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AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - All Fall Down (CD, Hopeless, Punk/ska)
I wonder how long it will take Triple AAA to slap this band's hands for using a strikingly similar logo? Against All Authority play a blinding speed of punk music interspersed with surprise chunks of hyper ska. This is the kind of band that will drive the skinheads absolutely NUTS. Fifteen blinding tunes including "Keep Trying," "Louder Than Words," "Daddy's Little Girl," and "Watered Down & Passive." An adrenalin RUSH. (Not Rated)

AMMER EINHEIT - Deutsche Krieger (CD, Invisible, Techno)
Some releases on the Invisible label can be so damn...weird. On this disc, two guys named Andreas Ammer and FM Einheit collected a bunch of voice samples from Adolf Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Ulrike Meinhof...and then combined the samples with various synthetisizers and electronic noise. The overall effect here is like standing in a techno club while hearing historical footage from your high school bleeding in and out of the speakers while you slowly trip yourself into the wall. Actually, it's a little scarier than that. The disc is divided into three sections, one devoted to each "artist." This disc is so abstract that I can't recommend it for anyone except folks who like really obtuse and difficult music. If you're up for an adventure, you'll find it here. This is 66 minutes of spellbinding electronic experimentation. YEAH! (Rating: 5)

AUTOUR DE LUCIE - Immobile (CD, Nettwerk, Pop)
C'est francais! This is totally schmaltzy, commercial stuff...but it sounds soooooOOOOO nice! This French trio plays some damn fine, smooth, soft pop that reminds me in many ways of Ivy...except the vocals and music are much more sensual. There's absolutely nothing on this entire disc that will ruffle your ears or cause anxiety (that's a rarity in this goddamn office). Nope...instead of going for that same old tired alternative rock sound, these folks make easy listening pop. The weird part is that I normally HATE the French language. But hearing Valerie Leuillot sing makes me suddenly appreciate how beautiful it can be. This is one helluva cool CD. Unfortunately, I can only recommend it for folks who like commercial soft pop...so other folks should be warned to stay away. This one's a keeper in my permanent collection. (Rating: 5)

CHEEKY MONKEY - Four Arms To Hold You (CD, Big Deal, Pop)
Big Deal continues to be an excellent avenue for receiving way above average pop, starting out 1998 with the release of the debut CD from Cheeky Monkey. The band is the duo of Francis MacDonald (who has played in Teenage Fanclub, The Pastels, and others) and Michael Shelley (who some folks may remember for his earlier solo release on Big Deal). These guys write, sing, and play well together. The upbeat pop tunes are boosted to a higher level by superior melodies and some killer vocals. Twelve upbeat numbers including "That Kind of Girl" and "Gerry Cheevers." Pure simple fun. (Rating: 4)

CHINA DRUM - Self Made Maniac (CD, Mantra/Beggars Banquet, Pop/rock)
Crashing down the expressway like a Top Forty hit machine, Self Made Maniac is one clean, melodic batch of radio friendly pop. Though the production quality at times detracts from the tunes (a little too much studio gloss for my taste), this band still manages to come out winners. Nice mid-tempo pop numbers with thick guitars, throbbing rhythms and harmony vocals that are very close to perfection. If this band will take a few more chances with their music, they will end up being serious contenders. (Contenders for what? Hell if I know.) Taken just as they are, however, China Drum have a damn good knack for turning a great pop tune. Twelve tunes including "One Thing," "Fiction of Life," and ""Stop It All Adding Up." (Rating: 4)

CURSIVE - Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes (CD, ITU/Crank!, Rock)
Moody, semi-psychedelic rock with a real screecher of a vocalist. Cursive remind me in many ways of Jane's Addiction...not so much in their overall sound as much as their general approach. The band's swirling, driving rock music is interrupted frequently by extremely soft passages where a very different side shines through. The chaotic, intense, fuzzy guitars merged with the band's big fat rhythm section create a very powerful force indeed. Eleven tunes, including "After the Movies," "Ceilings Crack," "Dedication to Desertion," and "The Farewell Party." (Not Rated)

