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Track Star is Matthew Troy, Brian Girgus, and Wyatt Cusick. The band has been together since the 1990s. Matthew Troy responded to our e-mail questions in May 2002, shortly after the release of the magnificent and completely satisfying Lion Destroyed the Whole World album. Fans of indie pop would be well advised to pick up a copy of this CD. The band's highly melodic and totally infectious tunes are a rare treat.

Name: Matthew Troy
(guitar, bass, vocals)

Age: 30
Born In: Carmel, CA
Outside Occupation(s): Researcher/Small Business Owner

What is the difference between good and bad?

Good is usually OK, and bad is not like good, but can be great....when it's bad.

What do you believe in?

(In a singing voice) " I BELIEVE I CAN FLY....."

Is fame desirable or undesirable? Explain.

If you mean fame like the cover of magazines and everyone knowing your name, than I think that would be tricky..... I am not looking to do any of that... Shit, I just feel good when my friends think I'm cool. That movie FAME is pretty good.

What makes a song good?

If it makes you feel a certain way......if it's memorable.....

Are possessions important? Why or why not?

No, BEING POSSESSED is not important.

Describe the things that you see when you close your eyes.


If you had the choice would you prefer to be a human being or an animal? If your answer is "animal," what would you prefer to be?

Today, right now I am into being a human being I guess....but sometimes I would not mind being a giant squid or something that could rule the oceans.

What do you like to eat?

Food mostly. I like most things..... I like to cook when I can and go nuts with the spices and shit.... I don't like eggs though..

Is it important to keep up with the news? Why or why not?

I think so, for me anyway..... I try to stay on top of things as much as possible when we are on tour, but sometimes I get out of the loop and get home and be like "WHAT THE F*CK IS UP WITH THIS PRIEST BIZNESS?" or some shit like that.

What were some of your favorite toys when you were a kid?

My Star Wars figures; micronaughts; Lego (the space flavour ones); a water hose in the backyard.

How do you deal with problem people?

I like to talk things out, maybe a bit too much... I like to be as fair as possible in any given situation, but sometimes the fuse runs short and you have to go shit-house on someone....

Why do you think so many people prefer to alter their consciousness?

Maybe they like to experience other aspects of their soul.... ha ha. This question is altering my consciousness....maybe people get bored with themselves.

Do you prefer being inside or outside? Explain.

There is no way to choose one over the other... I like being comfortable...but I also like playing games and sports and shit, you know.....

What has changed your life?

I guess there have been events and situations to shape my life; moving a lot, getting jumped on a few occassions, deaths of friends, being an only child....

Do you want to live a long life or would you rather die young? Explain.

I used to think I would die young for whatever reason...but I am looking forward to being an old man someday... I guess I am half way there...

Who influenced you the most when you were growing up? How did this person or person(s) influence you?

I have never really thought of this... I was into people when I was growing up, but I don't know if I could say they influenced me, but here is a quick list: Adam Ant, Terry Bradshaw, The Cast of Good Times.

Is cloning human beings (a) a good idea, (b) a bad idea, (c) irrelevant, or (d) invent your own answer. Please explain your answer.

I guess I feel like there are other things that could be worked on scientifically......I mean when people are f*cking hell bent on getting their beloved pet cloned so they can always have a 'spare' pet, that seems pretty whack.

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