Unfortunately Gertrude November 1998 Reviews

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ATLANTA (Overrated urban kind of crappy thing)
Atlanta is a rotten city. Full of urban snobs and pretentious artist wannabes, the city is driven first and foremost by the almighty dollar. Watch and hear as the remaining forests are destroyed left and right to build more and more buildings...all the while the citizens and politicians cry that they must combat pollution by carpooling and riding mass transportation. Racism is alive and real in a city that has plenty of time to hate. There are lots of jobs in Atlanta to be certain...but who in their right mind wants a job? There's plenty to do, but nothing is worth doing. No wonder the city turns into a ghost town every time a holiday rolls around. If you live in Atlanta, the best thing you can do is go on vacation and get away from it... (Rating: 1)

BLUE PLATE SPECIAL - A Night Out With... (CD, Beyond, Swing)
Lesson for the moment. Don't hate a band just because they happen to be part of a glutty revival movement. To be certain, it is annoying that so many bands of late are playing swing/ragtime music. After all, only five years ago the style was as dead as Granny's doughnut. But now it seems as if everyone is into the swingy thing. Despite the trendy aspect, however, I like Blue Plate Special...which just goes to show there are gems in every pile of doodoo. These guys have a big, horn driven sound. They're tight. I like the vocals. The overall sound is infectious. And the choice of tunes is appropriate. Tunes include "Night Out," "Double Talkin' Fool," and "A Night in Havana." Well played and honest. (Rating: 4)

BRIGHT EYES - Letting Off the Happiness (CD, Saddle Creek, Pop)
I can't help but wonder if this "band" got its name from the character in Watership Down? Never the matter. Bright Eyes is a project spearheaded by Conor Oberst, who has quite the knack for penning some fine damn emotional pop music. This is amazingly mature, considering that this fellow hasn't been (to my knowledge) recording for that long. Mr. Oberst's ability to write quality melodies is light years beyond most songwriters. In addition, his breathy vocal style fits his music perfectly. Features guest appearances by members of other bands including Cursive, Drip, Lullaby for the Working Class, Neutral Milk Hotel, and more. Ten tunes including "If Winter Ends," "The City Has Sex," and "A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction." Holds up to many repeated listenings. Excellent. (Rating: 5)

CINERAMA - Va Va Voom (CD, spinART, Pop)
As lead singer/songwriter of The Wedding Present, David Lewis Gedge has already made a name for himself in history. As Mr. Gedge softened his sound over the years, original Wedding Present fans jumped ship (as fickle music fans are apt to do). Those fans are the ones missing out, however, as Gedge's tunes and songwriting style have only strengthened over the years. Cinerama is David's latest project with his partner Sally Murrell. The soft catchy pop of Cinerama is reminiscent of some of Ray Davies softer material. There's no unnessary clutter here. The tunes speak for themselves with way-above-average melodies that'll stay with you. As usual, the lyrics are wonderful. Includes "Maniac," "Hate," "You Turn Me On," "Honey Rider," and many others. Great listening. (Rating: 5)

CLASSIC ACID - Classic Acid (CD, Moonshine, Acid/Dance/Various artists)
The thin line that separates acid, techno, disco, dub, and whatever is often hard to define. Fortunately, this compilation actually defines what the "acid" genre entails. Acid refers to a sound that was produced by a machine called the Roland TB303, which was used in recording lots of electronic dance music in the early nineties. The sound is heavy, heavy, HEAVY on the bass and bass drums...with swirling electronics bubbling overhead. It's a hard, hypnotic sound...characterized by such artists as Hardfloor (one of my favorites), Slam, The Age of Love, Sourmash, Robert Armani, and more. This is music created specifically for the drug popping club kids. Interestingly, in retrospect this stuff still sounds fresh and inventive. These are the classics that are associated with this style of music. A solid...if somewhat mind numbing experience! (Not Rated)