EVERYTHING - Super Natural (CD, The Blackbird Recording Company, Rock/pop/funk)
Excellent band name. I'm surprised no one thought of it before now. Everything is an extremely slick six man band with a great deal of commercial potential. On their latest CD, the band delivers plenty of high-charged R&B influenced rock/pop. The production is top notch, the vocals crisp and clear. Interestingly, the band is based in the unlikely town of Sperryville, Virginia. Those seeking the alternative and adventurous will want to avoid this. This will most likely only appeal to music fans who like commercial FM radio. (Not Rated)

FAR - Water and Solutions (CD, Immortal/Epic, Rock/pop)
Thank God for rock bands who play at more than one volume and tempo. The vast majority of nineties rock bands play too loudly at one tempo and then expect to keep everyone's attention. Not the case with California's Far, a band with enough insight and talent to give the listener something challenging and intelligent. This band's urgent, moody modern rock is radio friendly without sounding like sell out crap. The playing is tight, the songs are good, and the vocals are clear and on target. A little more originality and this would've easily gotten a higher rating. A band to watch. (Rating: 3)|

FEYERABEND - Clocktime Presupposes a Peculiar Spatial Machine (CD, Shoeleg, Pop)
Feyerabend delivers the goods only hinted at on their previous cassette-only release. As the title might suggest (sounds like a Sparkhorse title, doesn't it?), this is not your average pop CD. Dave (guitars, synths, vocals), Jason (drums, guitars, organ), and Kay (bass...frog noises?) spew out obtuse little pop ditties that don't sound like anything I've heard from the state of Georgia. These three folks have an obvious knack for playing with one another, and they make their speedy little tunes sound simple...even though many of them are actually quite complex. Though the band recorded this in their own studio, the overall sound is amazingly clean and professional. Full of surprises and inventiveness, Feyerabend is truly one of Atlanta's best new bands (which means they'll probably be big stars in California or Washington before folks in Atlanta will sit up and take notice). Totally COOL. (Rating: 5)

FUTURE PERFECT - Music For Listening (CD, TRG, Electronic/various artists)
Cool collection of electronic music by a variety of artists including Hard Knee, Ousia, Mindphaseone, Savage Aural Hotbed (this band is GREAT), and more... Either you like the electronic side of music or you don't. A very entertaining collection... (Not Rated)

JUDY GARLAND - Songs About Drugs and Alcohol (CD, Latrelle, Female vocalist)
This never before released collection of tunes presents a lonely desperate woman alone in her apartment singing songs to herself about commiting suicide. Judy Garland, a longtime favorite among whiny alcohohlic faggots, was often recorded without her knowledge as she waltzed about her home cleaning house in the nude. Though Liza now admits that she regrets ever having made these recordings, they are only now seeing the light of day because of some obscure contract negotiations. There are some disturbing tidbits here...Judy screaming in pain, Judy vomitting into the toilet as she sings, Judy singing a bitter tune about how much she hated her role in The Wizard of Oz ("I Am So Totally Over The Goddamn Rainbow"). This is a sad reminder of how truly pathetic and retarded Judy really was. Includes the tunes "Don't Rain (Goddamn You To Hell)," "The Trolley Full of Valium," "My Secret Three Way With Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man," and "Mommy's Gonna Piss All Over Liza If These Tapes Ever Get Released to the Public." For diehard fans only. (Rating: 2)

GAUNT - Bricks and Blackouts (CD, Warner Bros., Rock/pop)
Gaunt present fifteen enjoyable rock tunes on their latest full-length from Warner Brothers. The band's energetic music is based on fuzzy guitars, fast rhythms, and good melodies...and there are a good number of studio surprises along the way. As enjoyable as this music is, it does have that "generic nineties rock sound" that I tire of. Don't let my opinion scare you away from this band, though. These guys are good at what they're doing. I've just heard this approach so many times in the past few years that it just doesn't sound fresh anymore. I guess that's just one of the many drawbacks of being the world's most important critic... (Rating: 3)

THE HEIGHT OF - Chalk and Water (CD, Runt, Obtuse acoustic pop)
This mysterious CD containing a collection of unusual song experimentation comes to us via the fine folks at California's new Runt label. The only other band that I can compare The Height Of to is the Supreme Dicks (not that the two sound the same as much as they are both taking a similar approach to music). Probably what I like best about this "band" (this also applies to the aforementioned Dicks) is that the music is unpredictable and accidental. This acoustic "pop" music is loose and jagged, and the musician takes risks. And while I will admit that not all of them work, the band deserves major points for AT LEAST taking some chances and succeeding most of the time. Even the song titles are a plus: "Exploding Vegetable," "The Freight Dove," "Two Hospital Beds," "Time To Wake Up All Your Clocks." Not for everyone, no way... This is eclectic, peculiar, and thought provoking. That's how we LIKE our CDs here in the land of the baby. (Rating: 4)

