January 1998 Reviews

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THE BEDBUGS - Up Your Auntie/Corrective Eyewear (Cassette, Rocket Racket Cassettes, Pop)
This cassette is a re-release of the second and third cassette-only releases from The Bedbugs. This is basic, sparse lo-fi home taped pop with a heavy emphasis on melody and structure. Recorded on four track by a fellow who just goes by the name Tim, these tunes are strong. At times they sound like skeletons that would benefit from more elaborate arrangements in the future, but just as they appear here they are downright entertaining. Tim's songs are simple and direct. An underground taper to keep an eye on... (Not Rated)

BEN FOLDS FIVE - Naked Baby Photos (CD, Caroline, Piano pop)
Though this may be for Ben Folds Five completists only (of which there are probably millions now), Naked Baby Photos is an interesting retrospective of one of the most talented bands of the nineties. As one of the band's very early supporters, I caught these guys playing in a small club to an audience of about fifteen people...and they played their balls off. Since then, the band has received non-stop critical acclaim, and their fan base continues to rise exponentially. This CD includes mostly live tracks, but it's those early unreleased recordings that are the most interesting (particularly "Emaline", which was originally slated for the band's debut album). I suppose this will have to do until the next studio album is released. Ben Folds is still the reigning king of nineties pop pianists. (Rating: 4)

FAITH BURNS - Faith Burns (German import CD, Normal Rec., Soft pop)
"Sadcore"??? I'm beginning to get the idea that any new musical movement can be begun by simply adding "core" to the end of any ol' word you can think of. ANYWAY...Faith Burns is an extremely talented new artist whose sound is not quite pop, not quite progressive, not quite traditional, yet not quite modern. Ms. Burns' lyrics are introspective and thought provoking...her vocals sexy and deep...and some of her tunes are damn near unforgettable. Tunes like "Face In The Moon" and "Trona" are thick and suggestive...but the piece that really grabs me here is "Pardon Me Mister Sunrise," which is a piano torch song so gripping that I had to sit down to take notice. To be a newcomer on the scene, this lady presents some amazingly mature compositions. Cool and very, VERY hypnotic... (Rating: 4)

BUSH - Deconstructed (CD, Interscope, Remixes)
Bush. The kids love 'em, while the critics love ripping 'em to shreds. Personally, I've never found their music particularly tasteful or distasteful. It's pleasant enough, if not somewhat generic. This album contains remixes of some of their tunes by Tricky, Goldie, Dub Pistols, Derek DeLarge, and others. These interesting takes on familiar tunes seem geared more for the drum and bass/techno crowd than their normal audience. Includes a cover of Joy Division's "In A Lonely Place." (Not Rated)

C.O. JONES - Dreams of Suckcess (CD, Independent release, Rock)
Man these guys are GOOD. Not only are they good, they are STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL (!?!). But you'd never know it from listening to these tunes. This highly motivated five piece band has obviously spent a great deal of time playing, practicing, and writing. The material is fresh and much more mature than you would expect from such a young band. The rhythm section is right, and the lead vocalist is damn good. There's plenty of intricate guitar work to keep things interesting as well. These guys are doing a lot of things right, as is evidenced by tunes like "Cloud," "Ashes," "Deep Down," and "Christ." A & R folks would do well to check these guys out. They could be BIG. Contact: C.O. Jones, P.O. Box 1000, Versailles, KY 40383 or E-mail 'em at co1jones@aol.com. (Not Rated)

DON CAMPAU & ROBIN O'BRIEN - Preexisting Condition/Western Union (Independent cassette, Lonely Whistle Music, Offbeat pop)
Anyone who knows anything knows the name Don Campau. The man is one of THE essential forces in the world of underground music.His latest self-released tape is divided into two sections. Side one presents more of Don's own oddball pop, which continues to get more and more peculiar as time goes by. Mr. Campau's music has an odd, loose feel to it. Whether doing acoustic numbers of going off on his semi-psychedelic tangents, Mr. Campau's material is similar to Frank Zappa or even the Bonzo Dog Band. As usual, the guitar stuff is EXCELLENT. Side two is a project recorded by Don and his wife Robin O'Brien (another inventive home taper). Instead of merging their own individual styles, Don and Robin head off in an entirely different tangent. The tunes range from experimental dub to trance to electronics to strange acoustic stuff. (Side two also features a guest appearance by another of the greatest home tapers off all time...Dino Dimuro.) Available for $5.00 from Lonely Whistle Music, P.O. Box 23952, San Jose, CA 95153. Great obscure stuff way outside the mainstream... (Rating: 5)

CARLOS - Bigger Teeth (CD, Headhunter, Pop)
Fuzzed out pop with bite. This is the third full-length release from this San Francisco band. For an underground trio, Carlos has some amazingly radio-friendly tunes ("Bigger Teeth"). The band keeps their arrangements simple and the vocals way up front in the mix. The tunes that hit the hardest are the pure pop thumpers ("Fairweather Friend"). Not unlike Material Issue at times, these guys' music is simple, straight-from-the-hip happy pop. (Rating: 4)

RICHARD CARPENTER - For the Love of Karen! (CD, M.A., Pop)
He's lost his looks as well as his little sister...so now he blows For the Love of Karen! out from behind the magic barnhole. Though the choice of tunes is somewhat troublesome ("Don't Throw That Up To Me Again," "It's Time To Move Out of Mom and Dad's House", "Chubby Little Peckerhead"), the actual recordings are nothing if not blistered and sore. Worn out from all the attention and glamour, Richard does little but apply extra lipstick and rouge to his homosexual mystique. Ah well...can't blame a girl for trying, can ya? (Rating: 1)