CRUMBOX - Map of the Sky (CD, Time Bomb Recordings, Pop)
Nice upbeat inventive pop with clear vocals, challenging guitar work, and a pounding rhythm section. Crumbox are a lot more poppy than on their last release, and the change is in their favor. Not content to play one style, these guys are rather diverse in their songwriting abilities. Sometimes direct and simple and at other times atmospheric and moody, this band is much more entertaining than your average pop band. Good sincere lyrics complete the picture...making Crumbox's second release a solid listen. Twelve tunes. Our faves are "Drown" and "Purolator." (Not Rated)

DEALERSHIP - Secret American Livingroom (Independent CD EP, Pop)
Instantly likable energetic pop. Someone in this band has a real knack for writing good melodies, as this independently produced EP floats high above the mounds of independent releases currently flooding our mailbox. There's an odd sincerity to the vocals and music of Dealership that is both appealing and unusual. The band is a trio based in San Francisco. The basic idea here has been done many times before...but when pop tunes are infused with this much spirit and talent they simply stand out. Eight tunes including "Jungle Gym," "My Box," "Fallout," "You're Dumb," and "Green." An excellent little band to keep an eye on. Real NEAT. (Rating: 5)

THE DISABLED (Unfortunate stunted kind of can't do things people)
Boo hoo hoo! All cry for the poor unfortunate disabled! Their lot in life is so very SAD! How unfair that they should be cursed with such terrible physical deformities that do not allow them to function normally in our society. But it is so IMPORTANT that they HANG ON TO LIFE anyway, isn't it? And it is even MORE important that the rest of us should spend tons of money to help them pretend that they are a part of the real world like the rest of us. Blisters on the hands and feet, sore from the slapping shores of distant mental retardation. Barbara and Elliot crawl across the desert squashed and scrawling. The disabled do not deserve whatever it is they get. The best thing to do is always to just...give up. (Rating: 1)

THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN - The Ice of Boston (CD EP, Interscope, Pop/rock)
Hats off to the Interscope label for signing this underground favorite. The guys in The Dismemberment Plan paid their dues a long while back, and it's time more folks got tuned into this tight, clever band's obtuse rock/pop. Led by hyperactive frontman Travis Morrison, this is a band with influences that go all the way into outer space and back...all the while retaining a sense of originality and integrity. This is a gritty, well-produced EP featuring four tunes. I hope Interscope is planning on putting out a full-length from this band...because I bet it's gonna blow the roofs off. Very compelling stuff...YAH! (Not Rated)

THE DUSTERS - Simplicity (CD, Superbad/Dischord, Pop/rock)
Instantly likable pop rock with a difference. This D.C. based band was formed from the splintered fragments of other bands. The Dusters are loud and powerful, but first and foremost they are smart and inventive players. The band's simple tunes are direct and have just the slightest quirky sound. The guitar work is dynamic and surreal, and the rhythm section is tight as a barker's nightstand. Despite the fact that the band is playing a style of music being played by a thousand other bands (which unfortunately may not work in their favor), they manage to easily stand out based on talent and sheer style. Fun stuff, including "A Day Away," "Breather," and "Killing Ground." (Not Rated)

ed - Rock and Roll is Cool, Daddy, and You Know It! (CD, edipal, Rock/pop)
Interesting stuff. Kind of like adding Walt Mink guitars into Bowie's Man Who Sold the World album. ed hail from Memphis, Tennessee. The band has a sound that harkens back to the seventies with all kinds of nineties influences flying around in the mix. The band is not only tight, their material is way above average...particularly when you consider that this is a self-released disc (!). You can reach the band at edipal productions, 1742 Lawrence, #2, Memphis, TN 38112...or check out their web site at http://i.am/edipal. Mighty entertaining stuff... (Rating: 4)