CHEVY HESTON - Forever Is The Same Thing Again (CD, CherryDisc, Pop)
If you like really good mid-eighties guitar pop, Chevy Heston is just what you may have been looking for. These folks' blurry, semi-psychedelic pop is heavy on melody and structure, but it's also so loose at times that you almost feel like everything is about to fall apart. Probably the best thing about this band is that--despite the fact that things are (mostly) planned out--for some reason it comes off sounding totally fresh and spontaneous. And talk about tunes. The band churns out no less than 45 (!!!) short tunes...and they're ALL great. The song titles are some of the best. This is one of those CDs that's going to go way above most folks' heads...and that's just fine. Why? Because Chevy Heston (like Lilys) is only meant to be enjoyed by a small, select group of people. This is...INCREDIBLE STUFF. Yeah... (Rating: 6)

NOELLA HUTTON - Noella Hutton (CD, Radioactive, Pop)
Bleeeeeeeeah!!! What an UGLY woman. What a crappy voice. This is total commercial slop in the worst kind of way. After two or three tunes, I had to take this out of the player. Ms. Hutton is the kind of self-absorbed generic artist that I can no longer tolerate. My word is the word of God, so listen and listen good. Avoid this, you humble little nothings... (Rating: 1)

THE INTERPRETERS (Live living room performance, February 15, 1998)
What a fun event this was. The Interpreters couldn't get an Atlanta gig lined up during their first Southeastern tour, so they played in Matthew Newell and John Rudolph's living room. This Philadelphia based trio plays super fast bubblegum-like pop that's charged with pure punk frenzy. Dressed all in black, these three young fellows' footwork was mesmerizing...particularly since they didn't seem to miss a beat amidst all the dancing and chaos. I wish more folks would have bands play in their homes (rock clubs get to be so generic, samey, and full of attitude). The small crowd of folks who were at this event obviously left pleased as punch. It sure was keen to have seen such an incredible up-and-coming band playing in such an intimate environment. Wow. (Rating: 5)

LINCOLN - Lincoln (CD, Slash, Pop)
This band sounds so much like All About Chad that I had to check to make sure it wasn't the same band with a new name. Despite the name, this band has nothing in common with They Might Be Giants (other than the fact that they've toured with them). This is super slick radio pop...totally unoffensive...heavy on melodies and harmonies... Not the most original sounding piggy in the pen, but a pleasant listen nonetheless... (Rating: 3)

LOTION - The Telephone Album (CD, spinART, Pop)
I'm not sure what I was expecting when I put this CD in my player, but this sure isn't it. While I liked previous Lotion releases, they didn't leave a really lasting impression. The Telephone Album made a serious mental dent on the very first spin. This is a thick, heady, production-heavy trip into the world of nineties pop music. It's early in the year to be making rash judgments, but I'll go ahead and wager this is going to be one of the very best pop CDs released in 98. Hooks galore, ultra-catchy melodies...slick production that adds poppy punch...and studio surprises that add just the right of spontanaeity. Twelve stellar tunes including "Rich Cop, Poor Cop," "Feedback Queen" (GREAT song title), "My Name Is Prince," and "Blackjack." I hope I have the opportunity to catch the band play this stuff live. This is a MUST HAVE for pop fanatics! (Rating: 6)

MECCA JASSUH - Now That I Be White (CD, Notown, Synthetic pop)
When he little black boy, Mecca Jassuh have big talent. Then he get big, get famous...all go to head. Now that he appear like white zombie freak, he more popular than ever before. But now he no good. He still have talent what is to dance and sing...but substance all gone. Poor Mecca. Why he forget his color? He best bet is to hang from tree and eat banana again. He forget where he come from. Now all he is? Wurfliss ninner, that is what is! (Rating: 1)