ABRAHAM CLOUD - Voyage to Afghanistan (CD, Stonegarden, Pop)
Cool. Abraham Cloud is an amazingly inventive and imaginative songwriter. He recorded about half of these tracks with a backing band and the other half alone. For a popster, Abraham has a real beefy, masculine voice...which really helps to add punch to these tunes. This man gives a lot more thought to arrangements than most folks. The tunes are supported by keys, odd shifts in percussion, and continually cool guitar work. I'm not sure if I like the full band tunes better or Abraham's solo recordings. Hell, they BOTH sound so cool it's hard to decide. Mr. Cloud challenges the listener throughout this CD with his surprisingly diverse pop music. In addition to the title track, our favorites are "A Dog Called Man," "Off," and "The Promise of Saturday." This one may get pushed under the rug because of the incredible overabundance of pop CDs coming out of late, but it is DEFINITELY worth checking out. This guys is approaching pop from a different angle. (Rating: 5)

CLUTCH - Impetus EP (CD EP, Earache, Hard rock)
Hard, bitching cock rock from the infamous Clutch. This EP includes tracks from the Passive Restraints EP, plus the rare track "Pile Driver" and the original demo version of "Impetus." The music is driving, swirling hard rock with angry, distorted damn vocals. There are lots of bands failing in their attempts to create this style of music. Clutch succeed because me thinks they really MEANS it... (Rating: 4)

DEICIDE - Serpents Of The Light (CD, Roadrunner, Christian rock)
You might think from these guys' name and image that they'd be death metal musicians, but they're not. Even though their hair is long and they wear leather, these four young men are avid followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the opening track, Glen Benton mourns his sordid past but learns from years of experience that right prevails. "Blame It On God," a soft piano ballad, is probably my favorite track because of the sincerity of the lyrics ("If I have to blame my happiness on someone, then I must blame it on God"). This band's clever way of shrouding their real intent is probably their greatest strength. Another interesting tune is "Believe The Lie," with its chiming acoustic guitars and soft bird calls. It's great to see a band with enough guts to sing about Jesus. After all, isn't that what you is there always? (Rating: 4)

THE DERAILERS - Reverb Deluxe (CD, Watermelon/Sire, Country)
Fresh, upbeat, ultimately catchy country pop from four guys who know how to do chicken right. The Derailers country pop is so simple that it may lose some folks who mistake it for commercial slop. Slop pop it is not, as the band comes up with tunes that are straightforward and sincere. The songs are polished with studio gloss and drenched in a wall of pedal steel guitar...but it's those vocals and particularly the melodies that make this band stand out from all those other country wannabes. Fourteen standout tunes including "Just One More Time," "California Angel," "Ellen," and "You Don't Have To Go." With so many bands trying so desperately hard to find a sound and image, it's the guys who let it come naturally that end up getting the points in these here parts. This is pure FEELGOOD music. (Rating: 5)

THE DEVLINS - Waiting (CD, Radiouniverse, Pop)
This Irish band successfully merges accessibility with good quality pop music on their second full-length release. Though The Devlins have so far only achieved critical success, this disc could bump the band's popularity up several notches. Recorded in Montreal with famed producer Pierre Marchand, the overall sound is professional and slick but these fellows still retain their integrity and intriguing sound throughout. I liked the band's debut disc...but this one's even better (probably due to the very cool arrangements that are particularly entertaining). A lot of band's could learn from The Devlins' approach to getting their ideas across. Instead of bombarding the listener with too much of everything, the band's sparse, well thought out overall sound is most appealing. Top picks: "Years Could Go By," "Where Are You Tonight?," "Surrender," and "Kill With Me Tonight." (Rating: 4)

THE DOODOO EATERS - First Taste (CD, Sage, Country)
How many paw paws does a paw paw break before it becomes a Negro? And what of the wandering shifts that transfer medium pan-fried jack-in-the-spam shucks? Them there The Doodoo Eaters...lookie at them there! They taking it back...they taking it ALL back... Back to the cakehole...the barnhole...the donuthole...the whateverhole... If it is eating you want to be done for, it is eating you all gonna get away from. It is an ugly world when you cannot go to school or start a war. Hell is a place you will eventually understand. The neighbors disappear and turn fleck-like... The retarded Hindu farts up an oversized mustard banana... (Rating: 2)

DREAM CITY FILM CLUB - Dream City Film Club (CD, Beggars Banquet, Pop)
Though I'm not quite sure if "pop" covers the territory these folks are swimming in, I'm not quite sure what other category to place them in. Dream City Film Club play a sensual kind of torch song pop that doesn't quite fit in with the current onslaught of generic nineties pop. Opening with the sultry and reflective "Night of Nights," the band weaves in and out of a variety of genres on their debut full-length. Sometimes sounding like Savannah's GAM and other times sounding like mid-period David Bowie (or even Iggy Pop), this band runs a wide gamut of sounds. The one thing that ties everything together is a strange feeling of alienation and despair. The band consists of Michael John Sheehy (guitar/vocals), Andrew Park (bass), Alex Vald (guitar), and Laurence Ash (drums). This is a band you're going to be hearing more about in the future. Get into their early stuff...before their fame has the chance to ruin their creativity... (Rating: 4)

Though it's doubtful that this reissue of ROIR's cassette-only release will appeal to anyone besides Einsturzende Neubauten fans, this CD is an interesting look back at the band's live shows from 1980 to 1983 (before they hit the U.S.). Certainly far ahead of their time, this band was playing obtuse, difficult industrial music way, way, WAY before the movement even had a name. Metallic noise, scraping, screaming, humming...the guys obviously didn't give a damn about commercial appeal (which makes it even more interesting that they actually achieved such widespread success). This CD is being reissued prior to the band's tenth full-length release (Ende Nue) on Nothing Records. For completists only. (Not Rated)

