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ARCHERS OF LOAF - White Trash Heroes (CD, Alias, Pop/rock)
It's hard to put your finger on exactly what Archers of Loaf is all about. The band's peculiar pop music is somewhat accessible. It's off the wall, sure...but it's not so far off the wall that it's lying all over the floor. These guys have a weird sense of songwriting. Sometimes the music is direct rock...other times moody pop...and at other times it's some sort of mutated hybrid of the two with all kinds of skewed elements thrown in for good measure. One of the best compliments I can give the Archers is that they don't really remind me of anyone...which is an amazing feat in itself. I've heard there's another band out there called Pinchers of Loaf, so these guys must be making a dent in the world of the underground... (Not Rated)

AT THE DRIVE-IN - In/Casino/Out (CD, Fearless, Rock)
Loud, chaotic, nervous, spastic, jumpy, obtuse, jagged, ragged, and LOUD. This band's nasty sound is offset by some surprisingly musical passages in their tunes. Hailing from Texas, At The Drive-In have more in common musically with bands from California or Oregon. This disc features eleven crashers, including "Alpha Centauri," "Napoleon Solo" (this one's our favorite), "A Devil Among The Tailors," and "Hourglass." (Not Rated)

RICHARD BUCKNER - Since (CD, MCA, Folk/pop)
Richard Buckner is an interesting newcomer onto the folky singer/songwriter circuit. His material falls somewhere between artists like Hayden and Richard Thompson. I enjoyed his first MCA release, but Since is even stronger. Mr. Buckner's tunes are introspective and anything but calculated. This man's acoustic storytelling singer/songwriter approach is both sincere and real, and you can tell from his voice that he is truly into the words he sings. There's a wealth of good material here, including "Believer," "The Ocean Cliff Clearing," "Pico," and "The Night Will Bury You." Very relaxing and completely reflective stuff... (Rating: 4)

CATFIGHT - "Panic Attack" b/w "She's Tight" (7" vinyl single, Worrybird, Rock/pop)
Worrybird is a great little obscure label. Like so many other small independents, the label is not motivated by money and sales as much as by the desire to put out quality releases. This particular label now finds itself in a peculiar position with Catfight. The band puts out good material and..here's the shocker...their stuff SELLS (!). The band's latest features a pussyized version of the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers artwork, and the single within is pressed on clear vinyl with a random blotch of red. "Panic Attack," the A-side, features the buzzsaw attitude rock that the band is known for. Punchy and short, the tune was written by Ann Ciovacco who plays drums for the band. The B-side is the well-known Cheap Trick tune. Hopefully Catfight will stick with Worrybird instead of going for a major label... (Rating: 4)

COLLECTING THINGS (Stupid waste of time idiotic kind of hobby thing)
Let's all try to justify our existence by collecting all kinds of worthless objects in our homes. You can collect just about anything...stamps, coins, records, postcards, clothes, toys. But in the end it's all the same. The objects you collect don't mean a goddamn thing. And the only reason you collect them is because you feel unimportant and worthless...and you feel that by collecting lots of little physical objects you can somehow justify your rotten little existence on this crappy-assed planet. So go on. Impress your friends. Collect everything you can. Keep collecting...until you die. (Rating: 1)

BRANDON CRUZ - Eddie Is A Punk (CD, Taang!, Pop/rock)
If the name Brandon Cruz doesn't immediately ring a bell, perhaps The Courtship Of Eddie's Father will. Cruz was the innocent little chap who said all those cute things to father Bill Bixby and Mrs. Livingston (one of the hottest Asian babes ever to hit television). Brandon is a big boy now, and he's lost his innocence. This curious disc is a culmination of recordings Cruz has amassed over the years. More a curiosity than anything else, this disc features no less than four (???) versions of "Best Friend" (the theme from the t.v. show) featuring artists such as the aforementioned Bixby, Harry Nilsson and Mickey Dolenz. The rest of the disc features punk tunes on which Cruz penned the lyrics (the music was written by other folks). This isn't as listenable as it is peculiar. May possibly be a collectable at some point in the future... (Not Rated)

dada - dada (CD, MCA, Pop)
Don't let the name mislead you. dada is a pure pop band. These fellows' pop music is highly produced and orchestrated, sometimes to excess. This, the band's fourth release, contains a wealth of good material...but along the way there are a couple of KILLERS. The standout tracks are "This Thing Together" and "Beautiful Turnback Time Machine," the latter of which sounds like a great single from the sixties. This band has a lot going for them...good melodies and excellent vocals. I'd like to see them expand on their lyrics (which may be the weakest link in the chain). Good stuff. (Not Rated)

DAMNATION - Sick Phuckin Shit (CD, Burning Tree, Rock)
The cover of this one will grab your attention immediately. Fortunately, the music contained on the actual disc may surprise you. From the fright cover, you'd think this would be death metal or doom and gloom noise. WRONG. Instead, Damnation is a pure rock and roll band complete with driving rhythms and devil-may-care vocals. They're a damn good rock band, too. Instead of going for gimmicks and lots of clever instrumental shifts the band mostly just plays it straight. Timeless rockers include "Somebody Who Cares," "Far Before Our Time," and "O' Seraphine." This band is a BLAST. (Rating: 4)