THE FLAMING LIPS - 1984-1990 (CD, Restless, Pop/rock/experimental)
A puzzling collection of tunes from one of the most puzzling bands ever. These tracks were compiled from the band's early years, and they shed light on how the sound evolved. Many tracks on this CD sound surprisingly accessible compared to much of The Flaming Lips' later work. This disc includes previously available and previously unreleased tracks as well as some that have never before been available on CD (plus a video track of the tune "Unconciously Screamin'"). As is usually the case with compilations, this doesn't flow as well as the band's material usually does. But still, it's an interesting look back...plus you get all those extras that were forgotten along the way... (Rating: 4)

BILL FOX - Shelter From the Smoke (CD, spinART, Pop)
Hummable acoustic folk/pop. This is a re-release of Bill Fox's previously released vinyl LP on the Cherry Pop label, including six extra tunes. Mr. Fox was formerly a member of The Mice, who I am unfamiliar with. These nice jangley pop tunes remind me very much of Ray Carmen (a critically acclaimed home taper from Ohio). The songs have the nice semi-gloss of good home recordings. Bill has a really smooth vocal style, and his harmonies are flawless. Probably the best aspect of this music is that it honestly does seem to come straight from the heart. And in a time where there is so much music being made for all the wrong reasons, that trait makes any artist stand out. Eighteen tunes including "Over and Away She Goes," "Let In The Sun," and "Since I've Been Gone." (Rating: 4)

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - I Was A Teenage Shutdown! (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
Holy mommy of doodoo queen! The more I hear from Electric Frankenstein, the more I like 'em. This is a band that truly ROCKS. Thanks to the fine folks at Estrus, tunes from aa previously hard-to-find limited edition vinyl picture disc are again seeing the light of day. Recorded live to 16 track at WFMU in 1996, this batch of tunes is one big blast of explosive energy. If you're tired of posers and rock bands who just don't have their act together, check out anything by this band. One of the most direct blast of high energy rock currently out there. Includes "It's All Moving Faster," "Rise & Crash," "I Wish I Could," "Right On Target" and four more. This KICKS! (Rating: 5)

GERTRUDE (Some stupid miscellaneous name to differentiate this month's goddamn reviews kind of thing)
What kind of a rating do you think Gertrude should receive? It is rather UNFORTUNATE what happened to her. Gertrude was my stupid dead grandmother's name. I hated my stupid old grandmother. She was such an old cunt. Everyone hated her. I was so glad when she died. So it was unfortunate that her name just happened to be Gertrude. Anyway...the good news is that she has been dead for a good long while...but that still doesn't help her grade ONE GODDAMN BIT... (Rating: 1)

HOUSE OF WIRES - You Are Obsolete (CD, Tooth & Nail, Pop)
Upon hearing this, the first thing I thought was "This reminds me of Joy Electric!" So it was no surprise at all when I read the bio which explained that House of Wires was "discovered" by Mr. J.E. himself, Ronnie Martin. But whereas Mr. Martin's analog electronic pop picks up where the Archies left off (don't laugh...it's a compliment!), House of Wires songs are more similar to bands like O.M.D. (the vocals are particularly similar). Basically upbeat analog electronic pop with occasional mood swings. Fun. (Not Rated)

JOHNNY SOCIETY - Wood (CD, Messenger, Pop/rock)
WOW. I have no idea whether or not the title of this CD refers to pop legend Roy Wood, but the music certainly recalls Mr. Wood's breathtaking brand of melody-charged pop. Johnny Society is headed by Kenny Siegel, who was formerly in the band Hunk (which I never heard). I get chills listening to this music. Not only are the songs dynamite and the melodies spectacular, but Mr. Siegel's falsetto is so good that you'll wanna get out the cream cheese and magnolias and go to town all over again. Though there are elements of seventies pop sewn throughout this disc, it is definitely not a retro kind of thing. The tunes sparkle with clean nineties production, and the instrumentation ranges from simple to thick and complex. Though Kenny is only 25, he's already reached a level of artistic success way beyond many of his older/aging peers. Top notch tunes include "Everyday," "Circles," "Jenny Says Sing," and "Writers." GOD THIS IS SO GOOD. (Rating: 6)