THE FASTBACKS - Win, Lose or Both (CD EP, Popllama, Pop/rock)
There seems to be a growing debate over who is better...The Muffs or The Fastbacks. My conclusion? They're BOTH killer. The Fastbacks won me over a few years back with a killer live show, and I've been infatuated with their music ever since. Guitarist/producer/vocalist Kurt Bloch is one of the most important songwriters of this decade (just my humble opinion, mind you). On this EP, the band offers four new tunes...but the disc also contains a whole slew of live tracks recorded during the band's 1997 tour. This band always offers top notch material. This EP makes me mighty goddamn hungry for the next full-length. A personal note to the Fastbacks...please, PLEASE come back and play Atlanta again. Purty pleeeeeeeeEEEEEAAAASE??? (Rating: 5)

FINE CHINA - No One Knows E.P. (CD, Velvet Blue Music, Pop)
Mmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmm! Mighty fine moody pop music from the latest act signed to California's up-and-coming Velvet Blue Music. Fine China create fuzzy pop music with breathy vocals and stellar arrangements. Only four tunes here (damn!), but they sure make you wanna hear more. There are a lot of great Christian pop artists out and about lately...and Fine China certainly get thrown to the top of the list with this release. This EP was produced by one of my favorite electronic pop artists, Ronnie Martin (of Joy Electric fame). (Rating: 4)

FLUORESCEIN - High Contrast Comedown (CD, Geffen, Rock/pop)
Four guys from four different bands (Lutefisk, 60 Cycle, Space Twin, and 1000 Mona Lisas) come together and form a totally new band. This is the debut album from Flourescein, a guitar based rock band with good tunes. The obvious standout tune here is "Cathy's On Crank!," with it's catchy singsong chorus and cool intro. This is a highly polished batch of tracks with thick guitars and lotsa vocal overdubs. Other cuts include "Slaughterhouse With A Bed," "Stoned Cold War," and "Donuts and Sharks." Overall, an enjoyable listen from beginning to end. (Rating: 4)

FOLD ZANDURA - Ultraforever (CD, B.E.C. Recordings, Pop)
I like some of what this band has to offer on their debut album. Two-thirds of the band originally called themselves Mortal and played industrial music. Fold Zandura is a pop outfit all the way. Some of the songs have good melodies and catchy choruses, but the production and particularly the arrangements are distracting. The band has that "generic nineties rock" sound that is so prevalent these days. This may be one to watch for the future. This is listenable, but I'm not blown away... (Rating: 3)

F.Y.P - My Man Grumpy (CD, Recess, Punk/pop)
No, that's not a typo...the band leaves the period off the "P" in their name. There are tons and tons and TONS of bands playing screamer punk/pop, but there's one thing that almost all of them are missing...that is, a good sense of humor. Well THANK GOD for bands like F.Y.P because I laughed many, many times while listening to their latest CD. Not only are the lyrics and photos extremely amusing, but the band actually writes some damn good songs with clever hooks. My favorites here are "I Dunno What's Happening To Me," "I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books," and "Slitwrists." The photo on the back of a pantless fellow showing it off to a classfull of young schoolgirls is priceless. I wish now that I had caught these guys' recent show, cuz I bet it was a sweat-filled riot... Totally CRAZY. (Rating: 4)

BRUCE GILBERT - In Esse (CD, Mute, Electronic noise)
As founder of the band Wire, you might think that this solo release would contain offbeat pop music. WRONG. Instead of milking dead cows from his past, Bruce Gilbert delves into completely uncommercial territory on his latest release. What does it sound like? Well...something like twiddling the radio dial in between stations while someone who doesn't know how to play a moog is doodling away in the background. Abrasive and totally lacking in melody or structure, In Esse is a difficult listen. While some might argue that the same basic sound could be obtained by turning on appliances in one's home, I can't help but like this kind of album. Why? Well...I have to admit that I get a charge out of playing this for friends and watching them SQUIRM. Sheesh. I never promised ROSE GARDENS, did I? This is not for sissies or pussies or ninners. Harsh, man-sized electronic TRASH. (Rating: 4)

HARDCORPS - The Ultimate in Gabber & Hardcore Techno (CD, Moonshine, Various artists/rave/techno)
I've thought for a long time that the whole rave scene is a bit too safe and wimpy. After all, the worst that usually happens at a rave is that someone slips something into someone else's drink and they pass out and get raped. Well THANK GOODNESS that all may change with the advent of "gabber house" music. Those peaceful drug addicted techno heads may just start turning a little violent when they start hearing this new, harder edged techno dance music craze. This various artists compilation presents a handful of artists catering to this new musical style. It includes tracks by Archatos, Mystic, Omar Santana, Wayward, The Horrorist, and more. Anything that has the potential to make people injure each other is a good thing. I like where this movement may be headed... (Rating: 3)

MICK HARVEY - Pink Elephants (CD, Mute, Lounge/easy listening)
This is the second album of Serge Gainsbourg cover tunes by Mick Harvey (the first was entitled Intoxicated Man). I never heard the first, so I can't compare it withi the latest. On this release, Mr. Harvey does an admirable job of conquering the difficult task of taking tunes that were already good and shedding new light on them. The arrangements are simple yet effective, and Mick's vocals are not unlike Mr. Gainsbourg. No less than sixteen tunes, including "Comic Strip," "Scenic Railway," "I Love You...Nor Do I," and "Hotel Specific." Funny and provocative. (Rating: 4)

