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ADVENTURES IN STEREO - Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD, Bobsled, Pop)
The Beach Boys if they were high school girls. Adventures in Stereo is an outfit from Glasgow, Scotland whose music is decidedly out of synch with much of what's currently on the horizon. The band's super simple approach to writing a tune is pumped up by some otherworldly, breathy female vocals. There's a lot of vocal layering here (a la Beach Boys), and the instrumentation is kept to a bare minimum. The simplicity brings to mind many pop artists from the sixties. The band presents no less than eighteen tracks, including "Silence Falls," " A Brand New Day," and "Dream Surf Baby." Memorable and pleasing. (Rating: 4)

AMNESIA - Lingus (CD, Supreme Recordings/Island, Pop)
Production heavy pop heady effect heavy overdub. Heady, heady, heady...Brad Laner is back with another psychological trip into the mind of the recording studio. From the sound of this, I'd say Mr. Laner is becoming less commercial...which in this case is a very good thing. There's no need to mention Brad's former band, because he obviously is not relying on past glories to prove himself. Plenty of good stuff here like "Love Story," "Swimming Lessons," "Train Try," and "Pastry Dog." Amnesia is a good mix of heady technology combined with thoughtful pop melodies. Pretty damn neat. (Rating: 4)

BABE THE BLUE OX - The Way We Were (CD, RCA, Pop/rock)
I caught this band live once and liked what I heard, but this is the first time I've heard their recorded work. Babe the Blue Ox have a real winner with this one. Their fifth full-length release, The Way We Were is ambitious and multi-faceted. Instead of going for one sound or style, these three folks (Tim Thomas, Rose Thomson, and Hanna Fox) experiment with a wide variety of song structures and styles. These people are not alternative no talents. They can really play and sing. Rose and Hanna are one of the best female rhythm sections I have heard, and Tim's guitar playing is absolutely killer. Babe the Blue Ox is anything BUT a canned rock band. Their songs are sincere, thoughtful, hummable...and the music holds up to many repeated listenings. There's not a bad song on this one. Honest. Real nice stuff... (Rating: 4)

BABYLAND - "Safe Equals No Sound" b/w "Test Pilot" (7" vinyl single, Mattress, Industrial/techno)
California's Babyland were one of the early pioneers of electronic punk, making bands like Suicide seem tame in comparison. These two tunes find the band sounding excellent, if just a little less aggressive. Don't worry...the band hasn't lost their edge. Instead, they are simply mutating a bit...incorporating somewhat of a dance/techno sound into the mix. "Safe Equals No Sound" has some spacey effects, while "Test Pilot" almost has a gothic feel...although it is far from gothic (!). The two tracks will be included on the band's eagerly awaited fourth full-length release. Can't WAIT! Meanwhile, check out the band's web site at (Rating: 5)

FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS - Frank Black and the Catholics (CD, spinART, Pop/rock)
Never say never, at least not until some later date. I had pretty much written off Frank Black many years ago, even though I was blown away by the first three Pixies albums. For whatever reason, it seemed as if the things I liked about Frank's music disappeared as the band became more and more popular...and his solo stuff has left lost me totally...until now. Frank has gone back to his roots (so to speak) with this CD. His new band features a standard line up (guitars/bass/drums) and this may partly explain why this is the best thing he's recorded in years. At times this disc is a game of hit and miss, but the good tunes are really quite excellent. Our faves include "All My Ghosts," "Do You Feel Bad About It?," "I Need Peace" and "Suffering." I can't believe it took Mr. Black this long to come out with another winner, but the man has finally gotten his ass in gear once again. Here's to even better days ahead... (Rating: 3)

BOMB 20 - Field Manual (CD, Digital Hardcore, Noise)
A very difficult listen. Bomb 20 (a one man electronic band) ought to appeal to fans of To Live And Shave In L.A. The two bands are extremely similar in that instead of trying to draw the listener in, the main point is to alienate and distance the listener by presenting such a barrage of hard noise that virtually no one can cope with it. It's kind of like a modern day Alice Cooper gone electronic. This is the kind of stuff kids in the nineties can play that is CERTAIN to drive their parents up the goddamn wall. I don't claim to know whether this is bad or's just really...INTENSE. Can you handle it? (Not Rated)

THE BOMBORAS - Head Shrinkin' Fun (CD, Zombie A Go-Go, Surf/rock)
Good surf guitar (mostly) instrumentals featuring dual reverb soaked guitars. The Bomboras have already established themselves by touring with the Cramps. This band's revved up retro music is much more believable and enjoyable than your average surf band. PLUS...and this is a big plus...they've got GREAT haircuts! This release is one of the first to be put out on the newly re-established Zombie A Go-Go label (run by Rob Zombie). Nice easy fun...and those guitars sound GREAT. Fifteen tunes including "Land of the One Percenters," "Project Zero," and "Mystery Planet." (Rating: 4)

BUCK JONES - Shimmer (CD, One Ton, Pop/rock)
Led by the husband and wife team of Gabrielle and Burette Douglas, Buck Jones is a band with more than one sound. In fact, upon hearing the tradeoff between male and female lead vocals, you may actually get the feeling you're hearing two bands at once. What makes this band's music really work is that, in addition to having good tunes, both vocalists have excellent voices. Buck Jones is, first and foremost, a pop band. This is the band's second full-length on the already ultra-hip One Ton label. The band has a good sense of melody and a talent for good arrangements, as is evidenced on tunes like "Wasted," "The Boy With The Mechanical Heart," and the delightfully melancholy "Night and Day" (which features some really cool lead guitar). (Rating: 4)

BUFFALO DAUGHTER (Live performance, July 15, 1998)
This concert was not like what I was expecting. Buffalo Daughter is a delightfully different Japanese band, and their latest CD (New Rock) contains some killer material. Judging from the band's recorded work, I was expecting a large band dressed in funky clothes playing with a drum machine. WRONG. Instead, the band consisted of only two ladies (they said they left the third one in Japan during the show) and an impressive fellow playing real drums. Instead of costumes or a funny image, the two girls were dressed casually in t-shirts and trousers. If there's one thing I can say about this band, it is that there is some real talent here. It used to be the case that most Japanese bands were a novelty and they really couldn't play or sing all that well. Times have changed, and Buffalo Daughter is a good example of just how far some Japanese musicians have come. The guitarist/lead vocalist in particular played some amazing stuff. Though I would have to admit some of the material did not come across as well as on the CD because of the sparse lineup, overall this band delivered the goods. And I liked the fact that they ended with one of their softest numbers. If you're looking for the obvious, look elsewhere. If you are up for the unexpected, check these folks out. They easily stand out in a world of sameyness. (Rating: 4)