ELENI MANDELL - Wishbone (CD, Mr. Charles, Pop)
As the world's most mentally retarded reviewer, I am always on the lookout for that particular artist, band, or thing that just isn't quite like all the rest. They are few and far between, that's for sure. The latest CD from Eleni Mandell is refreshingly different. Ms. Mandell's style of music is an obtuse sort of pop music that has a good bit in common with obscure male artists. The music has an odd masculinity that's inviting and slightly odd. Actually, moody may be a better adjective to describe these tunes. Eleni's tunes creep up on your subsconscious in a very subtle way. She's got a sultry, emotional vocal style that fits her tunes well. Wishbone contains eleven tracks including "I'm Your Girl," "Wishbone," and "Nickel Plated Man." Good stuff. (Rating: 4)

MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - Actual Sounds + Voices (CD, Formula/Nothing/Interscope, Dance/dub/electronic/collage)
Jack Dangers is Meat Beat Manifesto. He has released a slew of amazing techno/electronic releases to date, and he continues to challenge his listeners. Actual Sounds + Voices picks up where the last album left off. The disc is chock full of electronics, samples, dance beats, and funky rhythms. My favorite track this time around is the Orb-like "Acid Again," which has some very funny samples of a young girl proclaiming that she will never do acid again. Other cool tracks include "Everything's Under Control," "Let's Have Fun," and "Wavy Line." Trippy electronic music that sounds the way it OUGHT to sound. Clever, inventive, and intense. (Rating: 5)

MEN (Masculine sexuality kind of things)
You'd think with all the talk about "real men" that there would be some examples somewhere to be found to substantiate the idea. But...is NOT! Are no REAL men anywhere. All men same as mouse, having no substantial ball to take hold of and pump. Deep down below, all men excessive sissy wimp. All having very sensitive spot in brain what for crying lite dove tear. Poor men! Comparing to women, you is just all nothings. All goddamn no good nothings. (Rating: 1)

MY FRIEND STEVE - Hope & Wait (CD, Mammoth, Pop)
This newcomer on the scene is a band with very radio friendly, urgent, emotional pop music. Band members are from Gainesville and Miami, Florida and the band leader is Steven Burry. Mr. Burry's vocal style is reminiscent of a variety of nineties pop band singers. The main emphasis is on melodies and arrangements. This is the band's debut, featuring twelve tunes including "The Schooling" (the single), "Better Left Behind," and "Backwards and Sideways." Slick stuff. This band stands a good chance of making it big commercially, as their music is extremely accessible. (Not Rated)

NEW RADICALS - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too (CD, MCA, Pop)
You know...I wanted to hate this, but I ended up really liking it. This sounds very much like Top 40 radio crap...but underneath the surface there's more going on than initially meets the ears (particularly in the lyric department). Bandleader Gregg Alexander's clean, techno-like radio pop sounds something like a schmaltzier version of Ben Folds Five. The guy's got a real knack for writing radio friendly pop tunes, and he's got a falsetto that you'll have to hear to believe (reminds me very much of seventies popster Andy Pratt). I'm not too crazy about commercial music...but when it sounds this sincere and real, I don't mind the big production or the busy arrangements at all. Mr. Alexander is a voice that we're all going to be hearing a lot more from in the years to come. That's a certainty. (Rating: 4)