HEPCAT - Right On Time (CD, Epitaph, Reggae/ska/soul pop)
You think you've heard whining? Well, you ain't heard NUFFIN until you've heard me whine about how generic and samey ska music is. There are so many bands that play ska at blinding speeds that they all end up sounding the same...BORING. It wasn't until I heard Hepcat that I realized that it's not ska I hate...it's those bands out there who feel compelled to play the music WAY TOO FAST. Thank God for those bands who know the meaning of restraint. This nine piece (!) band plays their reggae/ska/soul pop at just the right speed, and in doing so have created a thoroughly entertaining CD. The band has a big fat vocal sound with harmonies so slick it'll make your herd swarm. Thirteen tunes including "Right On Time," "Goodbye Street" (my favorite), "Tommy's Song," and "Baby Blues." NICE. (Rating: 4)

THE HIGH LLAMAS - Cold and Bouncy (CD, V2/Alpaca, Pop)
Yeah. Oh yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh... This is nice, nice, NICE. The High Llamas are the latest project put together by Sean O'Hagan, who some folks might remember as the founder of Microdisney a few years back. Combining cool instrumentals with pop tunes reminiscent of Stackridge and 10CC, this guy's got talent to spare. The production is crisp and clean, but more importantly this man (and his band members) use the studio to add emphasis and punch to some spectacular tunes. More often than not, studio gimmicks hamper recordings. Folks go crazy putting too much stuff in between the cracks, or they get overly inventive and muddy the picture. Not so here...the high tech blips and bleeps and heady arrangements add a great deal of intensity to these pop tunes. This is somewhat goofy stuff, but with a certain seriousness underneath it all. The disc includes sixteen tunes that I will be playing INTO THE GROUND for months to come. There's not a weak track on this damn thing, but my initial favorites are "The Sun Beats Down," "HiBall Nova Scotia," "Bouncy Glimmer," "Over the River," and "Lobby Bears." We aren't giving out the coveted rating of "6" that often these days, but this one deserves it FOE SHO. GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEAT!!! (Rating: 6)

ICOS - Incurable Contact (CD, Madcap, Rock)
Thick funky rock. These guys have a very masculine sound. Their guitar driven rock is topped off with some real gnarly, macho vocals. Instead of delivering their tunes with distortion and volume, ICOS instead goes for a funky sound. Production is clean, and the playing is tight. This Chicago-based four piece is led by guitarist Danny McGuinness who can sure play some fancy guitar licks. This CD is slick and commercial, yet it still has a few rough edges... (Rating: 3)

LINT - The Little Dancing Ballerina Has Given Up (CD, Plumb, Pop)
The initial bars of the latest Lint album immediately grab the listener with a guitar-driven beat complemented with urgent vocals traded off between two of the female and a male singers in the Boston-based group. The interplay calls to mind the meshing of Exene Cervenka and John Doe of X, without sounding like the famous L.A. rockers. This is an album of contrasts -- harsh guitar sounds bubbling under the surface of beautiful vocals. The songs alternate from shimmering indie-rock to piano-based confessionals. Sounds similar to The Individuals, an early 80s power-pop band from Hoboken, N.J. Lint gets better with repeated listening.(B. McGreevy) (Rating: 5)

ANDREW LORAND - Location. Location. Location. (CD, Trough, Pop)
The latest CD from Andrew Lorand sounds very much like an acoustic version of They Might Be Giants, with a hint of Frank Zappa thrown in for good measure. The words are light and goofy, but the arrangements have a more serious tone as Mr. Lorand combines instruments like keyboards, mandolins, guitars, and even accordion into the mix. Twelve tunes including "Weird," "Almost Happy," "My Camaro, My Handgun, And A Beer," and "Distractions." On Mark Humphrey's Trough Records label... (Not Rated)

LORD HIGH FIXERS - When the Revolution Comes (CD, Au Go Go, Rock)
Distortion. Lots of distortion. Snarly vocals. Lots of snarly vocals. Feedback. Lots and lots of feedback. This is garage rock. Garage rock with attitude. Garage rock with distortion, snarly vocals, and lots and lots of feedback. At times this sounds more like a practice session that a recording session...which is actually kinda cool. In fact, it is these guys' careless abandon that makes me like their music. Fun sloppy tunes like "Witch Doctor" and "Tired of Trying" are hard to dislike. This sounds like one of those bands that has to be seen to be appreciated to the fullest. I bet these guys can tear a club up... (Rating: 3)

MJB - C'mon Slacker (Independently released cassette, Pop)
I suppose some things are just meant to be appreciated by a select few. I guess that's why I consider myself so fortunate to be aware of one of America's best underground home tapers. Michael J. Bowman stands out in a world where too many people are trying way, WAY too hard. Instead of going for overkill, Mr. Bowman's command of restraint is what takes his home recorded pop to a higher level. And the man DOES NOT give up. Whereas most home tapers give up after a while if they don't reach a large audience, this fellow is obviously driven to create his work out of sheer passion and love of music. This cassette honestly states that the music is "guaranteed basement quality." Now that might be a drawback with your average home taper...but in this case, it is NOT a problem. Sure, I'd like to hear this guy go wild in a more professional studio. But let's give him time. He's obviously having so much fun with his current recording setup that it'd take YEARS for me to tire of his easily identifiable sound. Way too many songs to mention here, but the goodies include "I Shot The Invisible Man," "Last Brain to Darksville," "Jesus Is Watching," "Joe," "Can't Turn Myself On," and "Home Taper Blues." He's one of the best and continues to be...one of the best! The tape is only $5.00. Contact MJB, 11 Orchart St., Cold Spring, NY 10516 or e-mail him at 76365.400@compuserve.com. (Rating: 6)