ENTWINED - Dancing Under Glass (CD, Earache, Rock)
This British band stands out for several reasons. First, they play loud and heavy yet their vocalist actually sings melodies and you can usually understand what he is singing about. Secondly, the band's keyboards are reminiscent of progressive seventies bands which adds a somewhat orchestral sound to the tunes. Third, and most importantly, the band writes good songs and pads them with way-above-average arrangements. It's almost like listening to death metal with touches of synth pop added in for good measure. Mixing pleasure with pain is a difficult accomplishment in the world of music, yet these folks seem to have mastered the art. Nine tunes including "The Sound Of Her Wings," "The Forgotten," and "Red Winter." (Rating: 4)

FEAR FACTORY - Obsolete (CD, Roadrunner, Death metal)
Fear Factory has been one of my favorite hate/death/speed metal bands for quite some time now, and they've thus far shown no signs of softening up. On Obsolete, the band's latest release, they're as harsh and cruel sounding as ever. It's too bad that there are so many samey bands playing death metal these days, because all those inferior bands give the genre a bad name. But then again, they also make a reviewer appreciate a band like Fear Factory...who are the real thing. The band's bonecrushing sound is not for everyone. Loud blasts of fury like "Shock," "Smasher/Devourer," and "Freedom or Fire" are definitely suited for a very specific audience...that being those social misfits whose main intent in life is to go to death metal concerts dressed like freaks and smash really hard into each other. It's an odd lifestyle, that's for sure. It just goes to show there's something for everyone. Fear Factory score...once again. (Rating: 4)

THE FLAMING LIPS - Zaireeka (Four CD set, Warner Bros., Obtuse whatever)
One of the weirdest releases ever from one of the weirdest bands ever. In case you haven't already heard, this four CD set was created so that all four discs are to be played simultaneously on four different CD players. I first heard Zaireeka played the way it was intended to be played at an acquaintance's birthday party with four stereos spinning the discs at high volume. A heady trip it was indeed, sounding almost like a dream of vast proportions. Now, listening to the discs one at a time, my reaction is the same. The Flaming Lips just keep going further and further into the deep, while still recording and producing music that is credible and puzzling. Tunes like "The Camel Is Derailed By The Gnat" and "March Of The Rotten Vegetables" will never make it into Billboard's Top 100...and that is a shame. This band is light years ahead of their time, which probably isn't such a good thing for sales. Artistically speaking, however, the Lips always deliver just what I need. A delightfully bizarre and mentally challenging treat. (Rating: 5)

FOUR LETTER WORD - A Nasty Piece Of Work (CD, BYO, Hard rock/pop)
Hailing from Wales, Cardiff, Four Letter Word is a band that really ROCKS. Boasting a sound that is something like a cross between The Jam and The Stranglers, these guys have a big, ballsy sound and some catchy damn songs.This isn't straightforward punk...yet it's certainly not pompous pop either. These guys' music lands somewhere between the two. Call it hard pop, if you will. These guys are tight...and this recording captures the band's untamed wild energy. Thirteen loud cuts including "Sleight Of Hand," "The Gunpowder Plot," and "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?" Good stuff. (Not Rated)

GODHEAD - Power Tool Stigmata (CD, sol3), Industrial pop)
Synthetic industrial pop with seductive vocals. Physically, Godhead resemble Marilyn Manson. Musically, however, they're more aligned with bands like Duran Duran or even Nine Inch Nails. The band hails from Washington, D.C. and has recently been slotted as the opening act for the Misfits. On Power Tool Stigmata, the band presents some interesting musical ideas that are downplayed somewhat by the vocals. Basically a good listen, with the exception of the cover of "Eleanor Rigby" (which would have been better left in the ground). (Not Rated)

LISA HALL - Is This Real? (CD, Warner Bros., Pop)
Despite the fact that I enjoy listening to this, I can only recommend it to a very specific audience...that being folks who are into super slick Top 40 radio pop. There's certainly money and a certain calculated manner to the tunes on Lisa Hall's debut CD. But despite this, Ms. Hall's tunes are credible, hummable, and well arranged. Her breathy vocal overlays sound rather grand indeed over the safe and steady rhythms, creating highly produced toe tapping music with brains. Ten tunes including "Comatose," "The Sign," and "Secret." This disc may very well yield some BIG hits... (Not Rated)

HAYDEN (Live performance, August 13, 1998)
I have been an ardent supporter of Hayden's music since hearing his first disc. In case you don't already know the rags to riches story, Hayden recorded an album in his parent's bedroom which ended up being a huge commercial success on the Canadian music charts. Since that time Hayden has continued writing and recording extraordinary music that has thus far only caught on in a minor way in the United States. Though I love this guy's music, I had the feeling that a live show might not be terribly exciting. After all, most of the music is mid-tempo or very soft. Boy was I WRONG. Hayden KICKED ASS in concert. His backup band was mindblowing...pushing many of the tunes to a new level. Everyone switched instruments constantly, without sacrificing quality. Of course, Hayden's true element came forward during the acoustic section of the show which demonstrated that this fellow's songs are strong enough to stand on their own without any backup whatsoever. Still, hearing material I know and love played with some extra backing meat was a real treat. In addition to being a powerful performer (Hayden managed to keep everyone's attention despite the fact that he kept his eyes closed during most of his songs), this cool Canadian also displayed a keen sense of connecting with his audience...communicating with them instead of speaking at them. You would think from the introspective, serious nature of his music that Hayden would be a very serious performer. WRONG. His in-between song patter had the audience in stitches. This was easily one of the best concerts of the year from a songwriter who is just hitting the prime of his career. Get in on the ground floor. Hayden is the BEST. (Rating: 6)

