come get some
Dewa Budjana - Dawaii in paradise

Alan Callahan - Shower of grace
Camera - The panic and the permanence
Brooke Campbell - The escapist
Rob W. Carlson - You better call someone
Marc Carroll - Stone beads and silver
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst - Trouble
Catbirds Say Yeah - Catbirds Say Yeah
Raquel Cepeda - I'm confessin'
Chapin Sisters - A date with the Everly Brothers
Chestnuts Roasting On A Stove - Dumb nuts
Chicago Arts Orchestra - Al combate
Kyong Mee Choi - The eternal tao: A multimedia opera
Churchwood - 2
Citadel Besieged - Creation/damnation
Nels Cline / Elliott Sharp - Open the door
Coastwest Unrest - High times on lowly streets
Preston Cochran - Stumble into tomorrow
Como Asesinar A Felipes - Comenzaras de nuevo
Convergence - The music of Stewart & Gershwin
Ryan Cook - Wrestling with demons
Copper Gamins - Los ninos de corre
Copper & Glass - Copper & Glass
Laura Cortese - Into the dark
Cosmic Suckerpunch - Breathe
David Courtney - Midsummer madness/Shooting star
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders - What you gonna do?
Cross Connection - Selected works of Henry Wolking & James Scott Balentine
Crummy Band - This is the life worth dying for
Michael C. Cunningham - Gallry

Dances of Eternity - Works for orchestra
Dangfly - Good luck, curiosity
Death Songs - Sung inside a house
Diemakers - Detroit recordings
Dim Past - Black dolphin
Dio - Finding the sacred heart: Live in Philadelphia 1986
Dolls On Fire - Ladies and gentlemen...
Sarah Donner - Fossil of girl
Dorothy Doring and Phil Mattson - Compositions by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Dream Logic - Dream Logic
Drgn King - "Holy Ghost" b/w "Son of Wolfman"
Gordon Duthie - Shire and city
Mia Dyson - The moment

Eggs Are Eggs - Drippy thugs on corn
Eksi Ekso - Archfiend
Amos Elkana - Casino umbro
Electric Shepherd - The imitation garden
Holly Elle - Leopardess
El Perro Del Mar - Pale fire
Emperors of Wyoming - Emperors of Wyoming
Richard Tyler Epperson - Falling between the stars
Glenn Eric - Blanket of stars
Gene Ess - Fractal attraction
Every Day Is Picture Day - Every Day is Picture Day

Fabulous Rudies - Labor of lust
Faco - Em si bemol
Fat Opie - Victoryville
Stephen Fearing - Between hurricanes
Julian Fernandez - Mi conciones
Michael Feuerstack - "Shadow" b/w "Wolves"
Fletcher - Open arms
Focus Features 10th Anniversary - A collection of film score
Lisa Forkish - Bridges
Olivia Foschi - Perennial dreamer
Josephine Foster - Little life
Further To Fly - Wave mechanics union
Fussy Fussy - How many things can go?

Holly Gentry - So much more
Georgia's Horse - Weather codes
Susie Glaze & The HiLonesome Band - White swan
Go Around - Restating the question
Mac Gollehon - La fama
Go Time! - Tight like wood
Jess Grant - Innocent invader
Grassmarket - You are for the ocean
Great Divide - Great Divide

Halle & The Jilt - Three roads home
Kyp Harness - The wrong way
Harris Group - Errands
Haunted West - Postlude
Joe Henly - The fall comes early
Henry Wagons - Expecting company?
Pamela Hines - 3.2.1.
Hissing Makes Us Hissy - Hisses
Dillon Hodges - Rumspringa
Holy Folk - Motioning
Home By Hovercraft - Are we chameleons?
Hunter - Pressure

Il Sogno del Marinaio - La busta gialia
Inside Insects - How we done got ate up
Intestines - The force is forceful
Invader - Original motion picture soundtrack
Issy Missy Pissy Woss - Widdle biddle noodle poodle

The JAC - I see things differently: Greatest Xmas Hits Vol. 1 2001-2012
The JAC - Record store
Jackpot Donnie - Mayday!
Craig Jackson Band - Sweeter songs
Jim Jacobi - If the show fits...
Jeepers Jeepers - The whopper in my panties
Alan Jeffries - Coffee 'til midnight
JLStiles - Presents house of murmurs
Lynn Jolicoeur and the Pulse - World behind your eyes
Shawn Jones - Struggle makes you stronger
Jumpy Jerks - Jumpy on the beddie bye
JZ's Bobo Truck - Baddest in the binto-box

Red Russell Kamp - Night owl
Judy Kang - Judy Kang
Brendan Kelley - Quicksand
Lili Kendall - Beginnings
Killigans - Another round for the strong of heart
Kinky Boots - Original Broadway cast recording
Aarison Kirby - Aries
Zack Kouns - The Deacon family tree
Gerald Krampl - Wonder way
KuKu - Dumma kawwa muh kookoo

Shannon Labrie - Just be honest
Lady Antebellum - Own the night world tour
Lady Antebooboo - Own the day tiny tour
Dave Lalama Big Band - The Hofstra project
Daniel Lantz Trio - Plays Bond
Lapland - Lapland
Juan Sebastian Lach Lau - Islas
Kait Lawson - Until we drown
Lead Mule - Lead Mule
Aaron Lebos - Reality
Lee Boys - Testify
Jim Libby - Made in USA
Life of Pi - Original motion picture soundtrack
Lift - Lift
Frances Livings - The world i am livings in
Loveskills - Multiplicity
John LT - Suburban superstar