KENNETH GEORGE MILLS - Arrival of the Unexpected (CD, Sun-Scape, Electronic/instrumental)
I heard a previous CD by this fellow that I really liked, but this one is even BETTER. Kenneth George Mills is a true renaissance man, juggling a variety of hobbies and occupations effortlessly...which is even more incredible when you consider that he's well into the prime of his life. This guy's electronic music is so high-tech that you'll swear you're listening to a real orchestra. No schamltzy blips and bleeps so common in today's electronic revolution. Instead, Mr. Mills presents warm, rich textures that are calming, soothing, and hypnotic. This disc contains nine beautiful tunes including "Fireflies," "Pleading," "Morning," and "Your Tune." A breath of fresh air from a totally cool man. (Rating: 5)

MC 5 - Babes in Arms (CD, ROIR, Rock/pop)
The materials accompanying this CD prominently displayed the following quote from Wayne Kramer:"This is the best of the MC 5." I thought it was hype, but after giving this disc a spin I have to agree. Despite the fact that it truly IS the best release I've heard from this legendary band, it is important for other reasons as well. First, the MC 5 didn't release much material in the FIRST place. Second, this is actually a reissue of an earlier cassette-only release (which was one of ROIR's biggest sellers ever). Third (and I quote directly from the press release here), "Wayne Kramer...put together a collection of tracks from his private tapes, consisting of rare out-takes, mixes, remixes, uncensored and experimental works in progress, and rehearsal tapes - all privately recorded during the years 1966-1971." Need I say more? Amazingly poppy at times, this is an important bit of rock and roll history...and it STILL sounds fresh! (Rating: 5)

MORCHEEBA - Big Calm (Advance cassette, China/Sire, Soul/trance/pop)
YEAH! Sexy pop extraordinaire! Ooo-la! Les mama oo oo! C'est la la! Moochie poochies Morcheeba are back with another ultra cooooooOOOOL CD full of dub-based soul music that'll have your backbone turning into complete MUSH. The good news? The band's second CD is as good or better than the first. What puzzles me most about Morcheeba is that the general public is embracing their music. Why is this puzzling? Simply because this band puts out GREAT music. Isn't THAT a new twist! A popular band that is actually....GOOD. What a CONTRADICTION! But putting all my annoyingly cocky viewpoints aside...I think most people who like dub/soul/pop music WILL dig this band's music. Skye Edwards is one of this decade's most seductive vocalists. This lady's voice is KILLER. Another solid release from this cool British trio. Includes "The Sea," "Shoulder Holster," "Bullet Proof," and "Big Calm." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5)

PEARL JAM - Yield (CD, Epic, Rock)
I know, I know. You're probably saying "Why even bother reviewing Pearl Jam?!?" Well, even though you may hate 'em and they may not be right up my alley...I have friends who are NUTS about this band. And though I'm not that keen on their sound and image, I must admit this disc is an entertaining listen. I particularly like some of the softer numbers. Sure there are better bands around...but as far as big time popular music goes, this ain't that bad... (Rating: 3)

Getting unwanted junk e-mails is trying and tedious. I guess all those tired, bored, lonely bands and artists out there think that if they send enough e-mails that, over time, writers will become familiar with them and review their work. Too bad they don't realize that sending repeated e-mails that were never welcome in the first place will assure that they NEVER get mentioned in most publications...including this one. Sheesh. Will people ever learn to consider how their actions affect OTHER people? (Rating: 1)

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN TAPE - Volume 1 (Cassette, Elevated Basement Records, Various artists)
This imaginatively titled cassette features a variety of Savannah bands who have one thing in common. They all recorded these tracks at Elevated Basement Studios. This various artists compilation provides a excellent sweeping overview of the Savannah music scene, a growing community of cool artists creating some fine goddamn music out in the middle of nowhere. Artists include GAM, Shitrocket, Superhorse, The Shanks, Glasspack, Mayhem, and many more. If you think "the book" or "the movie" are representative of Savannah, Georgia then you are getting a sadly distorted view of the city. Get this tape for a REAL taste of the greatest Southern town ever. Write to: Elevated Basement Records, 913 E. 65th St., Savannah, GA 31405. (Not Rated)