CAULK - Imaginary Enemy (CD, One Ton, Rock/pop)
Somewhat dischordant, somewhat droning, somewhat rocky...Caulk is a band with thick guitars and a vocalist who reminds me of Robert Smith of The Cure. The band's inventive intertwined guitars provide an interesting backdrop for the vocalist's meanderings. Meanwhile, the drummer and bass player throw all kinds of peculiar unknowns at the listener. The culmination is a rock band that's just off the beaten path. There's enough to latch onto to make the tunes memorable, but this certainly is not wimpy, simple sing-songy pop. Some of these tunes remind me of stuff from the early eighties. Ten cool tunes including "New Disguise," "Pretty Penny," and "Lip Gloss." (Rating: 4)

CHICAGO (Really big city kind of thing)
What a rotten, overrated place. (Rating: 1)

CHOCOLATE GENIUS - Black Music (CD, V2, Jazzy pop)
Why aren't there more artists like Marc Anthony Thompson? I can't answer that question, but I can say this. In a world where everyone wants to fit into some goddamn category or marketable niche, this guy stands out like a sore noodle. Instead of tossing out generic crap, Mr. Thompson comes up with some absolutely killer moody pop pieces that sound as if they're coming straight from his soul. The man is honest and sincere...and he's got a KILLER vocal style that just oozes out of the speakers. This is only his third album in 14 years, so he's not one of those "sell crazy" artists who pinches off a new one each year for the bucks. Mr. Thompson is something like a black Leonard Cohen. You don't know exactly what kind of music he's playing, but you know it belongs in your permanent collection. If only ALL black music sounded like this. This is wonderful. (Rating: 5)

CIV - Thirteen Day Getaway (CD, Lava/Atlantic, Pop)
I really like the single off this disc ("Secondhand Superstar"). It's extremely accessible, upbeat, and catchy...and a perfect single. The rest of the tunes are basically good, but not as direct and memorable. Still, the band plays with gusto and they're tight. Thirteen tunes including "Everyday," "It's Not Your Fault," and "Little Men." (Rating: 3)

CROSSWIND - Stompin' Ground (CD, Surf, Rock/pop)
Interesting. Listening to Crosswind is like hearing a combination of Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, and Aerosmith...with a solid dose of southern grunge punch. This band has a big ballsy sound that boasts a blasting rhythm section, a big fat guitar sound, and a female vocalist (Dana Hall) who can wail, screech, and scream like nobody's business. These tunes are even more impressive when you realize that they were recorded direct to tape at a church where the band invited their friends and fans to join in their live taping. The feel is just right, the sound quality excellent...and it all adds up to a CD that literally seems to jump from the player with energy. Rock stompin' good stuff like "Stompin' Ground," "Just Stand Still," and "Harder Than Stone" make this CD a great listen. (Rating: 4)

DILLINGER FOUR - Midwestern Songs of the Americas (CD, Hopeless, Hard rock)
Intense hard rock. Big wall of noise. Aggresive punchy rock music that sounds something like early Jam, except much louder and harder. Rarely does a hard rock band catch our attention like Dillinger Four. These fellows play so hard and they're so tight that you just can't help but sit up and take notice. And it's NOT "just loud noise"...this band plays intelligently while causing all hell to break loose. Plus...they've got a sense of humor which is obvious from the song titles: "Dick Butkus," "Supermodels Don't Drink Colt," "Honey, I Shit the Hot Tub." Easily one of the best hard rock bands we've heard this year. Expect their live show to leave you on the floor gasping. (Rating: 4)

ESCAPADE - Citrus Cloud Cover (Double CD, Mother West, Instrumental/improvisation)
When I was a closed minded little snit of a kid, you would've never gotten me to listen to something like this. Now that I'm a big husky man-adult, this kind of stuff fascinates me. The note on the back of the cover says it all. The music was composed spontaneously and collectively and there are no overdubs. How many bands can make that claim? The basic sound is something like a mixture of space rock and jazz music. Two tracks ("Undermine" and "Overmine") were recorded live at the Orion Space-Rock Festival which is held in Baltimore. For a spontaneous recording outfit, this group manages to come up with two disc's worth of material that is anything but directionless. The ideas are inventive, progressive, and at times very much off the wall. As cool as an ice cube insertion... (Rating: 4)

EUPHONE - Breaking Parole EP (CD EP, Hefty, Instrumental)
Euphone is the one man project of Ryan Rapsys (with some help from guitarist Bill Dolan). The last release from Euphone was one of my top favorite releases of 1997. This EP picks up where the full-length left off. Mr. Rapsys is mainly a percussionist, so his tunes are driven by rhythms. Although there are certainly some elements of jazz in this music, it is much smarter than that. What makes these tunes really shine is their sparseness. Instead of overlaying and overproducing his tunes, Ryan leaves plenty of open space for the listener. My only gripe? I want more. An EP just isn't enough when the music is this cool. Seven tunes including "The Sun Theme" and "Little Warbles." (Rating: 5)

THE EVAPORATORS/THEE GOBLINS - I Gotta Rash/We Are Thee Goblins From Canada (12" vinyl and CD combo, Nardwuar/Mint, Rock)
Nardwuar is, to my knowledge, the only company currently selling 12" vinyl releases that include a bonus CD in the package. Not only that, this band also offers their releases on 8-track (available by mail only). Far from being just a novelty, however, The Evaporators are a band pumped up with energy, style, and hyper attitude. Silly in the same way that the Wallmen are silly, these fellows aren't afraid to sound stupid ("Woof, woof, woof...I feel like a goof"). As strange as it seems, the ludicrous lyrics don't sound so ridiculous at all...probably because the band anchors the strange words in some very concrete, enjoyable rock tunes. Great songs like "Slap-Ham," "I Gotta Rash," "Waaaa!," and "Hump Duh Dog" make this disc a truly enjoyable listen. The second half of the disc is by a side project called Thee Goblins which, at least some of the time, features nothing but organ and drums. A ridiculous band that trascends their bizarre nature, The Evaporoators just keep getting better. What a package this is! (Rating: 5)

FAR TOO JONES - Picture Postcard Walls (CD, Mammoth, Pop)
Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very commercial. Having a commercial sound is not necessarily a BAD thing...but it's not necessarily a GOOD thing either. (Rating: 2)