SCOTT McCARL - Play On... (CD, Titan, Pop)
After a lengthy career playing with other folks, Scott McCarl releases his first solo album. Probably best known as the bass player on the Raspberries' final album, Scott has played in a whole slew of bands over the years. Apparently the renewed interest in the Raspberries prompted Scott to record and release this album. As might be expected, the music is shimmering pop in the vein of the Beatles or Badfinger. In addition to his own tunes, Scott covers the Beatles ("Yes It Is") and his former band ("Nobody Knows"). As an added bonus, the CD contains several bonus tracks from Scott's earlier years. Nice sing-songy pop with some nice guitar licks. (Not Rated)

MUSCADINE - The Ballad of Hope Nicholls (CD, Sire, Pop)
I had a feeling based on the song titles that I was going to like this band. "Alice In Indieland," "Popsicles For Mommy," "Mr. Music," "Wind Up Doll"... The best part is...the songs are BETTER than the titles (!). Fuzzed out pop tunes that aren't quite commercial, yet certainly not alternative noise. Benji Hughes and Jonathan Wilson are a songwriting due to be reckoned with. Hell, even the lyrics kick ass. For some reason, this disc reminds me in some ways of Thunderclap Newman or even the poppier side of mid-period Pink Floyd...although the music is much, MUCH more contemporary than that. Instead of just throwing predictable pop tarts at the listener, these guys are much more inventive ("Mon Petite Chou"). Of course, it's probably these guys' top notch harmonies that really push this music over the edge. This is actually a re-release of this band's own self-released album, which is fairly incredible given the great sound quality. Tired of all those pop CDs that wear thin after just one listen? Muscadine's debut disc is deserving of many repeated listenings... (Rating: 5)

BILLIE MYERS - Growing, Pains (CD, Universal, Pop)
British-based Billie Myers reaches high but comes up short with her debut disk. The Nashville-slick production achieves a mainstream pop sound. Her confessional lyrics highlight an expressive voice that reminds one of Tracy Chapman or Chrissie Hynde. At times her mannerisms sound somewhat affected, however. (B. McGreevy) (Rating: 2)

NAPALM DEATH - Breed To Breathe (CD EP, Earache, Metal)
In addition to the title track, this new EP from Napalm Death also features four rare unreleased tracks. The sixth track features the winner of the Napalm Death cover competition (Impending Doom). The real gem here is the CD-ROM video of "Breed To Breathe," which has now been banned in seven continents. This band has always been controversial, and they're obviously not veering from that course at this point in time. Raunchy and ballsy. (Not Rated)

THE NIMRODS - Once Again Saving the World Takes a Back Seat To A Good Beer (CD, Dr. Dream, Rock)
Buzzsaw guitar rock/pop played ultra fast with a definite sense of humor. The Nimrods are treading in the same general area as the Mr. T Experience (who they list in their thank you's in the inner sleeve). Almost no guitar solos...no drum solos...no extended instrumental passages...these guys play it straight from the hip with big overdriven power chords and lots of CRASH, BANG, BAM. Twelve hyper pop tunes including "I Feel Like Gettin' Drunk," "Nobody Loves Me But My Mom," "Last Night," and "Val Needs Therapy." Steady, upbeat, and fun. (Not Rated)

NON - God & Beast (CD, Mute, Electronic noise)
Mute WINS. Wins what? Wins prize for most UNCOMMERCIAL, BIZZARRE STUFF currently being released on a big label. Most of the stuff the label puts out is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT...which probably alienates a lot of listeners. To screwed up perverts, however, the music generally tends to be soothing and provoking. NON is a completely EVIL sounding band. Electronic swirls...vocals that sound like Linda Blair...muted machine sounds...total NON-MUSIC. Bandleader Boyd Rice seems intent on screwing with the listener's head to the point of causing extreme cerebral vortex damage. You can take it or leave it...he probably doesn't give a damn. If Satan recorded music, it would probably sound something like this. Certainly one of the most screwed up, frightening CDs of the past few months, God & Beast is one bizarre damn sound collage that few folks will be able to tolerate. (Rating: 5)

OLD PIKE - Old Pike (CD EP, Flat Earth/Throwrug, Rock/pop)
This is a very solid debut EP from a band with a great deal of talent as well as commercial potential. Created from bits and pieces of the bands Planet Earth and Neena Foundry, Old Pike play thick hummable pop that is heavily layered with guitars and backing vocals. The band's recent stint opening up for nineties favorite Ben Folds Five has probably already garnered them a sizeable following... (Rating: 3)

BETTY PAGE - Jungle Girl (German import CD, Q.D.K. Media, Exotic/lounge)
Though I find the artist name here to be a bit misleading (the tunes here are not actually by Betty Page), the music contained within is a real kicker. This collection of music is the type of stuff that the mind conjures up when seeing Ms. Page's photo shoots. Exotic lounge stuff that is as sexy and provocative as Betty herself. In addition to the cool music, the packaging here is GREAT. The front and back cover showing Betty being confronted by a wild African is priceless. Not only that, the CD includes a 20-page color booklet of photographs. Interestingly, the best photos are not the nudies but the shots where Betty is dressed like a little girl, a black cat, and a trashy street person. Though the disc only clocks in at 48 minutes, it includes a total of 24 (!) short tracks. Overall, this is a very cool package that contains some lively, sexy music... (Rating: 5)

PAVE THE ROCKET - Taken In (CD, Deep Elm, Rock)
Really nice noisy rock music with a unique difference. Instead of going for total noise or predictable restrained pop/rock, Pave The Rocket (don't ask me what the name means) go for a static, dischordant sound that still retains forgotten things like structure and melody. The guitar pyrotechnics are pretty damned cool, but the yelping vocals are even better. The band has more than one sound...they can be harsh, spastic, and soothing all at the same time. This St. Louis quartet is just unique enough to be intriguing, while still retaining enough accessibility to appeal to rock fans. I predict this one will be very popular on college radio stations. Ten cool tracks including "Drool," "Little One" (my favorite), "Anvil," and "Copper." (Rating: 4)