PONY EXPRESS - The Eastwood Dive (CD, Velvet Blue Music, Pop)
Cool, cool, cool. Featuring band members from Joy Electric and Staryflyer 59, this soft pop trio's music is reminiscent of the aforementioned bands without being derivative. The songs exhibit the haunting aspects of early Starflyer 59, while the vocals are breathy and cool like Joy Electric. These atmospheric pop tunes are simple and direct, yet the overall sound is odd and just a bit peculiar. It's almost like listening to a CD from another room. These tunes don't clobber you over the head. Instead, they creep into your subsconcious like a basket of lambchops. Very introspective sounding stuff indeed. Ten tunes including "Let the Good Lord Guide You," "Get It Straight," and "Before September." (Rating: 5)

RIOU - Pops (CD, Invisible, Techno)
This one took a while to sink in. At first I thought this was just another slab of electronic dribble with too many canned drum beats for my taste. Upon closer observation, however, I became acutely aware of how extremely simple these tunes are...and in the end, that's why this disc warranted a review. RIOU is the one man band created by Riou Tomita, who resides and records in Osaka, Japan. Mr. Tomita's techno tunes are so stripped down that you may at first question whether or not they are finished tunes. That is exactly the beauty of this music...it's sparse, it's puzzling, it's peculiar...and yet at the same time it is strangely calming and hypnotic. If you don't like programmed percussion you'll want to steer clear of this...but you'll be the one missing out by being a closed-minded ninnie. Ten tunes including "Book Shop," "E.L.E.," "Visual Arts," and "Play With Sampler." NEAT. (Rating: 4)

SCREAMFEEDER - Closing Alaska (CD EP, Guilt Ridden Pop/TRG, Pop/rock)
I have enjoyed previous releases from this Australian trio, so I'm glad to see they're still at it. Screamfeeder is a pop band with a definite emphasis on guitars. The band's melodic pop music is anchored with heavy guitars and a solid, driving rhythm section. The band's sound has now changed somewhat, as tunes now feature male and female vocals. Includes "Dart," "Lost In The Show," "Made of Stone," and four more. This EP finds this band in excellent form...and it makes me hungry for the next full-length... (Rating: 4)

SCREECHING WEASEL - Major Label Debut (CD EP, Panic Button, Punk/pop)
Oddly enough, this EP was released on the band's own independent label. Screeching Weasel play hyperactive punk/pop in the grand tradition of the Dickies...and they have a good sense of humor about what they're doing. My favorite tune here is "Compact Disc," with lyrics that should be read to be appreciated. The band will follow this up with a full-length on Fat Wreck Chords. Can't wait! (Not Rated)

SHEEP ON DRUGS - Never Mind the Methadone (CD, Invisible, Electronic)
Though the band may be called Sheep On Drugs, these two guys are anything BUT sheep (read that as followers) in the world of music. They've been around for quite some time now, and they show no sign whatsoever of giving up. This batch of remixes sheds some new light on the band's already unique sound. Artists at the board include Marc Heal, Greg Hunter, Dave Wright, Jim Coleman, and many more. In a world where far too many electronic bands are here today gone tomorrow, Sheep On Drugs are a rewarding constant. Duncan and Lee continue to kick new life into a sometimes tired genre. You go, boys! Go, go...GO, goddamn you! (Rating: 5)

TRUNK FEDERATION - The Curse of Miss Kitty (CD, Alias, Pop/rock)
Occasionally spastic, unpredictable pop that is heavy on imagination and studio noodling. Alternating between serious, ridiculous, goofy, and obtuse, the amazing thing about this band is that they make their odd conglomeration blend together beautifully. Some of the tunes and arrangements remind me in some ways of mid-period Sparks, although the overall sound is very different. My guess is that this CD is going to be a success among critics and passionate underground music fans...and an almost complete failure on radio. Why? Well...as creative and cool as this band is, they're going to lose about 95% of radio programmers and listeners simply because their stuff is over the head of your average idiot. Me? Well...being a music snob and all...I absolutely LOVE it. (I could've done without the cover of "I Don't Like Mondays," but that's a minor point.) Different...yet GOOD. (Rating: 5)

UNSANE - Occupational Hazard (CD, Relapse, Hard rock)
Hmmm... Unsane is a lot more musical than in the past. The last release I heard from this band was such a noisy swirl of violent hatred that there really didn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the music at all. Nowadays the band is still loud and noisy, but the songs have definite structures and the musical passages seem well planned out. The band's original fans will probably now be yelling "SELL OUT!" Personally, I find the change in direction to be positive. Because so many bands are taking the approach of just blaring out violent noise, they become very commonplace and boring...and it makes the loud, violent, intelligent bands stand out like a sore thumb. Occupational Hazard is full of throbbing, heady noise rock with just enough to grab onto...kinda like holding onto the bow of a ship in a hurricane. Neat. (Rating: 4)