THE QUEERS - Punk Rock Confidential (CD, Hopeless, Rock)
Tons of bands are influenced by the Ramones, but some are influenced in much better ways than others. The Queers are at the top of the pack of nineties Ramones-type rock bands for the pure and simple reason that they write some damn catchy songs. Queer tunes are simple and direct. Buzzsaw guitars and steady rhythms drive the tunes, while ultra-hummable melodies soar overhead. The band's penchant for solid writing is evident on tunes like "Tamara Is a Punk," "Everythings O.K.," "Today I Fell In Love," and "Don't Mess It Up." Simple and loud, these guys are doing it for all the right reasons. You can always expect direct hits from The Queers. This ROCKS. (Rating: 5)

redheadedstepchild - redheadedstepchild (CD, ZoeMagik/City of Tribes, Instrumental/trance/jazz)
This is a REALLY cool disc. redheadedstepchild is a project headed by a fellow named Wade Randolph Hampton (also known as WishFM), but he has a slew of folks offering their talents on this trippy, heady CD. It's hard to categorize this one...but it's an obtuse mix of electronics, jazz, trance, and drum and bass. The production is top notch. This is one disc that will make you feel high just listening to it. This ought to appeal to fans of The Grassy Knoll, as the tunes have a cool organic feel. All the tunes kick our babyfied butts...but particular standouts include "Calabazita," "Blame One," "Smoke and Mirrors," and "Holmes." A beautiful collage of styles. (Rating: 5)

RED HOT + RHAPSODY - The Gershwin Groove (CD, Antilles/Verve/Polygram, Various artists)
Another excellently executed project in the Red Hot series. Note that you can differentiate this, the real thing, by the "+" sign in the name. There are a lot of other companies ripping these folks off by using similar names. (Isn't it a shame that there are folks in the world who can't come up with their own goddamn names?) This George Gershwin tribute boasts some big names...Morcheeba, Bobby Womack, Sinead O'Connor, and David Bowie to name a few. These covers are highly produced pieces with some emotional zing. Interestingly, my favorite is Clark Terry's version of "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" in which he sounds like a street vagrant screaming unintelligible gibberish on an alcoholic binge. There are a lot of Gershwin tributes out lately to commemorate the guy's 100th birthday. This is one of the best I've heard. Neat. (Not Rated)

SHERRI ROBERTS - Dreamsville (CD, Brownstone, Jazz/pop)
Smooth. Reeeeeaaaal smooth. Jazz vocalist Sherri Roberts' vocal style reminds me in many ways of Doris Day, whom I felt has never received the attention she deserved for her recorded work. This is the second full-length that Ms. Roberts has recorded with bassist Harvie Swartz and pianist Mark Soskin. This collection of tunes has a nice mature feel to it, featuring covers of composers like Henry Mancini, Rogers and Hart, Cole Porter, and Dave Brubeck. Sherri's deep vocal style is dreamy indeed, and she has an amazing vibratto that sounds as slick as silk. Looking for dinner music that'll put that special guest in the exact frame of mind you want them in? Check out the appropriately titled Dreamsville. This is some SEXY stuff... (Rating: 4)

SATAN'S PILGRIMS - Creature Feature (CD, Estrus!, Guitar instrumental)
Surf-like instrumentals from Portland. Though Satan's Pilgrims are playing a style of music that is admittedly being played into the ground by too many bands shooting for the same sound...this band is still damn good at what they do. Probably what sets these folks apart from the majority of the guitar instrumental outfits is that they are tight and direct. The guitar work really shines, and there's more diversity than you normally find in surf music... (Rating: 4)

STARFLYER 59 - The Fashion Focus (CD, Tooth & Nail, Pop)
For whatever reason, Starflyer 59's previous album wasn't my favorite thing they've recorded. It was more accessible, yes, but the songs just didn't seem as strong. For whatever reason (again), the band's latest...and even MORE commercial release...The Fashion Focus corrects whatever problems were inherent in the last collection of tunes. There's less emphasis on guitars, more keyboards, and the vocals are way out front. But as this band is becoming more mainstream, they're actually getting better. Whereas the early material was so filled with guitars that you sometimes couldn't exactly discern what the song was about, the ideas are now crystal clear. Jason Martin's vocals have never sounded better...or stronger. This may be the disc to break this band that has long been a favorite among snotty asshole critics like yours faithfully... (Rating: 5)