PINE TREE STATE MIND CONTROL (Demonstration cassette)
Remember Sasquatch? It was one of the most adventurous and completely underground magazines from a few years back. Published and edited by The Prime Minister of Livestock and Heavy Machinery, the magazine was amazingly successful from an artistic point of view. Now several years later, Eric Ewing (that's his real name) is delving into the world of sound. This, his first musical endeavor, is an experimental noisefest of odd proportions. Noises and voices are heavily drenched in effects, making these pieces come across like auditory hallucinations. Influenced by bands such as Skinny Puppy and Negativland, this is one of those musical projects that is virtually inaccessible to the general population. Whatever Mr. Ewing does, it is always WAY off the beaten path...and Pine Tree State Mind Control is most certainly off the path. You won't find this demonstration tape anywhere, as it is only available through "the man" himself. Contact: Eric Ewing, 95 Main, Newport, ME 04953. (Not Rated)

POP CANON - The Kingdom of Idiot Rock (CD, Independent release, Progressive pop)
Interesting. This Gainesville, Florida band plays offbeat progressive pop music that sounds something like a cross between Frank Zappa and Primus...but they're actually a bit more diverse than either. The band has an odd lineup. A saxophone player wearing women's underwear, a female trombone player, a violinist...along with the traditional guitar/bass/drums setup. This band isn't following the usual trends by playing noisy alternative rock, power pop, or whatever... Instead, they're off in their own unique territory...and from the sound of this disc, it sounds like they're having big fun in the process. Contact: Pop Canon, P.O. Box 14872, Gainesville, FL 32604 or check out their web site at http://www.purplefrog.com/~popcanon. (Not Rated)

THE POSIES - Success (CD, Popllama, Pop)
Though I've heard the name for years, I have to admit this is the first entire CD I've heard from the Posies...which is somewhat embarrassing considering the fact that this disc is the band's final release. These fellow's pure pop approach is similar to a slew of other bands, but Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow's melodies are much, MUCH stronger than average. Not only that, the vocals (and particularly the harmonies) are seamless. Simple yet inventive arrangements complete the picture, making Success a beautiful pop album...full of sparkling melodies that you'll have difficulty shaking out of your itty bitty head. Close your eyes, Yakky...you shouldn't oughta see such a gifted band calling it quits... (Rating: 5)

post office - Public Displays of Affection (CD, Spade Kitty, Jangley pop)
The first comparison that came to mind while listening to this was Michael J. Bowman, New York state's one and only home taping legend. Though the music is more produced and sweeter sounding, there's something about the loose pop feel of post office that is somewhat similar. This Chicago based band is led by Stephen Becker and Larry O. Dean, two talented fellows who know how to write a catchy pop tune. There's a certain bubblegum-like quality to many of these tunes, but they're actually much deeper than that. Thick waves of guitars carress these thumpy little tunes, and the vocals fit the music just fine. Fifteen memorable tunes including "The Whole Thing's A Bust," "For Crying Out Loud," "The Light That Failed," and "Somebody Stole My Car." Contact Space Kitty at P.O. Box 479000, Chicago, IL 60647-9000. (Rating: 4)

PSEUDO STAR - Pseudo Star (CD, Justified, Rock)
Good upbeat punk/pop. Some tracks ("Running Away," "I'm Not the Only One," and "Just Like Me" in particular) sound very much like early Damned. The guitars are fuzzy and thick, the rhythms fast and simple, and the vocals are sung/spoken/yelled in the grand tradition of mid-seventies punk. The band slows things down just a bit occasionally, but for the most part this is loud in-your-face power punk/pop. Eight upbeat tunes. (Not Rated)

PURE JOY - Getz, The Worm (CD, The Great Utopia, Pop)
Now here's an interesting story. Usually bands reform because they once were famous and made a lot of money...and they eventually get desperate for money again. Pure Joy reformed (ten years later) because the leader of this band's OTHER band (Flop) got screwed by their record label. Well WHATEVER... The aforementioned band leader is Rusty Willoughby. More than anyone else, these tunes remind me of Let's Active, one of the most overlooked pop bands of the eighties. The music is simple and direct, yet the melodies soar like magnetic eagles...sweeping and crying on the deft, pure lawns of misrepresented beagles. Tune titles go like this: "Cell Depletion," "What Time It Is," "Blue," "Coveted Space." Good basic pop done right. (Rating: 4)

RUNNY NEGRO FLUID - The Decision Was Racially Motivated (CD, Martin, Soul)
This is not a band in the usual sense of the word. The four "members" of this band lay upon a flame until their bodies turned liquid. The four eventually merged into one and began dripping onto a recordable CD. The end product was kinda bouncy and Frodo-like. A tribe of black children embraced the disc and began to shimmy. The vibrations caused a little elf child to piss erect, and apparently someone wasn't hired by someone else in the process. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it mommy? Will you be my Daddy Bear? Nope, just more of the same. Runny Negro Fluid gets bagged up in paper and thrown out to the poodles... Whoop, whoop, whoop. (Rating: 1)