FIVE EASY PIECES - Five Easy Pieces (CD, MCA, Pop)
Los Angeles based Five Easy Pieces' debut CD is an easy listen. The band's smooth pop is filled to the brim with good harmonies and above average guitars. The lyrics are light and simple, and the melodies are straightforward. The band isn't taking any chances to be certain, but that doesn't mean their music can't be enjoyed on its own terms. Simple, commercial, and extremely accessible. (Rating: 3)

THE GODRAYS - Well Composed Death Notice (CD EP, Sin-N-Spin, Pop)
Another enjoyable mini-spinner from The Godrays. This guitar pop band packs en emotional punch that is missing in most modern day pop acts. This could be in part because of the band's reflective lyrics and somewhat moody arrangements. I like this band best when they are at their most subtle (the title track is a good example). Other favorites this time around are "Shark Shaped Ship" (an emotional outpouring) and "Hold Tight." We eagerly await the next full-length form this engaging band... (Rating: 4)

GOTOHELLS - Burning Bridges (CD, Vagrant, Rock)
Loose, ballsy, macho cock rock with a big-assed sound. It's odd that with so many rock bands out there that so few realize the secret to making it work: Relax and just CUT LOOSE. Well, that's EXACTLY what Florida's Gotohells do on Burning Bridges. No cute time changes. No bizarro studio tricks. No fancy playing. No intellectual crap. This band just gets down and plays like there's no tomorrow. The rip roaring buzzsaw guitars trot along beautifully with the who give a shit vocalist while the drummer and bass player pound away into infinity. There's a Stooges flavor in many of these tunes, while others are simply basic rock music played from the hip. Rockin' stuff that gets to you. (Rating: 4)

GRASSHOPPER AND THE GOLDEN CRICKETS - The Orbit of Eternal Grace (CD, Beggars Banquet, Pop)
NEATO. Grashopper is best known as the guitarist of the ever-challenging Mercury Rev. Even that didn't quite prepare me for how exceptional this CD is. Full of dreamy, kaleidoscopic pop not unlike some mid-period Pink Floyd, this band has an ethereal, dreamy sound that is characterized by breathy vocals and some absolutely mind blowing guitar work. Musicians adding their talents to the disc include Suzanna Thorpe, Jonathan Donahue, and Dave Fridmann. This music sounds very nineties while retaining some of the better elements of late seventies psychedelic rock. This is just experimental enough to be interesting, while just accessible enough to make for good listening. Great tunes include "The Ballad of the One Eyed Angelfish," "The Orbit of Eternal Grace," and "Midnight Express." (Rating: 5)

THE GRASSY KNOLL - The Grassy Knoll III (CD, Nettwerk, Instrumental)
Man oh man. I was HUNGRY AS HELL to hear this disc. After all, the previous CD from The Grassy Knoll was one of the best CDs of the year. With The Grassy Knoll III, the band continues in the same grand path..creating some of the most trippy, hallucinogenic, dub-like jazzy instrumental music on the planet. Creative mastermind Bob Green's compositions are heady and complex...heading in multiple directions at once...while slowly pulling the listener into his otherworldly mix of rhythm and sound. Putting it simply, this man is creating some of the most hypnotic music found anywhere. And while it borrows from a multitude of sources, it doesn't actually steal from anyone. Thirteen brain challenging tunes including "A Beaten Dog Beneath the Hail," "The Violent Misery of Everything Lost," and "112 Greene Street." This ought to appeal to fans of acid jazz, dub, ambient, soundtracks, techno...and just about everything else. This disc is a MUST HAVE, for certain... (Rating: 6)

INNER CITY PEOPLE (Attitude ridden smelly kind of things)
I moved a few months ago to a secluded home. One of the reasons I moved was to get away from Inner City People. After being around these "people" for a few years, I definitely had my fill. What's wrong with pathetic urban fucks, you ask? PLENTY. All they seem to have on their minds are charity walks, recycling, politics, expensive cars, who has done what and who has gone where, dumb clothes, and ugly haircuts. One thing they definitely can't do is communicate effectively. It's probably because their phonyness is so deep that they themselves aren't even aware of it. Whatever the case, I am so glad I escaped the shitty little world of inner city people...crapasses jogging and rollerblading everywhere I went...walking their ugly ratass doggies...pushing their little fuckchildren in carriages. Go to hell, inner city people. You are all so stupid that you don't even know how pathetic you are. (Rating: 1)