THE HIGH LLAMAS - Lollo Rosso (CD, V2, Pop)
Remixes are to CDs what live releases were to vinyl. That is, lots and lots of groups release the things in between their REAL releases. Remixes can be very good or mere filler, but they are almost never as good as a band's normal releases. This is the case with this disc of remixes from babysue favorites The High Llamas. Yes, this is eons better than most remix CDs...but it is still not nearly as pleasing as the Llamas' last release. Oh well. This just makes us hungry for the next regular studio full-length... (Not Rated)

HOMOSEXUALS (Alternative lifestyle almost people kind of things)
Before this review even gets underway, let me state that I am well aware that THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. There are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule. Anyone who doesn't know that is an idiot. Well...now that we've got THAT out of the way... Homosexuals are, unfortunately, a rather pathetic lot. They claim to be progressive while at the same time being very closed minded and prejudiced. Their taste is predictable and samey. The music they listen to is always THE WORST. They act phony...they usually dress stupid...they're arrogant...and they're got a really bad attitude about themselves. No wonder almost all of them want to stay in little groups all amongst themselves. After all, who would WANT these people around except for others of their own kind? Sorry homosexuals. I'd like to give you all a high rating because I think you have the potential to be really cool people. But this is the real world. And, in reality, you are simply shitty and depressing. (Rating: 1)

KENNY HOWES - Back To You Today! (CD, A.A.J./Shoeleg, Pop)
Kenny Howes is one of the best kept secrets in the Southeast. Back To You Today! is Mr. Howes' third full-length, and it's another smashup collection of killer pop. It's no wonder this guy has become a favorite among pop music reviewers across the country. I can't figure out why a record company has not signed this fellow, as his material is eons better than most of the pop slop that comes into this office. Just as on his previous releases, Kenny writes and plays everything except drums. The music harkens back to pop from the late seventies and early eighties. There are lots of Beatles influences, and the guitar playing in particular reminds me of British groups from the late seventies. These tunes feature some very intricate arrangements, creating a semi-psychedelic sound. But once again, it's those super clean vocals and harmonies that send these compositions way up into the clouds and away. A clean hit. (Rating: 5)

LIDA HUSIK - Faith In Space (CD, Alias, Pop)
Lida Husik is a true original. When I think of women whose music matters most in the nineties, her name immediately comes to mind. Ms. Husik's music doesn't fit in any particular genre. The only constant in her string of releases is that the material is always top notch. On Faith In Space, Lida returns to the techno/trip hop style of her earlier releases. For this release Beaumont Hannant takes charge of the beat generation duties. Together, he and Ms. Husik create some trance-like pop pieces that are both heady and rhythmic. This disc features ten tracks, our favorites being "Build A Fire," "Waterfall," and "Blood and Water." Although I think I prefer Lida's pop music (you MUST check out Fly Stereophonic, one of the great underrecognized discs of the decade), I still get a mighty big charge out of this. Includes an obtuse cover of The Jam's "Monday." (Rating: 5)

JEREMY - Pop Heaven (CD, Jam, Pop)
Of all the underground singer/songwriters that I can think of, Jeremy Morris is the epitome of the self made pop star. Despite all the frustrating obstacles of the shitty world of music, Jeremy continues writing and recording some of the most uplifting and beautiful pop that the world has ever known. Pop Heaven is possibly Mr. Morris' strongest release to date. The disc is full of unashamedly positive pop that stands out like cheez whiz in a world awash with too many artists trying way too hard to be different and unique. Jeremy has the amazing ability to take trite musical cliches and make them sound totally genuine and unique. This could possibly be because instead of just hashing out generic music he puts his heart and soul into his tunes. Never has this been more true than in absolutely stunning pop confections like "I'm Flying, " "Goodbye Bad Guy," "You're Not Alone" (my personal favorite), "Come To Me," and "Can't Make You Stay." The silly psychedelic cover fits the tunes perfectly, and the liner notes are practically a who's-who of underground pop in the nineties. The only slight problem with this CD is that it's heavy on the treble, which can easily be remedied by the simple twist of a knob. Can't find it? Write to Jam Records, 3424 Wedgewood Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49008. (Rating: 6)

Hard, sharp, direct, edgy, loud, succinct, powerhouse punk/pop. I had heard of this band before (who could forget the name?), but this is the first release I've heard. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp tunes are extremely simple in nature, but they are slammed out as if there isn't going to be any tomorrow. "C'mon, Baby C'mon" is a great introduction, and from there the band just flails and pounds away until their point is driven home. For a three-piece band, these guys have a FIERCE energy that is both captivating and somewhat frightening. Above all, they're got some killer tunes. Our favorites are "Clique" and the aforementioned "C'mon, Baby C'mon." From the sound of this, I'd bet these guys are a MONSTER in concert... (Rating: 5)

ARTO LINDSAY - Noon Chill (CD, Bar/None, Obtuse pop)
The more I hear from Arto Lindsay the more impressed I am. The guy is simply in a class all by himself, and this has never been more true than on Noon Chill. I received this disc late, but I had been reading all kinds of reviews where the general consensus seemed to be that everyone was confused by this CD. Now I know why. Although comparisons are almost worthless in trying to describe this, try to imagine Donovan singing Brazilian pop tunes. That should at least give you some idea of what this is like. Lindsay's material is very subtle. Yes, it is very offbeat and strange...but it's so subtle that you almost don't notice it at first. Most of the other reviews of this disc were not overly positive. Our own personal view is that this is one of Mr. Lindsay's best. As always, the production and arrangements are superb. In particular, the songs this time around are exceptional...showing what a mature artist this man has become. A very solid release from start to finish featuring odd compositions like "Whirlwind," "Anything," "Take My Place," and "Reentry." A really cool mental trip. (Rating: 5)