SEE HEAR (Underground publication store, New York, NY)
WANNA GET RIPPED OFF? If so, then you should send your magazines to SEE HEAR in New York City! Boasting that they support underground publishers (HA!), this pathetic excuse for a store actually survives by selling underground magazines and then supporting themselves with the money. Underground publishers please note: SEE HEAR WILL NOT PAY YOU ONCE YOUR MAGAZINES HAVE SOLD. There is no excuse for this kind of shoddy business behavior. These folks promised repeatedly to pay us, and then never sent the check. They are LIARS. Do NOT do business with See Hear. It's a pity that underground nobodies like us have to blow the whistle on such pathetic ASSHOLES...but if we don't, WHO WILL? Hey See Hear...you'll eventually CRUMBLE...y'hear? Your bad habits WILL come back to haunt you in the end. (Rating: 1)

LUKE SLATER - Freek Funk (CD, NovaMute, Electronic)
Luke Slater is a British electronic artist whose recordings are based primarily around a dance/techno sound. Fortunately, this man doesn't limit himself to the stereotypical canned and generic sounds of this genre. Instead, Mr. Slater seems continually driven to blend in new ideas into an art form that can at times be tedious and repetitive. The sixteen tunes on Freek Funk are extremely high tech pieces mostly driven by a pulsing dance beat. It's the overlays that make this music interesting. Includes "Purely," "Are You There?", "Love," and "Walking the Line." (Rating: 4)

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - Plastic Seat Sweat (CD, Geffen, Redneck rock/pop)
I'm pleased to report that success hasn't spoiled them...yet. Though they're certainly a more heavily MARKETED ENTITY these days, Southern Culture on the Skids are still tossing out the same cool redneck rock/pop that caused such a stir in the first place. As the band gets more polished, popular, and accessible they are starting to remind me of the Cramps...except they're more hillbilly than shockabilly. Plastic Seat Sweat offers twelve simply infectious tunes including "Shotgun," "Dance For Me," "Country Funk," and "Carve That Possum." Though I will admit that the band's rapidly growing devoted fan base is somewhat annoying , I suppose that's just what comes with the territory when you start getting really popular. Whatever the case...at this point they still ROCK. (Rating: 5)

SPACE MONKEYS - The Daddy Of Them All (CD, Chingon/Interscope, Pop)
Oh, I just HATE this. No, it's not such a bad sounding CD or band or whatever it is. Maybe I've just taken too much and I can't think straight anymore. But the reason this band turns me off is because it represents that same old "generic nineties rock band recorded digitally" crap to a "T." All the ingredients are there: (1) big fuzzy guitars, (2) unimaginative rhythms, (3) pretentious lyrics and vocals, (4) mashed potato pancakes, (5) Daniel's missing bowtie, (6) powdered ninners, (7) better never than never, (8) mono polo handkerchief, (9) nothing in particular for this "number" and (10) I just HATE this. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, HATE, hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE, hate, HATE. No, actually this is really GREAT. I love it. (Rating: 1)

SPINDRIFT - Spindrift (Independently released CD, Pop)
Amazingly good (and I'll bet almost completely unknown) new pop artist! Spindrift is the one man band consisting of Abe Baerik. This guy is GOOD. His music is guitar-based pop with a somewhat British feel. Mr. Baerik recorded this 10-song CD in his garage studio with amazingly good results. The songs are tight and uplifting, and often go off on some very interesting tangents. Eight of the ten tunes are good, solid originals...the remaining two are covers (Syd Barrett and Bob Dylan). The guy's vocals are particularly exceptional. My initial favorites here are "Bend or Break," "Move Me To Action," "Hollow," and "Seashells." An intriguing artist bursting with talent! (Rating: 4)

SUBDUING MARA - Glossolalia (CD, Fear of Nebraska, Pop/rock)
Good rock tunes. Subduing Mara reminds me very much of The Hoodoo Gurus (particularly the vocals). The band's guitar-driven pop/rock has passion and energy, and the tunes have just the right amount of studio polish. The band can just as easily crank out a rock tune ("Saved Me The Trouble") as soften up for some real emotion ("Slave"). What I like best about this band are the intertwined guitars...well thought out and interesting. Particularly recommended for fans of the aforementioned Gurus... (Rating: 3)

3-MILE PILOT - Another Desert Another Sea (CD, Headhunter, Pop)
Most CDs get reviewed after one listen. I had to listen to the third full-length release from 3-Mile Pilot FIVE TIMES to write this review. Why? Well basically...this band's keyboard-based pop music just doesn't sound like anything else currently on the horizon. At first I couldn't determine whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, but after listen number four or five this stuff began to really take hold. These guys are GOOD. No schmaltzy formula pop here. These tunes are heady, progressive, and intense. At times the arrangements border on symphonic, at other times they are simple and peculiar. The vocals are urgent, even sometimes strained. Underneath it all, however, there is real thought and emotion here...and ultimately that's what makes this band sound so unique. There are so many standout tracks that I won't mention them all here. My particular faves are "If You Cross," "Kill the Race Horse" (this one is AMAZING!), "South," and "One False Eye." Totally GREAT stuff! (Rating: 5)

TRULY - Feeling You Up (CD, Thick, Pop/rock)
Truly is a great band but not many folks seem to have taken notice. This could be due to the simple fact that there are so many great bands out there that it is simply impossible for them all to develop larger audiences. In the case of Truly, this is truly a tragedy. These fellows' music is really, REALLY cool. And in a world where too many bands sound the same and very few take music to a new and different level, the band stands out like a banana with a vagina fixation. The tunes on Feeling You Up are not catchy and easy...they're blurry and semi-psychedelic...and somewhat difficult pieces that take a few listens to sink in. Lyrically, the band is obtuse and peculiar. Mixing elements from a slew of different genres and styles, this band hits another home run. Totally cool tunes like "Public Access Girls," "It's On Your Face," "Come Hither" (a SUPERB pop tune!), and "Repulsion" make this CD a totally entertaining listen... (Rating: 5)