THE KINKS - Muswell Hillbillies, Everybody's In Showbiz, Preservation Act I, Preservation Act II (CD reissues, Velvel, Pop/rock)
Hats off to the folks at Velvel for reissuing what I consider to be music from the most incredible point in the Kinks' long and winding career. I was a late bloomer as far as Kinks fans go, and Preservation Act I was the first album I obtained when I was in high school. This long overlooked and critically neglected album had a huge impact on my life as a kid...but we'll get to that disc later in this overly lengthy review.
Muswell Hillbillies has long been a favorite among Kinksaholics and for good reason. The album marked somewhat of a change in direction for the band, as they introduced a somewhat drunken hillbilly influence into their music. The timeless tunes on this album can be played literally into the ground...and they will STILL sound good. The original RCA pressing of this album (or at least the two in my collection) were marred by pops and crackles...and the mastering just wasn't so good. The CD reissue suffers from neither of these problems. Legendary tracks like "20th Century Man," "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues," "Holiday," "Alcohol," "Complicated Life," "Uncle Son," and "Muswell Hillbilly" sound as clear as beer and better than ever. This album doesn't contain one bad track...and the extra good news is that the listener is also treated to two previously unreleased bonus tracks ("Mountain Woman," "Kentucky Moon"). If the only Kinks songs you know are "You Really Got Me" and "Superman," you need to back up and check out Muswell Hillbillies . (Rating: 6)
Most folks would probably say that Everybody's In Showbiz was the high point in the band's career (either that or Village Green Preservation Society). There's no denying the quality of the material. Picking up where Muswill Hillbillies left off, Showbiz finds Ray Davies alternating between pure upbeat tunes ("Here Comes Yet Another Day," "Motorway"), offbeat pop ("Unreal Reality," "Supersonic Rocket Ship," "Look A Little On The Sunnyside"), and extremely introspective ballads ("Sitting In My Hotel," "Celluloid Heroes"). What is probably most intriguing about this album were Mr. Davies' insights into his own life at the time ("All my friends would ask me what it's all leading to..."). The disc also includes the live LP. Showbiz is an alternately goofy and surprisingly candid collection. Includes the bonus tracks "Till The End Of The Day" and "She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina." Whew. (Rating: 6)
Next up is my personal favorite. Preservation Act I contains what I consider to be some of the most incredibly beautiful tunes that Ray Davies has ever penned. At this point, it almost seems as if the band was becoming a loose collection of friends as more horns came into the picture and female backup singers were added. As a teenager, I ran around for months humming "Daylight," "Sweet Lady Genevieve," "Where Are They Now?" (which may be my favorite Kinks song ever), "I Am Your Man," and "Sitting In The Midday Sun." All the while I was wondering why the only Kinks songs anyone seemed familiar with were "You Really Got Me" and "Tired of Waiting"...when this newer material was obviously so much better...? Whatever...this album made me go nuts over the band...and I immediately began scanning record shops for the band's back catalog. Just as was the case with Muswell Hillbillies, RCA's record pressing plant was producing vinyl albums with plenty of pops and crackles. Hearing these tunes in crystal clear digital format is like having that same high school rush all over again. Really great music is music that can stand the test of time...and this does just that. (Rating: 6)
Preservation Act II, the Kinks' follow-up double album, found the band turning the entire troupe into a traveling vaudeville show. The lyrics, tunes, and package were created in such a way that the band could actually pack up and perform more as a stage show than a rock band. I'm not sure if perhaps a few fans were lost along the way, but as a kid I was knocked out...and still am. Though Act II is certainly more campy and calculated than Act I, the band (and more importantly the tunes) remained as strong as ever. This time around the songs were tied together by a narrator which only added to the unusual direction. This double album is mind-blowing in its sheer intensity. Current bands seem to have difficulty coming up with one credible tune per album. The Kinks managed to flood the listener with no less than 23 tracks...and THEY ALL KICKED ASS. There are too many "never were hits" to mention here, but some personal favorites include "Introduction to Solution," "When A Solution Comes" (this is particularly cool), "Second-Hand Car Spiv," "Mirror of Love," "Oh Where Oh Where Is Love?," "Nothing Lasts Forever" (ahhh...beautiful), and "Artificial Man." Another "6"? You BET. (Rating: 6)
IN CONCLUSION... If you are as knocked out as I am that Velvel is re-releasing these long overlooked classics, consider this. Coming soon are reissues of Soap Opera (YEAH!!!), Schoolboys In Disgrace (YEAH YEAH!!!), Misfits (YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!), Sleepwalker (more YEAHS!), Low Budget (not as many yeahs), State of Confusion (YEAH!), Give the People What They Want (less yeahs), and Word of Mouth (another YEAH!). (Overall rating: 6)

JOAO CARLOS MARTINS - The Essential Bach - Selections From the Complete Edition, Volumes 1-15 (CD, Concord Concerto, Classical/piano)
Brazilian pianist Joao Carlos Martins takes Bach to the next level. Mr. Martins approaches these well known pieces from a different perspective, often offering a great deal more emotion than one would normally hear from Bach. This disc is a best of collection from Mr. Martins' twenty volume (!?!) collection entitled The Complete Keyboard Works of J.S. Bach, a twenty year project which was completed in 1998. This disc features fifteen pieces including "Prelude No. 1 in C Major," "French Suite No. 5: Sarabande & Gigue," and "Concerto for Two Pianos & Orchestra in C Major." An impeccable collection of tunes from an extraordinarily talented man. Extremely nice. (Rating: 5)

MONO PUFF - It's Fun To Steal (CD, Bar/None, Pop)
After hearing the second full-length from Mono Puff, I'm rather impressed with Mr. John Flansburgh. about if we do this review...WITHOUT MENTIONING HIS "OTHER BAND"??? Can it be done? Can it??? We're always testing the boundaries of reality around let's see if we can AVOID MENTIONING THE NAME OF HIS OTHER BAND. Though some of these pieces do have a somewhat programmed, sterile sound there's a lot of good meat here to rip off the bones and digest. One piece of meat I particularly like chewing is the cover of the Young Fresh Fellows' "Hillbilly Drummer Girl" (one of our favorite almost completely overlooked pop gems). Other standout tracks include "Creepy," "Poison Flowers," and "I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows" (a nod of the head to Frank Zappa). This is not quite as silly as They Mi...OOPS! Oh my God...almost let it slip. "Pretty Fly" is actually my favorite tune because it just doesn't fit. Fun CD. You can find Mono Puff stuff in the cheapie bins. Check it out. It's maybe even better than...uh...uh...uhhhhhHHMMMMM...ahem... (Rating: 4)

MONSTERS UNDER THE BED - Neighborhood of Reality (CD, Optional Art, Pop)
Monsters Under the Bed is an exceptional pop band, and pure proof that one man bands don't have to sound like sterile computerized shit. I was already familiar with these tunes having reviewed an earlier single and listened repeatedly to one of the band's earlier cassette releases. These tunes sound particularly incredible on CD...crisp and clear and breathing energy. In truth, however, it is Lance Morgan's tunes that make Monsters Under the Bed such a standout pop project. Tunes like "Inner Something," "First One," "Without My Skin" and others pulse with ultra-catchy pop energy while offering superb musical arrangements. This stuff may not stick with you on the first listen, so give these tunes time. After a few listens you'll probably find yourself hooked. This is so much smarter than most of the pop dribble currently being farted out by closed minded record companies desperate to latch onto the next big seller. If you can't find this in stores, contact Optional Art at P.O. Box 22691, Seattle, WA 98122. This is WAY cool. (Rating: 5)

JOCELYN MONTGOMERY WITH DAVID LYNCH - Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard Von Bingen (Advance CD, Mammoth, Twelth century nun pop)
And now for something completely different. This puts most gothic releases to shame, although the actual pieces were written hundreds of years ago by a German nun named Hildegard Von Bingen. The artist? Jocelyn Montgomery wasn't a professional singer until David Lynch approached her as she was singing during a walk in the Hollywood Hills. Mr. Lynch approached Ms. Montgomery, and within weeks she was in his studio recording her first album. And WHAT an album it is. These monk-like pieces sound totally incredible recorded with digital effects. "Kyrie" in particular is both eerie and spacey. Jocelyn has a knockout voice that is so clear it could break glass monkhearts. An absolutely beautiful collection of tunes that just doesn't fit in, and that is a VERY GOOD THING. Spellbinding. (Rating: 5)

THE MUSIC BUSINESS (Incestuous perverted kind of thing)
Isn't the music business a great thing? There are so many wonderful people involved in it. All those wonderful marketing specialists...all those creative A & R people...all those pathetically dressed aging big executives hoping to score with some up-and-coming artist who was signed for no other reason than someone in the company wanted to screw them...all those ego-inflated disc jockeys who think that what they play actually matters...all those writers who have such a rotten attitude about what they're doing...and last, but not least, all those obnoxious idiot musicians who create all that terrible goddamn music that helps to make the world a shittier place for all of us. All hail the music business. It's a wonderful thing, it is. And now...WE TIP OUR HATS to all the FABULOUS CONTACTS that we've made over the years... (Rating: 1)