MADONNA - Ray Of Light (CD, Warner Bros., Pop)
There are few big celebrities who I respect as much as Madonna. True, I did initially despise her image and music. But after years of observing her and her work, I can honestly say that in the world of slick commercial radio pop she is one of the best. Her releases always reflect her concern for high quality and great production. Ray Of Light represents a slight departure from previous material as these tunes are techno/dub in nature. Madonna's voice fits this style of music quite well. This disc includes thirteen semi-trippy tunes, and represents yet another succesful venture for this multi-talented lady. This isn't her best disc ever, but it's still a great listen. If Madonna had a hairy back I'd probably be turned on by her... (Rating: 4)

GUNNAR MADSEN - Spinning World: 13 Ways Of Looking At A Waltz (CD, G Spot, Instrumental)
Gunnar Madsen is best known as the founder of The Bobs...a band that I admit I am unfamiliar with. This could be a plus, as I have no preconceptions in reviewing Mr. Madsen's newest release. Spinning World is, in a word, magnificent. Instead of playing pop music (which is most likely expected of him because of his past), Gunnar heads off into the world of instrumental music. The disc contains mostly piano-based pieces, but the arrangements are filled with a variety of other instruments...making this disc a pure delight. This harkens back to a time when music was uplifting and spiritual. With so many artists stumbling over their feet attempting to recreate music from the past (and failing miserably), this disc stands out from the crowd. Aesthetically and sonically delightful. (Rating: 5)

MAIN - Firmament III (CD, Beggars Banquet, Experimental), Firmament IV (CD, Beggars Banquet, Experimental)
It's odd. My main interest used to be pop music. But after years of hearing WAY too many rock and pop bands that all sound too similar, my interests have turned to experimental music...and my particular favorites are those artists whose music is almost completely abstract. Accordingly, the latest two CDs by Main (Scott Dawson, formerly of Loop) hit my brain dead center. The music on these discs is indeed off the beaten path. Probably too far off the beaten path for the majority of music listeners. These pieces are experimental and void of any sort of commercial appeal whatsoever. Interestingly, the instrument that is played, mutated, and expanded out of all recognition is the guitar. But you would never EVER know that the instrument being played is a guitar unless someone told you. Most folks would probably have difficulty categorizing this as music in the first place. Both of these discs contain extremely peculiar compositions that you won't be hearing on the radio anytime soon. Heady, surreal, bizarre, and fixating...this is a hallucinogenic, hazy dream. I love it. (Rating: 6)

MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD - Combustication (CD, Blue Note, Jazz)
Longtime favorites among the alternative music scene (even though they play jazz), Medeski Martin & Wood return with their most progressive release to date. These three guys are masters at sticking in a groove and staying in it. Their music is seductive and stylized to the point that it makes you think that these guys must have been playing together their entire lives. Combustication contains some of the band's most spooky sounding stuff to date. Some of the keyboard overlays almost bring to mind artists like Scorn or even Medusa Cyclone. Simultaneously funk and physical, this trio transcends their genre...creating yet another stunning batch of tunes for an increasingly hungry multitude of fans... (Rating: 5)

MEDUSA CYCLONE - Mr. Devil (CD, Third Gear, Spooky experimental)
The last disc from Medusa Cyclone CD is one of my favorite obscurities...although it took a great many listens to finally make me realize how crazy I was about the music. The band is a project created by Keir McDonald as a vehicle for his rather unstable and uncategorizable music. I want to compare these "songs" to Scorn because of the spooky nature...but they are much more diverse than that. Mr. McDonald has an imagination that puts other musicians to shame. Most other artists are either trying to come up with a "hit" tune or go so far off the deep edge that nobody (or their grandmother) would ever want to hear their stuff because it's so self indulgent. This guy manages to come up with compositions that really mess with your mind. It's like a drug trip...without having to search for them. Hallucinogenic, obtuse, trippy, surreal, and skewed, the tunes on Mr. Devil are difficult to describe...and even more difficult to compare to other artists. Simply put, Medusa Cyclone is a musical entity that stands alone in its own category. In today's musical market, that's a BIG one. This one's GREAT! (Rating: 6)

MIDGET - Jukebox (CD, Sire, Pop/rock)
Good name for a band, and the band itself is even better than the name. This band's strangely hummable powerful pop is reminiscent of bands like Sparks or Chixdiggit!. Hyper-charged melodies, steady rhythmns, and loud guitars make this band's tunes sound like updated sixties bubblegum. One of the best aspects of Midget are their inventive backing vocals. They take cues from fifties and sixties vocal groups and incorporate them into their tunes, giving their modern rock sound a strangely familiar sound from the past. These guys' main focus is obviously writing songs. They've come up with a whole slew of winners on this one. Great tracks include "Invisible Balloon," "The Day Of Your Life," "Welcome Home Jellybean," and "The Way Things Turn Out." Possibly the most amazing thing about these tunes is that they could easily become commercial radio hits. A cool blend of accessibility and imagination. This is a HIT! (Rating: 5)