Andy Macintyre - Ruby
Brad Mackeson - 1945
Madonna & Rose - Bank cormorants
Magic City - Songs and score from the series: Score by Daniele Luppi
Tim Mahoney Band - Shine through
Marbin - Last chapter of dreaming
Marina - Believe in love
Adam Marsland - The owl and the full moon
Bex Marshall - House of mercy
Michael Mauldin - The last musician of UR
Alison May - Earnest keep
Ian McFeron - Time will take you
Memoryy - Electric city
Michael and the Lonesome Cowboys - Bottle cap sky
Midas Fall - Wilderness
Gabriel Minnikin - Parakeets with parasols
Mood Indigo - Symphonic music of Erik Lotichius
Tom Morgan - Orange syringe
Morningbell - Boa noite
Moto Perpetuo -Moving works for cello
Moxi - In my dreams
Muy Cansado - Let it go
Myopic - We were here
Myrasky - License II love

John Nagle's Distractions - John Nagle's Distractions
Ned Van Go - Lost in the trouble
New Day Dawn - Rise above this
New Standards - Sunday morning coming down
Karen Nielsen - Woman
Ninners are for Ninners - Something for dinner
NocturnalSol - In this together
No Escape For The King - 13 fjords
Nowherenauts - Warned you

Robin O'Brien - Dive into the end of the world
Ocean Floor - Falling star castle
Onoono - Yokoyoke
Oops - See daisy
Orflop - Bannie toe wishes

Paper Beat Scissors - Tendrils live at St. Matthew's Church
Paper Bird - Rooms
Paperhaus - Lo hi lo
Para Vista Social Club - Scott & charlene's wedding
Charlie Parr - Barnswallow
Matthew Patrick - Blue sun
Rodney Patterson - Love > fear
Nick Peay - Feathers & fables
Perceptions - Points of oview for small ensemble
Dan Phillips BKK Trio - Bangkok edge
Garrett Pierce - City of sand
Paul Pierce Project - Pierce my heart
Pine Barons - Pine Barons
Pint of Pint - How to quart the quart
President Lincoln - The sinking of the President Lincoln
Pretty Little Demons - Flowers
Mark Andrew Pudas - Mark Andrew Pudas

Quick & Easy Boys - Make it easy
Quiet Parade - Old haunts
Q utt - Bras for no one

Red Dawn - Original motion picture soundtrack
Red Sammy - These poems with kerosene
Edward Ricart / Tim Daisy - Yiu ja ley
Marga Richter - Poetic images beyond poetry
Troy Roberts - Nuu-jive 5
Rob Roper - The other side of nowhere
Rockabye Baby - Lullaby renditions of Blur
Rockabye Baby - Lullaby renditions of Muse
Rockabye Baby - Lullaby renditions of Rush
Peter Rodocker & So It Is - We're still here
Arrica Rose & The . . . 's - Lucky
Rose Phantom - Abandon
Rumper Rump - How to dump the rump
Run 8 Rider - Tenderfoot

Arian Saleh - Undone
Micky Saunders / Dan Susnara - Known & better tomorrows
Save The Date - Original motion picture soundtrack
Garrett Sawyer - Chronicles and vanity
Marcus Schwartz & Monvelyno Alexis - Vo-duo nou la
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Two weeks EP
Second Wind - Eudora
Secret City - Secret City
Seven Psychopaths - Original motion picture soundtrack
Shakespeare's Memory - Shakespeare's Memory
Sideman Sez - A Rob Loyot project
Silver Linings Playbook - Original motion picture soundtrack
Keaton Simons - Beautiful pain
Skiggy Rapz - Satellites
Smith III - Diamond in a rock
Smoking Flowers - 2 guns
Snitch - Original motion picture soundtrack
Alex Snydman - Fortunate action
Spellbound - Captivating works for orchestra and large ensemble
Jeffrey Stadelman - Messenger and other works of Jeremy Stadelman
Stand Up Guys - Original motion picture soundtrack
Stomacher - Clara
Stone Foxes - Small fires
Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line - Carnival
Sugarman - After the blackout
Summarily Dismissed - To each!
Summer Hours - Closer still
Sunshine - Sunshine
Super Zeroes: Get Awesome - Soundtrack and movie
Swallows - Witching & divining
Phil Swann - Age of opportunity
Sweet Honey in the Rock - A tribute
Sweet Knievel - Collapsible

20 Something - 20 Something
2 The Nines - Oblivion
Aly Tadros - The fits
Tapestry Ensemble - New York moments
This Is Thunder - 10" Vinyl EP
Thought Transfer - Light my way
Tomfun Orchestra - Earthworm heart
Jay Trainer Band - Jay Trainer Band
Chandler Travis Three-O - This is what bears look like underwater
Joe Treewater - The ice cream social
Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra - For the baby doll
Tune Into My Mind Radio - A tribute to multi-talented vocalist Kelly Keeling
Two Hours Traffic - Foolish blood

UFU - Mozie
Up The Up - Down down down
Urp - Slop it up with a mop

Bobby Jo Valentine - Home
Various artists - Made IN Iceland VI
Various Curelties - Various Cruelties
Jacob Varmus - Terminal stillness
Thisbe Vos - Under your spell
Vulnerable - We're not
VYIE - Nightingale

Tim Warfield - Jazzy christmas
Way Back - Way Back
Hope Wechkin - Leaning toward the fiddler
Whitewater Ramble- Roots & groove
Widowmaker - Widowmaker
Wig Party - Glass girls
Ira Wiggins - When freedom swings
Wiggy's Popo - Flowers for Wiggy's Popo
Sterling Witt - Sterling loves U
Rustsy Wright Band - This, that and the other thing

XXX Means Dull - Pornography stinks

Yacht Rock Revue - Yacht Rock Revue
Your Future Lovers - Eat. play. leave.
Yup - Nope

Zamora Rose Project - Stand true
Zeezee - Weewee
Zzinn - Wullywoo

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