KEN PEPLOWSKI - Grenadilla (CD, Concord, Jazz/clarinet)
This is a beautiful collection of pieces centered around the clarinet. Ken Peplowski is amazingly adept at the clarinet, and the tunes on Grenadilla are light and airy compositions that are both inspirational and upbeat. "Grenadilla" is the name of a type of wood from which most clarinets are made. Perhaps this offers some explanation as to why this disc has such an organic sound. Tripping in and out of a variety of musical styles, Peplowski's intent in making this disc was to explore different styles in which the clarinet could be utilized. Ultra cool pieces include "Benny's Pennies" (a variation on "Pennies From Heaven"), "Copi," "Indian Summer," and "Cry Me A River." This is super slick, produced music that comes across sounding very sincere, clear, and real. Excellent. (Rating: 5)

PLANET MOSQUITO - Planet Mosquito (CD, Monolyth/Soundproof, Electronic)
With the explosion of electronic artists in the nineties, the unfortunate side effect is that most of them are nothing more than carbon copies of one another. Most electronic musicians seem to like a particular style and they do nothing more than ape it in their own recordings. Planet Mosquito is a refreshing change simply because this "band" doesn't sound like other electronic bands. The only similar sounding band I can think of is Spectrum, probably because of the reliance on analog synthesizers. I particularly like the fact that the band does not drown the vocals in effects. Why, you can actually UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SAYING (!???!!!???)...which is virtually unheard of in the world of electronica. Overall, this is an ambitious CD that is available only by mail. Interested? Pop $12 in an envelope and mail to Monolyth/Soundproof, P.O. Box 990980, Boston, MA 02199. (Rating: 4)

THE RABIES - Want Me Back E.P. (CD EP, Dill, Rock/pop)
The Rabies are coming from the same general direction as Bracket. The band plays hyper, upbeat pop music at exceedingly fast speeds. Semi-bubblegummy tunes like "Want Me Back," "Go To Hell," and "Pork Chops and Soda Pop" are short and to the point...while still retaining maximum hummability. The Rabies are a short jolt of pure fun, spinning out of control in a goddamn cool sort of way... (Rating: 4)

RASPUTINA - How We Quit The Forest (CD, Columbia, Obtuse pop)
Rasputina is one of the most important and unique combos of the decade. The band's debut CD (Thanks For the Ether) is one of my top favorite listens of all time, so I was eagerly awaiting the follow up. It was worth the wait. In some ways, How We Quit The Forest is more accessible than the previous disc...but in other ways it's even more peculiar. Rasputina is not for everyone. Melora Creager (the main songwriter and vocalist) is coming from a direction unlike anyone else. The band's music combines classical, dub, ambient, industrial, and pop music into a bizarre collage that blends together so seamlessly as a whole that you almost forget how bizarre the mix really is. Not only are the tunes an incredible mindfuck, but the lyrics are (once again) some of the best. There are so few artists who have anything interesting to say, and even fewer who say anything in an interesting way. Melora Creager's lyrics are heady, thought provoking, and mentally intense. Once again, Rasputina present an amazingly challenging collection of tunes that will be greatly admired by a few...and probably misinterpreted and misunderstood by everyone else. Truly spooky music with brains. Top picks: "The New Zero," "Sign of the Zodiac," "Herb Girls of Birkenau," "May Fly," "Diamond Mind," and the title track. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTENING. (Rating: 6)

READING (Waste of time kind of activity)
One of the most overrated activities of the century, reading is for worthless scumbags. It is a thing that people do to help them try to forget how they hate their they hate their the world is so ugly and distorted. Reading is nothing more than an addiction like alcohol, marijuana, whatever. People read to try to escape and forget. So go ahead. Read. Read a lot. Go on reading. Read everything you can. If you believe that it makes you somehow smarter and better, remember this. In the end you will die anyway and it won't matter a damn bit what you read during your lifetime. (Rating: 1)

THE RED AUNTS (Live performance, July 26, 1998)
I sure am glad to have caught this show. Sadly, the Red Aunts are calling it quits. But on the upside, at least they had the good sense to quit while they were burning HOT. Unlike many bands who continue wallowing in the same old formulas for years or even decades, these talented ladies are quitting while their integrity is still intact. It's strange that the Aunts were always lumped into the "punk band" category, because they were really much more intelligent and unusual than that. While the band never did garner a very big following, the folks who were into the music were REALLY into it. Seeing the girls play their final show in Atlanta was a mindblower. The Red Aunts were the most aggresive female band that I have ever witnessed live. But instead of just pounding out samey rhythms, the girls constantly threw curve balls at the audience...sometimes changing tempos and speeds five or six times within the span of one song. I think that upon looking back at bands of the nineties, these four ladies may eventually be recognized for how important their career really was. Instead of being pretty girl posers, these girls packed as big of a punch as any of the guy bands around...and instead of playing it safe or playing pop music, they played bizarre, challenging, abrasive stuff. Part of what I always liked about the Aunts was that they weren't afraid to be women. Instead of dressing in leather and the usual tired old rock clothing, they dressed like women. Hell, the lead singer (who can sing and play like a bat out of hell) came onstage wearing the nicest little cotton dress. Meanwhile, the other guitarist was busily looking through her purse for an item prior to starting the set. The Aunts were always comfortable in front of an audience, and this was true during their last Atlanta show. Because of the experimental nature of their music, there were bound to be some hits and misses. But when this band hit their highs...and this occurred frequently during this show...the audience was stunned and bewildered that women could create such a formidable and overwhelming wall of music. If I had to name the five most influential female bands of this decade, the Red Aunts would most certainly be included. They proved that women don't have to assume traditional roles in music...that you can play really hard and loud and STILL be original...that you can act and play like a real bitch and STILL be a woman...and lastly that it's better to quit while you're ahead. Though most folks probably never even knew they existed, the Red Aunts caused some permanent damage during their brief career. Hats off to one of the best female rock bands that ever existed. (Rating: 6)