MINERAL - EndSerenading (CD, Crank!, Rock/pop)
Nice emotional rock music. Mineral are quickly building quite a reputation for themselves based purely on their ability to play and write good tunes. (They're obviously not going the gimmicky route of wearing stupid clothes and pushing a cornball weirdo rock image.) The most endearing elements of the band are their beautiful entertwined electric guitars that weave in and out of one another in a most entertaining fashion...and those plaintive vocals. Though the sound is entirely different, the basic idea behind this band reminds me of Television. This ain't no simple pop/rock crap. These guys' tunes are mature and musically complex at times. Urgent tunes like "LoveLetterTypewriter" and "Unfinished" are good examples of what Mineral are capable of. This collection of tunes took over two years to complete. The work was worth it. This shines. (Rating: 5)

NADA SURF - The Proximity Effect (CD, Elektra, Pop/rock)
In all honestly, the first time I listened to this I wasn't too impressed. Fortunately, I gave this disc a few spins before writing this review because this band has come up with an absolutely stunning collection of pop tunes. I liked the last Nada Surf CD, but this is light years better. The band's thoughtful, intelligent pop music is anchored in a basic guitar/bass/drum lineup...but they inject new energy and life into their bright pop tunes. To top if all off, the lyrics actually make you think (give a listen to "Why Are You So Mean To Me?"). The softer stuff really hits home. There are a lot of bands playing pop/rock, but few who do is as well as Nada Surf. An exceptional collection of great tunes. (Rating: 5)

PETS (Stupid living things cared for by other stupid living things)
Get something that's alive and own it. Feed the thing and nurture it. Then fake yourself into believing that the thing loves you or cares about you. The life that you own doesn't give a shit about you. Your dogs...birds...cats...snakes...whatever... They wouldn't stay around if you didn't feed them or keep them inside a cage or a fence. Having a pet says a lot about you as a person. It means that you are boring. The only good reason to have a pet is to have something to beat...besides yourself. (Rating: 1)

PINETOP SEVEN - Rigging The Top Lights (CD, Truckstop, Pop)
With the onslaught of too many bands making music, what one usually finds in a home recorded disc is a bunch of crappy sounding shit that took no talent to write or produce. Fortunately, there are little gems like Pinetop Seven that pop up unexpectedly amidst the growing pile of rotten crap. Sounding more like a band from the midwest than Chicago (their hometown), this band sounds something like a serious Jonathan Richman or a more Americanized Richard Thompson. Actually, their music is a somewhat different type of pop with a yearning, dreamy quality. Songwriters Darren Richard and Charles Kim come up with some excellent tunes here...and the playing and recording are just right. Upright bassist Ryan Hembrey completes the picture...making Pinetop Seven an amazingly great little pop band. An obscure treasure. (Rating: 5)

IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES - Live In L.A. 73 (CD, Snapper Music, Rock), Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (CD, Snapper Music, Rock)
As a big fan of Iggy's solo material as well as his period with the Stooges, it is interesting to hear these live tracks, rehearsals, and unreleased tracks. After all, at the time these tunes were recorded Iggy was just making his mark on a public that wasn't quite ready for his kind of entertainment. Unfortunately, I can only recommend these two CDs for Iggy completists. It's not that the material isn't good...there's some remarkable stuff to be found on both of these CDs. But the sound quality sounds like a medium-quality bootleg...and that limits the extent to which the music can be enjoyed. Instead, this serves as documentation of an artist in the seventies pushing the limits of what rock music was about. Live In L.A. 73 is an interesting document of a live show (wish I'd been there), while Your Pretty Face... features unreleased tracks and rehearals. Iggy's importance and influence has only been recognized in the past few years as countless upon countless bands have aped his style. It's kinda like the Ramones. Very few people liked them when they were at their peak, but then two decades later everyone is scrambling to proclaim how legendary their early work was... (Not Rated)

POSSUM DIXON - New Sheets (CD, Interscope, Pop)
Hard to believe that Possum Dixon has been around as long as it has. After all, with a name like that you would've thought the band would've broken up as a short-lived novelty band after beginning in 1990. Since that time, the band has consistently played live shows while releasing a whole slew of good discs...finally ending up in a comfortable spot on Interscope. New Sheets finds Possum Dixon sounding poppier than ever. The defining elements are still strong melodies and simple tunes. No difficult material here...and that may be the band's greatest strength. This one's appropriately produced by Ric Ocasek. (Not Rated)

THE CHRIS POTTER QUARTET - Vertigo (CD, Concord, Jazz)
The appropriately titled Vertigo features some loose and absolutely sultry jazz by The Chris Potter Quartet. What may set this quartet apart from most is that they play all original music composed by saxophonist Chris Potter. The tunes have a definite sound and direction, but the overall feeling this gives the listener is that of spontaneity. It's almost like mood music for the mind. Mr. Potter's saxophone weaves in and out of these tunes in a sometimes unconventional fashion. His style of music has been dubbed "contemporary acoustic jazz," and apparently the man is on the cutting edge. As is usually the case with Concord releases, the packaging and production are top notch...making this collection of nine tunes an extraordinary listen... (Rating: 4)

POUNDHOUND - Massive Grooves From The Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music (CD, Metal Blade, Rock/pop)
King's X is easily one of the best commercially successful rock acts of this decade. Despite the fact that the band's music is intelligent and complex, they still managed to become hugely popular. That band is propelled by a talented young fellow named Doug Pinnick, who has just released a solo recording under the moniker Poundhound (good name!). What does this sound like? Well basically...it sounds just like King's X! So why go solo you ask? Hey, WHY NOT? Doug is RICH now...and he can do ANYTHING HE DAMN WELL PLEASES. And because virtually everything he does sounds damn good, that's O.K. with us! Lots of thick meaty music here. Our faves are "Jangle" (great guitar work on this one), "Love," "Soul," and "River." This was recorded over a five year period, and the amount of work that went into making this is obvious. Mr. Pinnick is one amazing fellow. This is DAMN good! (Rating: 5)