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW... - Big Deal Recording Artists Perform the Songs of Burt Bacharach (CD, Big Deal, Various artists)
I'm not big on various artists compilations, particularly when they are tributes. That said, there are some truly refreshing moments on this particular tribute CD. The disc opens with Shonen Knife's amazing take on "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head." I never really even cared for the tune until now, but those three crazy Japanese chicks take the tune to an entirely new level. Splitsville's power pop take on "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" also offers interesting perspective on a tired old tune. Other standout tracks include Gladhands' "Promise Her Anything" (with its authentic sixties sound) and Cockeyed Ghost's "Walk On By" (sure beats the Stranglers' version). There are some misses along the way, but the hits make this CD worth checking out... (Not Rated)

WILD STRAWBERRIES - Quiver (CD, Nettwerk, Pop)
Radio friendly dance pop with vocals that remind me of Annie Lennox. Pleasant and nice if not somewhat droning in an odd way. Sounds like it is likely to do well on commercial FM radio stations. The disc includes twelve tunes including "Gotta Go" and "You Could Be So Cold." (Not Rated)


Adrian - Love Will Live...Will Carry On (CD, 60 Second Street, Pop)
Audio Explorations - "Jazzwizz" b/w "Peppermint" (7" vinyl single, Stripmine Recordings)
Bean - The Album (Advance cassette, Mercury, Various artists)
Big Fish Ensemble - State Bird of Big Fish Ensemble (Advance cassette, Put It On A Cracker, Pop)
Brownie Mary - Naked (CD, The Blackbird Recording Company, Pop)
- Darker (CD, Wax Trax!/TVT, Industrial/techno)
Joe Canzano and the Rhythmic Revolution
- Armed and Amplified (CD, Rocket Bomb, Pop)
Crustaceans - Crustaceans (Independently released CD, Pop)
Drug Test - Three (CD, Invisible, Various artists)
EQ (Magazine, January 1998)
Lauren Fincham - Show & Tell (CD, Twelfth House, Acoustic pop)
The Frownies - Amateur Dramatics For Professional Losers (CD, Farewell, Rock)
Funhouse (Zine, Issue 6)
Half-Baked - Music From the Motion Picture (CD, MCA, Soundtrack/various artists)
Tom Hall - Tom Hall (CD, Enneagram, Pop)
Keith Hartlaub - Child of Dreams (Independently released CD, Pop)
Hell Comes To Your House - Hell Comes To Your House (CD, Timb Bomb/Bemisbrain, Various artists)
Huntingtons - "You're Not Right" b/w "Babysitter" (7" vinyl single, Velvet Blue Music, Rock)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Fit To Be Tied (Advance cassette, Mercury, Rock)
(Magazine, February 1998)
Kat Marco - Maiden Voyage (CD, Rockat, Rock)
John Marmysz - The Nihilist's Notebook (Book)
The Mendoza Line - Poems To A Pawnshop (CD, Kindercore, Pop)
My Pal God Compilation - My Ohio Action Pal, Boy Gold God 300 (CD, My Pal God, Various artists)
New Deal Compilation (CD, Face Down, Various artists compilation)
Plate Six - Shoes of Stealth (CD, Headhunter/Cargo, Rock)
Queen Pen - My Melody (CD, Interscope, Rap)
Quickspace - Quickspace (CD, Kitty Kitty/Slash)
Quintaine Americana - Decade of the Brain (CD, CherryDisc, Rock)
Spatula - Despina By Land (CD, Uncle Paul/Squealer, Progressive)
Sugarsmack - Tank Top City (Advance cassette, Sire, Rock)
22 Jacks/WANK (7" vinyl split single, Time Bomb Recordings, Rock)
Teen Fag (Magazine, Issue 6)
The Vicious Sweet - Obsessively Yours (CD, Not Happy, Pop)
Virago - The Dream Smashes (CD, Dead Issue, Rock)
Zine Guide (Magazine, Issue 1)

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