REO SPEEDEALER - REO Speedealer (CD, Royalty, Hard rock)
Redneck rock played with blistering testosterone. The problem with many hard rock bands is that they are so concerned with their image and volume that they really don't provide much entertainment for the listenter. REO Speedealer will grab your attention immediately. The band's loud, harsh music is much more than a loud blur. This is an intelligent loud redneck band (a category that very few bands fall into). The energy here is real and has not been artificially created by knob doodling in the studio. I wish I could understand the lyrics cuz I bet they're really fucked up. Can't WAIT to catch these guys live (!). The song titles say it all: "Turkeyneck," "Cocaine Dave," "Get A Rope," "Crank Bait"... Pounding, driving, head banging rock music that is credible and real. (Rating: 5)

PETER SALETT - Paintings of These Days (CD, Dusty Shoes Music, Folky pop)
Excellent new folky pop artist. Peter Salett's tunes remind me of James Taylor and Neil Young, but he's not an artist trying to copy or ape other folks' styles. Mr. Salett's extremely hummable tunes are heartfelt and well thought out...yet they sound fresh and original. There's bad folky stuff and there's good folky stuff. This fellow's material definitely fits in the latter category, as tunes like "Black Heart" and "Some of Anything" will testify. This is slick and commercial, yet genuine and sincere. My bet is that you'll be hearing this man's name a great deal in the future. Very nice. (Rating: 4)

SCHROEDER'S CAT - Schroeder's Cat (CD EP, Emperor Norton Records, Pop)
Kaleidoscopic pop characterized by semi-psychedelic electronics and fuzzy guitar noodles. The band's music is basically melodic but that is offset by some of the off key arrangements. Sort of like a moody Jesus and Mary Chain, this band's music is somewhat droning without being boring. This EP precedes the band's upcoming full-length disc coming early 1999. Four fine tunes. Neat. (Rating: 4)

DEBBY SCHWARTZ - Wrongs of Passage (CD, Mercury, Pop)
What a great debut CD. Debby Schwartz was apparently prompted by Joan Osborne (who had already recorded a cover of one of her tunes) to record this solo CD. Ms. Schwartz was previously in the band the Aquanettas (who I am not familiar with). This is gutsy female pop music with way above average melodies, and it's propelled by Debby's clean, focused vocals. Joan Osborne isn't the only celebirty connection here. One of the tunes on Wrongs of Passage was co-written by James Mastro (who produced the entire disc), and another tune includes string arrangements by Toni Visconti (!). This package is not just hype, though. Debby Schwartz is a talented lady with enough creative vision to set her apart. A very smooth, entertaining listen. (Rating: 4)

SHONEN KNIFE - Happy Hour (CD, Big Deal, Pop)
This disc confused me at first. The first track (Shonen Knife Planet) sounds sorta like Buffalo Daughter, followed by Konnichiwa, which sounds sorta like the Butthole Surfers. From that point forward, things level out a bit and things begin sounding more like traditional Shonen Knife. Overall, the disc sounds a lot more like Let's Knife than the band's previous CD. These ladies continue their tradition of singing about food (Sushi Bar, Banana Chips), but the introspective track (Dolly) ends up being my favorite this time around. Shonen Knife is a very consistent band with a very identifiable image and sound. This CD won't do much to increase the girls' commercial success...but will most likely keep their loyal fans mighty happy indeed... (Rating: 5)

SLOAN - Navy Blues (CD, Murder/Universal, Pop)
This is NOT blues music! Rather, Canada's Sloan is a pure pop band in the purest sense of the word. The band has been at it for some time now, and Navy Blues may just be their best...and most direct...release yet. Sloan tunes still retain that sixties flavor that is the band's trademark, and there is an overabundance of intense harmony vocal work on this one. Unlike many bands, the four guys in Sloan all take part in writing songs which may explain why the music is so multi-faceted. Add to that the fact that the band trades off playing both guitar and keyboard based pop and you have a mindblowingly diverse pop collection. No sleepers here, only keepers. Our top favorites include (but are not limited to) "She Says What She Means," "Iggy & Angus," "Chester the Molester," and "On The Horizon." For fans of pop, you won't do much better than Sloan. And instead of burning out, these guys are just burning brighter. A fabulous CD. (Rating: 5)

SPECTACLE - Glow In The Dark Soul (CD, Island, Breathy pop)
Fuzzy California pop reminiscent of a variety of bands from the late seventies and early eighties. Spectacle is spearheaded by Blake Miller, whose breathy vocal style fits his songs to a T. Though some of the lyrics may frighten off the occasional listener ("Close your eyes, don't be scared, it's my first time too..."), the melodies remain clear and certain. This is light music...sometimes sounding very much like AM radio hits ("So Unkind"). The vocals are way out front in the mix. These tunes are mostly mid-tempo pieces that focus on words and melodies. My favorite here is "Artificial Pain," with it's interesting guitar, keys, horns, and introspective lyrics. Light...but definitely not fluff...Spectacle is easy on the ears as well as the mind. (Rating: 4)

SWELL - For All The Beautiful People (CD, Beggars Banquet, Pop)
I'm sure it's been said many times before by others, but Swell really is a swell band. Instead of dishing out samey formula pop, these people create a groove and then weave their moody pop into the fabric...coming up with some very heady and inventive music in the process. The production and studio tricks work perfectly within the scope of this band's music to enhance rather than detract from the actual songs. Each tune stands out distinctively from the rest, making this disc a varied and highly entertaining listen. If there's any band that Swell reminds me of, it is BeBop Deluxe...not so much in their actual sound as much as their intensive studio-heavy approach to pop music. Twelve fine tunes including "Today," "Make Up Your Mind," and "Tonight." (Rating: 5)

SYRUP - Sweet Country Rock Ass (CD, PimpRock, Rock)
THIS is an INDEPENDENT RELEASE? We are...BLOWN AWAY. Florida's Syrup plays macho cock rock in the tradition of bands like Fu Manchu...and they pull it off with divine style. Syrup's rhythm section pumps like a mother...the psychedelic grass infected guitars have a big FAT sound...and those "who cares whatever" vocals fit the music perfectly. This is a band that is totally in synch with one another, creating a whirl of sound that is definitely bigger than the sum of its parts. This CD features some absolutely ass kickin' tunes such as "Drug Freedom," "Foxy Pussy," "Pure Baby," and "Redneck Space." This is easily one of the best independently released discs we've heard this year. This one KICKS!!! If you can't find this in stores, check out the band's web site at YEAH!!! (Rating: 5)