PRIMUS - Rhinoplasty (Enhanced CD EP, Interscope, Rock/pop)
This is the first Primus release that I have heard that I'm not so crazy about, but that could be due to the fact that I'm generally not keen on cover tunes. That isn't to say this is a bad EP. The band's version of XTC's "Scissor Man" is quite good. I suppose that I'm just too spoiled by Primus' own material, which is far superior to most of the bands' tunes they cover. So...consider this filler...or something to fill the void until the next full-length (which we will be eagerly awaiting). Primus normally receives ratings of "5" and "6"...but not this time around. (Rating: 3)

RADIO STATIONS (Really boring kind of things that shouldn't really be boring at all)
Poor radio stations. They ought to be really adventurous, interesting, open-minded, and entertaining...but they're not. They're driven by money. Trying to find a good radio station is like trying to find a beetle on a racetrack. Thank God that most radio stations will probably be drowned out by the advent of music on the Internet. But by that time, music on the Internet will suck as well. Why can't everyone be like me? Why am I the only person who knows what to listen to, and how? Am I all alone in this big crazy world? What the hell is the point of anything anyway? Will I be alone forever and ever...only to reappear on some mountain top hundreds of years in the future? Hoodie hoodie hoo? Pookie bookie poo? Muvvuh??? Muvvuh??? Izzat yoo, Muvvuh??? (Rating: 1)

THE RED AUNTS - Ghetto Blaster (CD, Epitaph, Rock)
Gee. I thought the Red Aunts had made the right decision by calling it quits when they were on fire. But after hearing this, their final CD, now I'm not so sure. Ghetto Blaster is surely the best release ever by these four talented ladies. It just gushes with energy and character. I'm sure gonna miss 'em. This is one of the best hard rock CDs ever recorded by a female rock band. Sigh... (Rating: 5)

MICK RONSON - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (CD, Snapper Music, Pop), Play Don't Worry (CD, Snapper Music, Pop)
It's nice to hear these reissues of Mick Ronson's first two solo albums. As David Bowie's guitarist during his "glam" period, Mr. Ronson provided what was the epitome of the great British guitar sound of the seventies. Only in retrospect is it obvious how much his guitar sound contributed to some of Bowie's best material. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue, Mick's first solo outing, is a hit and miss affair. It contains some killer material, but on the whole the album comes off like he was trying to ape Bowie's vocals and songwriting style. While the vocals definitely left something to be desired, there were a few exceptional tunes that have stood up well over time. These include "Growing Up and I'm Fine," "Only After Dark," and the title track. The album didn't win Mick too many fans which is a shame, as Play Don't Worry (the follow up) was a drastic improvement. It's almost like Ronson had finally found himself. He played most instruments, and his vocals were 100% improved. Tunes like "Billy Porter," "Play Don't Worry," and "Hazy Days" show how much progress he was gaining as a songwriter. Unfortunately and for whatever reason, Ronson had already been categorized by the public as a backup guitarist for other artists...and his solo career fell into oblivion. Ronson died from cancer April 1993. Kudos to the folks at Snapper music for providing these reissues. It's an interesting look back at the career of a songwriter who could or should have been, but still made his mark through his associations with other artists. Both of these discs include previously unreleased tracks, the most interesting for me is his cover of Bowie's "Soul Love." (Rating: 4)

PAUL SCHUTZE - Green Evil (CD, Tone Casualties, Electronic)
Paul Schutze creates electronic music with a difference. Instead of the usual trancy effects or everyday blips and bloops, Mr. Schutze's electronics sound more like architectural soundtracks. His compositions, while futuristic to be certain, have an obtuse quality that is hard to describe. There's a peculiar sense of isolation that runs through these cold, articulate compositions. "The Left Remembers" is a particularly pleasing somber track, bringing to mind some of Eno's ambient recordings. The "songs" for this disc were compiled from recordings Schutze has made over the past 14 years, which may perhaps explain why many of the tracks are so different from one another. Despite the variety, these pieces flow by nicely...making the listener feel both calm and somewhat confused... (Rating: 5)

SCREECHING WEASEL - Television City Dream (CD, Fat Wreck Chords, Rock/pop)
Hyperfun chainsaw power pop/punk. Screeching Weasel has been around a while. The band formed in 1986 after being inspired by a Ramones concert. The Ramones influences are still evident, and the band is playing loud, fast, and hard these days. The best thing about this band is that they play with a real "who cares" attitude. Plus, the tunes are simple and direct. The formula works well, as is evidenced by super catchy tunes like "Speed of Mutation" and "Outside of You." This band's masculine sound is counterbalanced by some exceptional melodies that you may find yourself humming for days on end. Another big fun band from the fine folks at megaproductive Fat Wreck Chords... (Rating: 4)

SISTER FRICTION - Glamour...My Ass! (CD, Incidental, Techno pop)
Surprisingly radio-friendly one man electronic band with a knack for lyrics and a sense of humor. Sister Friction is the brainchild of Robert Hedin. The music harkens back to electronic pop of the late eighties and early nineties. Robert is not afraid to let his electronic pop sound electronic, as is evidenced by the programmed percussion and wealth of sometimes offbeat keyboard sounds. The use of analog synths is sometimes reminiscent of Joy Electric, although the vocals and actual songs are miles away. My own peculiar favorites here are "Sometimes" (which could easily be a radio hit), "Everything," "Gone," and "Love At A Distance." Really good stuff, just a bit off the beaten path. Check out the band's web site at http://www.visi.com/~friction. (Rating: 4)