THE STARSEEDS - Parallel Life (CD, Millennium, Trance/pop/dub)
Soothing. Very, very soothing. British duo Regina Dannhof and Alex McGowan create really dreamy, trance inducing music that's sure to put you in a relaxed frame of consciousness. If you're into bands like Morcheeba, then you'll probably dig these folks' sensual, surreal sound. Some of the music is soft pop, while other segments are impressionistic sound which slides by like a glowing river. With this kind of music, it either works or it doesn't. These folks certainly have the right ideas...and it's all executed beautifully on these nine spacey tunes. Includes "Behind the Sun," "Timequakes," "Earth Moon and Stars" and more. Trippy and really, REALLY cool... (Rating: 5)

STEREOPHONIC SPACE SOUND - The Fluid Soundbox (CD, Mai Tai, Instrumental)
Neat instrumental that sounds like it might've been lifted from a James Bond movie. Sorta lounge-ish, sorta surf guitar-ish...these tunes are well written and fortunately not too overproduced. Hailing from Switzerland, Stereophonic Space Sound is the duo of Ernest Maeschi and Karen Diblitz. This is the second full-length from these folks, and it's a keeper. Cool bopping tunes like "Something For Johnny," "The Wobbler," and "Robot A Go Go" ought to be popular on both the airwaves as well as CD players worldwide. This ought to appeal to Ben Vaughan fans. Very YES. (Rating: 4)

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS (Animal farm kind of hog things)
What were the Three Little Pigs doing building houses when they were so obviously meant for slaughter? Pigs should not build houses. They should grow up big and fat, and then submit to their inevitable death. Every pig should die, even little fairytale pigs. After the pigs are dismembered, packaged, and sent to grocery stores they must be purchased, cooked, and eaten. Ahhh...the beauty of it all. Some must die so that others may live. That is so COOL! (Rating: 2)

WAGON CHRIST - Tally Ho! (CD, Astralwerks, Electronic dance)
Don't let the category frighten you. This is (gasp!) GOOD dance music. I know, I know. Most electronic dance music is garbage. No wonder so many folks hate the entire medium altogether. But there are great artists out there. Luke Vibert is definitely one of the best, no matter what moniker he records under (he also records using his own name as well as Plug). The rhythms are punchy, and the bass lines thick and fat. The music is somewhat trippy, semi-psychedelic fare. But it is Mr. Vibert's imaginative programming techniques that set him apart. Unfortunately, most electronic artists just aren't very creative. Consider this collection as what dance music OUGHT to sound like in the nineties. Thirteen kickass numbers including "Fly Swat," "Juicy Luke Vibert," and "My Organ In Your Face" (?!?). GREAT. (Rating: 5)

WALT MINK - Goodnite (CD, Deep Elm, Rock/pop)
I will never understand why this band didn't capture a larger audience. I can think of few bands of the past decade that had such an original sound and unswerving conviction. Walt Mink music was a hybrid of complex guitar riffs, bubblegum pop vocals, and frenetic rhythms. During their impressive career, this band had me by the balls from the first release. And to their credit, they ended on a good note...releasing the best full-length of their career (Colossus, also on the Deep Elm label). I was very saddened to hear that the band had broken up...so it seems particularly fitting that this live recording of the band's last show in New York has been released for closure for Walt Mink fans. This disc just pulses with energy. I have a feeling that bandleaders John Kimbrough and Candice Belanoff will resurface somewhere or another. They're just too talented to not be making music. I normally don't like live discs, but this one is an exception. I would highly suggest folks go back and check out the band's entire catalog. They were surely far ahead of their time... (Not Rated)