THE WHISPERS - Song Book Volume 1: The Songs of Babyface (CD, Interscope, Soul/pop)
My oh my oh my oh MY. All you no-talent crack snorting wurfliss little rappers out there better run for cover, 'cause these men make you all look bad, bad, bad....SHABBY even. Over the years rap has tarnished the image of black music, but it's groups like The Whispers who have the potential to renew mankind's faith in the souls of his soul brothers. Singing slick ultra-polished soul pop that's so schmaltzy and artificial that it becomes real, these four men are GOOD. The harmonies are impeccable, the tunes memorable... This CD is a super easy listen from start to finish. Remember what you used to like about soul music before you were born? In case you've forgotten, this CD is your memory. Even includes a cover of a tune originally performed by Abraham Lincoln. Old men are smarter than old men. Get with the ticket. Go grab your poppa and dunk it. (Rating: 5)

YOU AM I - Hourly Daily (CD, Ra/Sire, Folky pop)
This band caught my attention immediately because they just don't sound like all the rest. Led by singer/songwriter Tim Rogers, You Am I strike emotional chords that few bands are ever able to hit dead center. And though the band has had incredible success in their home country of Australia, they have yet to transfer that success to the United States. That's not likely to change, as the band creates beautiful heady pop that is way over the heads of most radio programmers. The music is reminiscent of the Kinks as well as other sixties bands...even Badfinger at times...but this group is definitely NOT retro. These guys make tossing off top pop numbers like "Good Mornin" sound as easy as pie. After just one listen, I can honestly say this is one of the best Australian pop groups I have ever heard in my life. The songs are catchy as hell, the production is crisp, and the vocals are OUTA SIGHT. Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it... Gimme dat BACK CATALOG, Poppa... Dis be GREAT!!! (Rating: 6)


Afters - A Grey Dot Records/BulletProof Music Sampler (CD, Grey Dot/BulletProof, Various Artists)
Alice Cooper
- Death To Love (CD, Pacific Digest, Rock/pop)
The Asshole People
- We Are Only What We Are (CD, Bangpop, Pop)
Dolph Chaney - New Bird (Cassette, Independent release, Acoustic pop)
- Giant (CD, Twee Kitty, Pop)
Crash A/D - Thermal System (CD, Escalation, Electronic pop)
Curve - Chinese Burn (CD EP, Universal, Techno/pop)
The Dandy Warhols - The Little Drummer Boy (CD single/Vinyl single, Capitol, Pop)
Elcka - Elcka (CD, Island, Pop)
EQ (Magazine, December 1997)
EQ Project Recording & Sound Buyer's Guide (Magazine, 1998)
The Erratics - The Erratics (CD, Touchwood, Pop)
T. J. Evans - Tales (CD, Twisted Oak, Guitar pop)
Everything - Super Natural (Advance cassette, Blackbird Recording Co.)
Facilities (Magazine, December 1997)
Filibuster - The Means... (CD EP, Skunk, Hip-hop/funk)
The Flashing Astonisher (Zine, #10.5)
Fluffer - Wreck (+2) (CD, Fear of Nebraska, Rock)
Foot Long Hog - Foot Long Hog (CD, Cryan)
Scott Free - Getting Off (CD, Leather/Western, Rock)
From Good Homes - Live At Waterloo (CD, RCA/BMG)
The Gadjits - At Ease (CD, Epitaph, Ska/pop)
Ghoti Hook - Banana Man (CD, Tooth & Nail, Rock/pop)
Gig (Magazine, January 1998)
Gig (Magazine, February 1998)
K. D. Lang - Less Smoke and More Headroom (CD, Reprisal, Female vocalist)
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Live - The Next Generation (CD, Barnes, Rock)
Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind (CD EP,Universal)
Mach Five - Mach Five (Advance cassette, Island)
Majagaer - Felix Culpa (Independently released CD, Pop)
Mama's Freaks - Mama's Freaks (CD EP, Justified, Rock)
Nine Inch Nails - Hammer Me Deadly (CD, Anything, Industrial)
Ninety Pound Wuss - Where the Meager Die of Self Interest (CD, Tooth & Nail, Hardcore)
Noisepie - Three Brothers, Their Cousin, and a Guy From Michigan (CD, Soundcake)
1000 Clowns - Kitty Kat Max (CD and 12" Vinyl single, Fish of Death, Pop)
Odium State - Odium State (CD EP, Independent release, Pop)
The Onyas - Get Shitfaced With the Onyas (Australian import CD, Au Go Go, Rock)
The Palindromes - Muy Muy Pop Yum Yum (CD, Twee Kitty, Pop)
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Rage Against the Machine (70 minute video and CD single "The Ghost of Tom Joad", Epic, Rock)
The Rolling Stones - We Never Were That Good (CD, Pacifica, Rock)
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Seasons of the Wolf - Seasons of the Wolf (CD, Earth Mother Music, Rock)
Second Chance
- Turn Back (CD, Second Chance, Religious pop)
Shaken and Stirred - The David Arnold James Bond Project (CD, Sire, Pop)
Simon Apple - From The Toybox (CD, Trunk, Pop)
Snuka - Snuka Bloody Snuka (CD, Paradigm, Rock)
Soundgarden - A-Sides (Advance cassette, A&M, Rock)
Soylent Green - Nutrient (CD, Dawa Music, Rock)
Sublime - Second-Hand Smoke (CD, MCA, Ska-core)
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The World/Inferno Friendship Society - The True Story of the Bridgewater Astral League (CD, Gern Blandsten, Ska/pop)
Wormy Stool - Investigation (CD, Transport, Electronic)
Frank Zappa - Zappa Crappa (CD, Mainlog, Progressive rock)

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