SLOPPY SECONDS - More Trouble Than They're Worth (CD, Nitro, Power pop/punk)
YEEEEEEAAAHHH!!! How long I have waited for this release. Sloppy Seconds won me over with their last release (Knock Yer Block Off ) which to this day remains one of my top favorite power pop/punk CDs of all time. I'm happy to report that the band sounds better than ever on their latest disc. Pumping out more irresistable pop/punk music than any one band should be able to crank out, these guys have outdone themselves this time. The band's lyrics might make you think they're a joke band, but underneath the kooky lyrics in tunes like "Why Don't Lesbians Love Me?" are intelligent melodies that are so damn catchy that you won't believe your ears. This band plays in a terrain where simplicity is king, and catchy melodies are way more important that creating loud walls of unbearable noise. I can think of few bands who are as good as these guys at what they do. You can hear the conviction and focus in every tune. Sixteen dangerously addictive tunes from a band that may never receive the attention they deserve. Everyone seems so intent on finding the band to fill the void left by the Ramones. Well, in our opinion, Sloppy Seconds are most definitely IT. Our top picks are "The Queen of Outer Space," "The Thing From Uranus," "Gimme That Zero Bar," "Why Don't Lesbians Love Me?", "Just Because You're A Girl," and "Forced To Suck." This CRANKS OUR THING ALL THE WAY UP! GODDAMN! (Rating: 6)

SLUGWRENCH - Prole (CD, Intolerance, Electronic)
Here's an odd one. One man electronic band Jason Shepherd uses every trick in the book that has already been used with electronics...yet he makes it all sound new again. Let's face it. There's very little that hasn't been done in music, so the thing that matters most nowadays is howit's done. There's a lot of creativity and imagination that went into the making of these tunes. Sounds mutate, blip in and out, merge, and shift in a continually confusing fashion on Prole. The disc is very uncommercial, yet it doesn't really sound like the majority of electronic CDs on the market. Could be that these folks (most likely) created this work in isolation somewhere out in Oklahoma. Twenty puzzlers, including "Drat," "GagSlug," and "Dorkscrew." If you can't find this one, contact Intolerance Records at P.O. Box 55701, Tulsa, OK 74155 or e-mail 'em at dbasteri@intolerance.com. (You can also check out the band's web site at http://www.intolerance.com/slugwrench. (Rating: 4)

SMP - Ultimatum (CD, Catastrophe, Techno/industrial)
Mid-tempo industrial pop/rock. This industrial quartet plays from center field. The music is noisy, yet not too noisy. The vocals are harsh, but not too harsh. The songs are fast, but not too fast. Is this starting to sound like Goldilocks...or what? You might think that by not going to extremes that SMP would be a boring band. Not in the least. Instead of going for that same old clobber-you-over-the-head approach of most industrial bands, these guys are more concerned with creating good songs with a real groove. The percussion is way above average, and the keyboards are inventive and spacey. Overall, this is one of the better industrial CDs that's come across our desk this year. The disc features seventeen tunes including "Humanplayer," "Success," "Negative," and "Gameover." Cool stuff. (Rating: 4)

SONICHROME - Breathe The Daylight (CD, Capitol, Pop)
Extremely radio-friendly pop music that sounds like Material Issue and The Jam (much more the former than the latter). The guitars jangle and jam amidst toe-tapping rhythms, and it's all tied together by above average melodies. The songwriting is on the safe side to be sure, but that doesn't make this collection of tunes any less enjoyable. "Over Confident," the opening track, just SCREAMS to be a hit. This is a fun listen from a very confident and accessible band. (Rating: 4)

SPAZBOY - Twilight Area (CD, Immune, Power punk/pop)
Whew! There are lots of buzzsaw power punk/pop bands out there...but these guys have got to be one of the fastest and tightest...while still managing to maintain identifiable songs (!?!). Yup, Spazboy play tunes that are almost bubblegummy in nature but they play 'em so goddamn fast that it becomes another medium altogether. It's the band's fresh energy that makes these tunes sound so vibrant. They crammed no less than 19 tracks on Twilight Area...and they fly by so fast you'll think you just shot up a gram of speed. There's a lot to digest here. Our initial standout faves are "Nothin' With You," "Easy," "Duluth," and "Stupid Songs About Stupid Girls." The band closes with an appropriate cover of the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated." F.U.N.! (Rating: 4)

SPINESHANK - Strictly Diesel (CD, Roadrunner, Rock)
Solid hard rock music. Spineshank plays loud, heavy music without resorting to spewing out a blinding blur of nothing (which many hard rock bands are guilty of). The band shows a good bit of diversity in their songwriting skills on Strictly Diesel. The music sometimes borders on pop and at other times teeters into the realm of death metal. This is hard rock music that manages to retain odd things like lyrics and melodies while still being harsh and nasty. Plenty of good heavy tunes including "Intake," "Shinebox," and "Grey." The only tune that fails is the cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which would have been better left on the shelf... (Not Rated)