WEEPING IN FITS AND STARTS - Blue Funnel World (CD, Rhubarb, Pop)
This one's about as unpredictable and unusual as the band name. The tunes on this disc range from so-so to brilliant...so be prepared to have that remote in hand. It'll be worth your trouble in the end, however, as the gems on this CD are true delights. When Weeping In Fits and Starts are at their worst, they play noisy alternative generic dribble. When they're at their best, however, they remind me very much of early Bee Gees...playing sparkling, melodic pop music. Our top picks are "Less Screwed People," "You Do Everything But Heal Me" (this one's incredible), "Labotomy," and "Piccolo." This one's not getting a rating because it's too confusing. Though you do have to skip around to get to the meat, it's worth it. This is a band with BIG POTENTIAL...! (Not Rated)

WHITEYS (Pale, omnipotent kind of people things)
Awwwww Whiteys! How come ya'll so goddamn UNFAIR? Ya'll gots all the money. Ya'll gots all the power. Ya'll gots all the EVERYTHING! It ain't fair. That's why we have to have LAWS to protect the rest of us from the power of ya'll Whiteys. Whiteys is alway unthoughtful and mean to everyone else. Down with Whiteys! They BAD! They MEAN! They even have they unclean barnhole, damn to Hell. (Rating: 1)


A Christmas To Remember - A Christmas To Remember (CD, Velvel/BMG, Various artists)
The Agents - For All the Massive (CD, Radical)
Alien Fashion Show - Alien Fashion Show (CD, Surfdog)
Apocalypse Hoboken - House of the Rising Son of a Bitch (CD, Kung Fu, Rock)
Assorted Jellybeans - What's Really Going On!?! (CD, Kung Fu)
Astoveboat - New Bedford (CD, Load)
Patti Austin - In & Out of Love (CD, Concord)
Sara Ayers - Voices (CD, Dark Wood Recordings)
Tal Bachman - Tal Bachman (Advance CD, Columbia)
Merril Bainbridge - Between the Days (CD, Universal)
Bassholes - When My Blue Moon Turns Red Again (CD, In The Red)
Belizbeha - Void Where Inhibited (CD, Biz)
Block - Timing Is Everything (CD, Java/Capital)
B-Side - Player 1 Press Start (CD, Junior High)
Buttercup - Buttercup (CD, Spirit of Orr)
Celtic Heartbeat - A Winter's Tale (CD, Celtic Heartbeat, Various artists)
Chamberlain - The Moon My Saddle (CD, Doghouse America)
Rosemary Clooney/Count Basie Orchestra - At Long Last (CD, Concord)
Co-Ed - Sometimes Always Maybe Never (CD, Cool Guy)
Crystal - Crystal (CD EP, Cherry Bomb)
Cursive - The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song (CD, Saddle Creek)
Christoph de Babalon - If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (CD, Digital Hardcore)
Nick Dastardly and the Escape Artists - Let Go of My Bruised Wing (Independent CD)
Deicide - When Satan Lives (CD, Roadrunner)
Deviates - My Life (CD, Theologian)
Dial-7 - Never Enough Time (CD, Warner Bros.)
Dipsomaniacs - Undertow (CD, Face Down)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Einsturzende Neubauten (CD, Nothing)
Elastic - Elastic (CD, 213, Various artists)
EQ (Magazine, October 1998)
Ex-Fork - What's Next, Tomorrow? (CD, Cool Guy)
Fat Boy Slim - You've Come a Long Way, Baby (CD, Astralwerks)
Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau - Brass Attitude (CD, Concord)
Fireside - Uomini D'Onore (CD, Crank!)
Flick - There You Go (CD, Columbia)
Flipside (Magazine, Number 114)
Kirk Franklin - The Nu Nation Project (CD, Gospo Centric)
Free Agent
(Zine, Fall 1998)
Fuzzy Bunny - The Feel Good Tape of the Summer! (Cassette, Koala Records)
Gig (Magazine, October 1998)