12RODS - Split Personalities (CD, V2, Pop/rock)
Interesting hodge podge of styles that is something like a mix of Pilot, Utopia, and Built To Spill. 12RODS have a great deal more to say...and a lot more imagination than...most bands I have heard of late. You could label these guys as a pop band, a guitar band, or a progressive band...but in actuality they are a combination of the three. The soaring melodies are accompanied by some very spacey, spectacular guitar work...while the rhythm section throws curve balls at the listener. The first time I listened to this disc I was intrigued. The second time left me...almost...speechless. This band is an instant personal favorite for 1998. They're smart. They're different. They're inventive without being cutesy. They're...they're...they're PERFECT. Killer tunes like "Split Personality," "Red," "The Stupidest Boy," "I Wish You Were A Girl," and "Girl Sun" will leave your mind reeling. JESUS. (Rating: 6)

12 ROUNDS - My Big Hero (CD, Nothing/Interscope, Electronic/pop)
The latest artist to be launched by those strong, sturdy folks at Formula (Trent Reznor's public relations firm) is 12 Rounds...the orchestrated electronic duo of Claudia Sarne and Atticus Ross. The CD cover features some amazing photography (must be done by the same folks who do all those great Marilyn Manson photos). This is not quite industrial, nor techno, nor pop. Instead, it is a hybrid of the three with the only real constant being Claudia Sarne's seductive vocals. The duo has a strong command of the studio...utilizing a slew of production techniques to support their sometimes trippy tunes. It's a mix of the old and the new, where effects take on vast importance along with the melodies and lyrics. Subtle and sometimes intriguing. (Rating: 4)

U.S. MAPLE - Sang Phat Editor (CD, Skin Graft, Obtuse pop)
Even though this CD gets a high rating, please note that this is a very difficult, peculiar piece of work that is most definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE. In fact, the more I think about it, I'm not really sure who (besides myself) is going to appreciate this, but I'm sure a small devoted group of folks will...because it's DAMN interesting. U.S. Maple come off sounding somewhat like a distorted version of Captain Beefheart with vocal excerpts from pornographic videos. Sound odd? It is indeed. There's a cool haphazard nature to these "tunes" that is captivating, and the ultra-bizarre vocals are a BLAST. Shrugging off any sort of commercial appeal whatsever, these guys are creating art for art's sake. Song titles like "Coming Back To Dammit" and "Through With Six Six Six" don't even begin to describe the music contained within. Are there lyrics? Are there melodies? Is this music? You decide. Abstract and unusual, yet very ENGAGING. (Rating: 5)

VANDALS - Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (CD, Nitro, Pop/rock)
Fast, static, frantic, melodic power punk/pop not unlike a mix of Bracket and Redd Kross. The thing that is lacking in most of the power pop/punk bands out there is good songs. Most asshole musicians think that it's enough just to be able to play...often forgeting that the point is to entertain others. Obviously Vandals have the right motivation. These hyped up tunes are heavy on melodies and these fellows put thought into their music without sounding contrived. Loud and punchy to the max, Vandals is a band that is chock full of fun. Fourteen tunes including "People That Are Going To Hell," "My Girlfriend's Dead," "I Know Huh?", "Come Out Fighting," and "OK." The cover of "So Long, Farewell" (yes, from The Sound of Music) remains frighteningly intact. Vandals are a great rock band, packing a mighty punch. Can't wait to see 'em live... (Rating: 5)

THE VEHICLE BIRTH - Tragedy (CD, Crank!, Rock/pop)
More than any other band, The Vehicle Birth remind me of Modest Mouse due to their superb guitars and peculiar vocals. I've heard so many loud rock bands now with screaming vocalists that they all blur together. The Vehicle Birth's understated vocals are what made them stand out from the continually growing barrage of rock bands. They've got an aggressive sound, but the vocals are mostly spoken/sung and in the background (although they do scream on occasion). The tunes are moody, and the band's tunes do not all sound the same. Heady and just slightly offbeat. Our favorites are "We Need To Find The Girls" and "The Leaders of Pursuit." Purty day-yum KOO-wull. (Rating: 4)

VOIVOD - Phobos (CD, Slipdisc, Hard rock)
Man. Is it hard rock...death metal...speed metal...experimental noise...or just a true blast of really evil sounding hatred? Skewed, static, unsettling, large, crazed, impersonal, and over the edge, Voivod is a band that is obviously getting a lot out of their systems through their music. True, there are a lot of extreme terror noise bands out there who are artificial and don't really deliver what they promise. But that's where Voivod is different. This band's BIG BLAST is the real thing. And their sound really does have a terrifying, violent feeling that is usually absent in generic metal bands. Few three piece outfits can top the sheer intensity and anger present here. Short titles complete the bizarre picture: "Rise," "Bacteria," "Neutrino," "The Tower." A mindblower. (Rating: 4)

WADE - Odd Man Out (CD, Interscope, Pop/rock)
It seems that Sweden is offering a wealth of musical artists these days, and the latest is Wade...a four piece pop band that plays very hummable guitar driven pop music that has a decidely American sound. Actually, in listening to this it would be very easy to mistake Wade for an American band. No matter. The main point here is that the band has some good songs, and their music is very radio friendly without being sappy or shitty. The band consists of Fredrick Enqvist (vocals, bass), Robert Forslund (guitar), Daniel Soderberg (guitar), and Peter Sundqvist (drums). Good stuff, and well produced to boot... (Rating: 4)

BRIAN WILSON - Imagination (CD, Giant/Warner Bros., Pop)}
Reviewing new music by "legends" is a difficult task. You either end up spewing idol dribble or you tear the music god to shreds. Either way, the music almost always sucks. I never actually heard the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds until 1997 (gasp!), so I'm not one of those old fart Beach Boy fans. Actually, I never heard that much of the band's music except for the hits. Besides...I was way too infatuated with the Monkees, the Beatles, the Archies, and Bobby Sherman...and the Beach Boys just didn't seem cool. I'll tell you what though...this guy still has some kind of odd magic in his music (mainly his slick vocals which still sound superb). For fans of good vocal arrangements, this disc is a real treat. Layers upon layers of backing vocals and just the right amount of reverb. Mr. Wilson's music is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago. There are very few legends who can claim that. Brian Wilson is easily one of the best vocalists of the twentieth century. It's incredible that at this late stage in his career he could come up with something this cool. Fantastic, timeless pop music. Wow. (Rating: 5)