STATUESQUE - Arbiters Anonymous (CD, Cassiel, Pop)
I was impressed by this band's first EP that was released some time ago. At long last, Britain's Statuesque release their first full-length. These tunes were recorded in Boston with Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade at the board. When Statuesque hits target, they hit dead center. This is evident on such kickass pop tunes as "Redivider" (the single...it's GREAT), "Born Against," and "Redcoats." The band's sound is something like the Pet Shop Boys with Peter Noone on vocals. It's an upbeat, pure pop experience to be sure. There are a few misses along the way, but this is clearly a band that has the right focus and direction. If they continue in this direction, expect some amazing things in the future... (Rating: 4)

22 JACKS - Overserved (CD, Side 1, Pop/rock)
If you like the powerful pop of artists like The Cars, Cheap Trick, or Elvis Costello then there's a good chance that 22 Jacks is going to rock your little sailboat. This band's simple, direct shot-from-the-shoulder pop/rock is as easy to like as lemon pie. The steady rhythms are bolstered by fuzzy guitars, but the overall sound is pure pop in nature...and the tunes are downright infectious. This disc is wrought with plenty of surefire hits including "Sky," "3 A.M.," "So Sorry," "Quit," and "Confusion." Joey Ramone even adds his vocal talents to "I'll Be With You Tonight." There are so many bands playing power pop/punk...and, unfortunately, most of them sound generic. This is not the case with 22 Jacks. This is a band with a unique punch that'll knock your socks off. COOL. (Rating: 5)

VARNALINE - Sweet Life (CD, Zero Hour, Pop/rock)
I've gone gushy over every Varnaline release I've heard...but this one may just be the band's best and most accessible release yet. Varnaline is a guitar lover's dream come true. Anders Parker is a man who knows how to make his guitar talk. And the guy's songs have a sense of truth and honesty that is painfully absent in most songs of the nineties. Anders is joined on this release by Jud Ehrbar (drums, vocals, keyboards) and John Parker (bass, keyboards, organ). The result is a bigger and more varied sounding CD. This is the least noisy, most focused, and most poppy disc yet from Varnaline (not counting the solo acoustic releases). Mr. Parker's vocals in particular sound better than ever, making these tunes memorable and thoroughly thought provoking. This ought to be the disc to push Varnaline out of the realm of obscurity. Whatever happens, this is yet another resounding artistic success from one of our favorite criminally overlooked artists. (Rating: 5)

RUBE WADDELL - Stink Bait (CD, Vaccination, Rock/pop)
This is different. Rube Waddell is three guys from San Francisco who play some rather unconventional music with a rough edge. The band is named after a real man who had his hands in some rather unconventional pasttimes. So...the name fits the band. The only other artist that comes to mind listening to this is Captain Beefheart...although this isn't as far out as the ol' Captain's music was. There's an odd hillbilly/country sound to some of these tunes...yet this is far from sounding like traditional country music. These fellows play a mindblowing slew of instruments (including tabla, penny whistle, kzaoo, ukulele, banjo, washboard, jaw harp). Interestingly, the band plays on the streets regularly around San Francisco. Sure makes a lot more sense than trying to land some highly prized slot at some "hip" (fart) rock club. These guys are doing it right on their own terms...and creating some mighty heady, offbeat music in the process. This one comes in a nifty steel tin box, courtesy of those increasingly inventive folks at Vaccination... (Rating: 4)

GILLIAN WELCH - Hell Among The Yearlings (CD, Almo Sounds, Bluegrass/folk)
Gillian Welch is first and foremost a songwriter. She and her collaborator David Rawlings know how to write tunes and, more importantly, how to put words to those tunes. The tunes on Hell Among The Yearlings range from bluegrass to folk, but the main thing that strikes me about this music is how much personality is present. In an age where so many folks rely on technology to hide their lack of talent, it's artists like this...who can present their music simply and without crutches...who stand out. This batch of tunes was produced by T Bone Burnett, who also lends a hand on some of the instrumentation. This music harkens back to a simpler time. Nice, simple arrangements. Clear vocals. Ms. Welch is an artist who doesn't have much competition, as she has created her own obscure niche in the marketplace... (Rating: 4)

YELLOWCAKE - Hard Trax (CD, Chipie, Electronic/trance/techno)
A cool, trippy disc of groovy modern mood music. Yellowcake's Spartaco Cortesi shows considerable imagination on these trippy tracks. Sometimes he incorporates danceable rhythms into his compositions, and at other times he just lets the electronics slide by like asteroids in outer space. These "tunes" are thought provoking and intriguing...and heavy on the psychedelics. Mr. Cortesi effectively creates a groove and then expands upon it to create ultimately trippy pieces that put the listener in a very cool frame of mind. Twelve selections including "Driftless," "The Watcher," and "One Love." Neat stuff. (Rating: 4)

YOU (Unidentifiable person who reads all this crap)
Just because we don't know who you are doesn't mean we can't review you. You are an integral part of the whole babysue experience. Without you, there would be no reason for us to draw...to write...to create. The fact that you are there to take all of this in is of vital importance to the continuance of the enterprise. After all, art must be perceived in order for it to be art. And we all know how important ART is, don't we? (puke) Everything that you experience is of the greatest importance. So...why the LOW rating? Why, just to piss off all those touchy idiots out there who have nothing better to do than throw tantrums over things that they see and hear. That's why. (Rating: 1)


A.C. - Picnic of Love (CD, Off The Records)
Acme Rocket Quartet
- Ultra High Frequency (CD, Lather)
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The Andersons! - Separated At Birth (CD, Like Vinyl, Pop)
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