Gig (Magazine, November 1998)
The Gloria Record - "Grace, The Show is Here" b/w "(and is it ever)" (7" vinyl single, Crank!)
Goat - Goat (Advance CD, Columbia)
The Gun and Doll Show - Working on the Bomb (CD, Fortune)
Happy Christmas - A BEC Holiday Collection (CD, BEC, Various artists)
Chris Harford - Band of Changes (Double CD, Blackshepherd)
HUB - HUB (CD, Slash)
The Ill Billy Boys - Here Comes Trouble (CD, Lo Fi Mad Scientist)
Industrial Nation (Magazine, Issue 16)
Jojo - American Girl (CD, Vanity)
Joan Jones - Starlite Criminal (CD, Hollywood)
Richard Julian - Smash Palace (CD, Blackbird Recording Co./Sire)
Keyboard (Magazine, December 1998)
King Brothers - King Brothers (CD, Bulb 99)
Ladies Night - The Boys Night Out (CD, Kid)
Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview (CD, Capital)
Longfellow - And So On... (CD, Kung Fu, Rock)
The Lothars - Meet the Lothars (CD, Wobbly Music)
Lumin - Datura (CD, City of Tribes)
Bob McConnell and the Boss Brass - Big Band Christmas (CD, Concord)
Mice Parade - The Ture Meaning of Boodleybaye (CD, Bubble Core)
Minmae - "Poltergeist Over England" b/w "Macros Dub" (7" vinyl single, Airborne Virus)
MLR-1 - Mary's Louge Records (CD, Mary's Lounge, Various artists)
Moe - Tin Cans and Car Tires (CD, Sony)
Moral Crux - Something More Dangerous (CD, Panic Button)
Morella's Forest - From Dayton Witih Love (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Nine Dollar Melon Baller - I'll Give You Something To Cry About (Independent CD)
Number One Cup - People People Why Are We Fighting? (CD, Flydaddy)
Olive Pit (Zine, #2)
One Hit Wonder - Who the Hell is... (CD, Nitro)
Orgazmo - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Nickel Bag, Various artists)
Powerplay (Magazine, Issue 19)
Pro Sound News (Magazine, October 1998)
Puller - Closer Than You Think (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Rare On Air - Volume Four (CD, Mammoth, Various artists)
Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard? (CD, Mojo)
Replication News (Magazine, September 1998)
Jim Rome - Welcome To The Jungle (CD, Outpost)
17 Reasons - The Dark Years (CD, Laundry Room)
Science Kit - 7 Times Around (CD, Sit-N-Spin)
The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Big Wheel (CD, Capricorn)
Sharon America - Free2BU (CD, Laundry Room)
Six By Seven - The Things We Make (CD, Beggars Banquet)
The Slackers - The Question (CD, Hellcat)
The Smooths - No Brakes (CD, Dummy Recordings)
Soak - Flywatt (CD, Sire)
Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets (CD, Relapse)
Solar Coaster - Solar Coaster (CD, Turnbuckle)
The Sound of Urchin - Featuring Tomato11 & Barbie Smooth (CD, Steven)
John Southworth - Mars Pennsylvania (CD, Bar/None, Pop)
Space Bunnies Must Die! - Original Game Soundtrack (CD, Hip-O/Universal, Varioust artists)
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Christmas Caravan (CD, Mammoth)
Substance D. - Black (CD, F.A.D.)
The 2 Live Crew - The Real One (CD, L'il Joe)
Tail Spins (Magazine, #31)
Thundercrack - Own Shit Home (CD, Estrus)
Toprope Magazine (Magazine, Volume II, Issue 3)
Uncle Eddie - Fountain City Follies (CD, Crustacean)
Urania - Initiation (CD, Brain Surgery Music)
Vallejo - Beautiful Life (CD, TVT)
Vibro Kings - Valentine From Arizona (CD, Vibro Kings Prod.)
Mark Vigil - In Expression (Double independent CD)
Xing - Worldwide (CD, Laundry Room)

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