Alastor - Javelin Catcher (CD, Ear Muff Music)
Another Man Down
- Half & Half (CD, SideBurn)
Baseketball - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Mojo, Various artists)
Bauhaus - Crackle (CD, Beggars Banquet)
Black Eyed Peas
- Behind The Front (CD, Interscope)
Blue Sky Roadster - Julio's Dream (CD, Gebben)
Boxer - The Hurt Process (CD, Vagrant, Rock)
Boy Genius - Last Grand Experiment (CD, Tommy Boy)
BTK - Birth Through Knowledge (CD, Ignition)
Candella - Low Level Sorrow (CD, Football Stars Record Club)
Cirrus - Back On A Mission (CD, Moonshine)
The Clay People - The Clay People (CD, Slipdisc)
Confidence - In Duber (CD, Hefty)
Consumed - Breakfast at Pappa's (CD, Fat Wreck Chords, Rock)
Carl Cox
- The Sound of Ultimate B.A.S.E. (CD, Moonshine)
Criminal Records - Criminal Records Presents You Are Here #4 (CD, Squid Enterprises, Various artists)
& Silver Scooter (Split 10" vinyl EP, Crank!)
Deep Elm Records Sampler '98 - Records For The Working Class (CD, Deep Elm, Various artists)
- The Well (CD, Planetary)
Disturbing Behavior - Music From the Motion Picture (CD, Trauma, Various artists)
DJ Icey - Generate (CD, London, Techno)
Duotang - The Cons & The Pros (CD, Mint, Pop)
808state - Pacific808:98 (Double CD, ZTT)
EQ (Magazine, July 1998)
Eric Essix - Small Talk (CD, Zebra, Jazz)
Exotic (Magazine, July 1998)
Facilities (Magazine, June 1998)
Far Apart - "Hazel" b/w "Dartmouth," "Overdriver" (7" vinyl single, Crank!)
Fear Factory - Obsolete (CD, Roadrunner, Hard rock)
The Feud - Only the Finest Ingredients (CD, FT)
Fiji Mariners - Live (CD, Capricorn)
Tom Freund - North American Long Weekend (CD, Red Ant, Folk)
Mitchell Froom - Dopamine (CD, Atlantic)
The G. Gordon Liddys - Space Brains From Outer Space (CD, Moody Loner)
Garden of Sirens - 12 Magic Windows (Independent CD)
Gentle Readers - You in Black & White (CD, Flat Earth, Folk)
The Ghastly Ones - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go (CD, Zombie A Go-Go, Surf)
Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time (CD, Forbidden, Pop)
Ian Gillan - Dreamcatcher (CD, Forbidden, Pop)
Goat - Goat (CD, Columbia)
Gob - Too Late...No Friends (CD, Fearless, Punk)
Grinspoon - Licker Bottle Cozy (CD, Universal)
Nick Heyward - The Apple Bed (CD, Big Deal, Pop)
Home Grown - Act Your Age (Advance cassette, Outpost/Geffen)
Icos - At the Speed of Life (CD, Slipdisc/Mercury, Rock)
Imogen Heap - I Megaphone (CD, Almo Sounds, Pop)
Inch - This Will Fall On Dead Ears (CD, Cargo Music)
JoyDrop - Metasexual (CD, Tommy Boy)
Simon Joyner - The Christine EP (CD, Secretly Canadian, Pop)
Keyboard (Magazine, Sept. 1998)
Ali Khan - Taswir (CD, City of Tribes)
The Kill - superdragsmackheadpsychoplasticgogopunk (CD, Forbidden)
Knapsack - This Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now (CD, Alias)
Laughing Us! - Foxy Universe (CD, Risk)
Lighthouse Family - Postcards From Heaven (CD, Island)
Michelle Lewis - Little Leviathan (CD, Revolution)
Mad Caddies - Duck and Cover (CD, Fat Wrech Chords)
The Methodists - Cookie (CD, Mock, Rock/pop)
Mineral - "&Serenading" b/w "LoveMyWay" (7" vinyl single, Crank!)
Miss - Civil War (CD, J-Bird, Pop)
Mission: Accomplished - Music From San Francisco's Mission District (Double CD, Dill)
Monster Voodoo Machine - Direct Reaction Now! (CD, Doctor Dream)
The Murmurs - Blender (CD, MCA)
Naked Aggression - Gut Wringing Machine (CD, Cargo Music)
Natural Calamity - Peach Head (CD, Nickelbag, Pop)
The Neanderthal Spongecake - The Side Effects of Napalm (CD, Xemu)
Ominous Seapods - Matinee Idols (CD, Hydrophonics)
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Our Heat Your Moisture (CD, SCUSS, Various artists)
Owl - Frozen In Time (CD, Owllywodo)
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Parasites - Rat Ass Pie (CD, Go Kart, Rock)
J. Mike Perkins - Pop Rock From Texas (CD, Whoopy Cat, Pop)
Phunk Junkeez - Fear of a Wack Planet (CD, Trauma)
Pilot (NOTE: This is NOT the REAL PILOT!) - Stranger's Waltz (CD, Thirsty Ear)
Plastiscene - Seeing Stars (CD, Mojo, Pop)
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Pro Sound News (Magazine, July 1998)
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pup - Rome's Only Burning (CD, Chemical)
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Rancid - Life Won't Wait (CD, Epitaph, Rock)
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Reiss - Vibe of Life (Advance cassette, Mercury)
Rodeo Boy - How Is It Where You Are? (CD, Sit-N-Spin)
Royal Crown Revue - The Contender (Advance cassette, Warner Bros.)
Royal Crush - Comets and Stars (CD, Vivacious Popmusic)
Rudimentary Peni - Echoes of Anguish (CD EP, Outer Himilayan)
Rudiments - Psychoska (CD, Dill)
78 RPM's - Go EP (CD EP, Dill)
Replication News (Magazine, July 1998)
M. D. Selig - Palace of Sun (CD, Sugartide)
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Stealth - Zero To Mach 7 (CD, 2112)
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Sublime - Stand By Your Van Live (CD, MCA)
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Sunday Puncher -"Do-Over" b/w "Jury Duty" (7" vinyl single, Turnbuckle, Rock)
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Swindle - Better Off Dead (CD, Cargo Music)
Swingin' Utters - Five Lessons Learned (CD, Fat Wreck Chords, Rock)
Tabitha's Secret - Don't Play Withi Matches (CD, Forbidden)
This is the A.L.F. - Animal Liberation Front (CD, Cargo Music)
Tina and the B-Sides - It's All Just the Same (CD, Sire)
Turbine - "Rise Up, Wise Up," "I Don't Need A Soapbox" b/w "Majority Rule" (7" vinyl single, Submit)
Velvet Blue Music - The Nashville Revolt Sampler (CD, Velvet Blue Music, Various artists)
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Vox (Magazine, #7)
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Willard Grant Conspiracy - Flying Low (CD, Rykodisc)
Joe Zawinul and the Zawinul Syndicate - World Tour (Double CD, Zebra, Jazz)

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